Where is everyone???
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justme - October 12

It has been so quiet on here lately I can almost hear crickets! Is everyone doing ok??????



Debie - October 13

Justme I'm here very discouraged, lately I just log in to read only. I haven't had AF since the d&c on 10th Aug. I have OB/GYN appointment tomorrow. My housekeeper is beginning to show.... Life is not so great these days, but I'm still holding on.

Hope you and other groupis are doing well.



baby4us - October 13

It HAS been quiet! I was wondering the same thing... this forum really helps get me going in the morning... so I hope the posts pick up soon!

Debie I am so sorry to hear that you are so discouraged.. let us know how your appointment goes.. I really hope you get some encouraging news.


silli_kitti - October 13

I've been wondering the same thing, though I'm one of the "silent" ones lately. I've just been lurking too, not posting.

I'm still waiting for the cycle after my m/c before I can get back on this train. Waiting sucks!


WantsBaby2 - October 13

Yep...I'm a lurker too lately. I guess I just don't have much to say. I am once again in limbo with these estrace supplements....... waiting and waiting for my IVF time to come again in December.

I am not feeling very hopeful. I know that sounds bad. I have just been such a poor responder in my last 2 attempts that I really don't want to get my hopes up. I don't think I could emotionally handle it. If I let myself, I can just sit and cry for hours. I suspect depression has taken hold of me....I just tend to push it away.

In the back of my mind I am already moving on to my other options...donor egg or adoption. My dh wants to wait to talk about it until after our last IVF attempt. He has a point....we never know what is going to come our way. We will see what happens. :-\



justme - October 13

Hi girls! Glad to see you all here. I too am bad about lurking from time to time!

Debie, I am sorry you have been so discouraged. Hopefully you will get some answers at your appt. Keep us updated.

Wantsbaby2, Hang in there. Your dh is right, you never know what will happen this next time. It is good though that there are other options for you guys. I will keep you in my prayers.

silli kitti, waiting does stink! It seems like this journey is full of waiting that passes very slowly.

Baby4us, I am with you. Even when I am not posting, I love to get up and see what everyone is up to.


Fortyfour - October 14

It looks like we are all circling the wagon. I am going to make an appt for my hystosalpingram tomorrow and when that is done the doc wants to see me and go over things. Wait, wait, wait. I started the pill after the m/c so I got a period this weekend after my month course was done. It sure made my body feel better to get a period. I am working more now trying to keep my mind off everything.

I got rear ended on Monday night and spent 4 hours in the ER. I was stopped on the freeway (along with everyone else) and a car did not stop and slammed into me. Thank goodness I am in a 4 runner or else it would have been bad. No fractures- just very sore neck, back and shoulder muscles. She had been drinking. Truck is in the shop and should be fine.

Girlfriend who had been missing in action called to apologize for being a bad friend. It is always nice to get an apology.

I am less sad about the babies and getting more ready to try again. I am thinking of maybe december instead of January. We will see how I feel in Nov.

Take care all and baby dust to all.


Debie - October 14

It's so good to hear from everyone again and for me I think posting was a lucky charm, I woke up spotting this morning, but we kept the Doctor's appointment anyway. He advised to wait for 3 months before ttc again, I can live with that, I think we tried too soon after the May m/c. I am so glad and looking forward to hosting AF doc says it will be heavy, that's alright, much better than being in limboland!!

44 I'm glad you're alright after the slam yesterday.... SHHUh I hate to think what could have happend.

Again I'm very happy to read from everyone.

Lots of Love


baby4us - October 14

44.. how are you feeling today? you must be a bit sore from being rear ended... how horrible.. but I am so happy you are ok. I just hope it was minimal damage to your truck!

Good luck with your hysto .. I had a pretty painful time with mine as well.. I had even taken motrin before the procedure.. but ended up gobbling more on the way home. I wish you didn't have to go through with it.. but hopefully it will bring you some much needed answers.


WantsBaby2 - October 14

I am so glad you are ok! I have been rear ended 3 times in my driving career and still have problems with my neck from time to time. I hope you feel a little less sore soon.

I bet you are relieved to start AF! It's nice to get on a timetable again so you can pinpoint when to start trying again. How are you doing with the whole housekeeper thing?

DH and I went to a wedding last weekend, and the only other couple at our table was 7 months pregnant. Great. You could tell they were so happy. I tried to be cordial and ask all the polite questions regarding her pregnancy. :-\

Then they started asking us if we had kids.....we said no... but we were in the process of trying and changed the subject really quickly. Then they had to ask "Oh, how long have you been trying?" We informed them that we had been trying for a long time and my dh quickly changed the subject.

We have been really open with all of our family and friends about our infertility....but we didn't even know these people.... and they were all smiley and happy as they were asking. My dh could feel me tense up. The only prego woman in the whole place and she had to plop down next to me! ???



silli_kitti - October 14

44 and Debie -

It feels weird to say it, but congrats on AF! Glad you can both move forward.

I'm still playing the waiting game and hoping it will stay away!


pj - October 14

i've been stopping by every few days to catch up on everyone's news, but i just haven't been up to responding.
i'm just trying to fiugre things out right now, to know which way to go.
on top of all of this heartache, we had to put our cat down last night. he had been really weak and blind off and on for the last month after having had a stroke (or a brain tumor, they're not sure which.)
he was doing ok on steroids and antibiotics, but last night he started having siezures and was in such a state that there was really nothing more to do for him than put him out of his misery.
sometimes i really have to wonder about life. not only can i not have children of my own, but now my furry four-legged kids are dying off too. (we had to put our dog down about a year ago.) we still have one cat and one dog left. i'm starting to fear for their safety. is the cosmos trying to tell me something about my ability to care for others!?
sorry. really down day. :(


baby4us - October 14

PJ .. I am so sorry to hear about your cat.. that is truly awful... my two dogs and cat are my life.. they truly are family.. so I completely understand the pain you are going through with putting your cat down.

Please don't think this is the cosmos telling you something about your ability/inability to care for others... it always seems that the kindest people have to endure heartaches at some point(s) during their life.. and you wonder where the fairness is in that.. but it most likely stems from the fact that you are such a warm, generous and wonderful person.. so you end up enduring and feeling all this pain.

Just know that you gave your cat the best you could... and go give your cat and dog a big hug today! And please don't forget to be good to yourself (which is difficult when you are feeling so blue).

I hope you feel better soon... but there is also nothing wrong with mourning your furry best friend!


WantsBaby2 - October 14

So sorry about your little kitty. We had to put our little cat of 16 years down in July right before our IVF attempt. The pain of that plus another poor response and cancelled IVF almost set me over the edge. I can relate completely.

Don't think for a minute that you are not a good mommy to your pets. I'm sure your little pets had a very nice life with you. I hope you are feeling better soon... I know it takes a little while for that to happen.



Fortyfour - October 14

Thank you all for your concern. Today is the worst day so far with stiffness and I am sooooo tired. I feel like crying so it must be post traumatic stuff. When I think of what could have happened if I had been in a small care I shudder.

Debi - nice to hear from you.

Wantsbaby2 - I dont understand this pg thing. Whenever I am not trying I see no pg women and when i am trying or going through a crisis they are right in my face. As if we dont think of it enough....

Pj - sorry about your cat. My animals are my family and take their passing away very hard. My oldest dog is 11 and is doing ok except for arthritis but you never know. Whenever i see him struggle to get up i get sad. Everything has to die, its no reflection on you as a person.

baby4us. my first hysto was terrible so I really am not looking forward to this. I have vicodin at home and may take that with my ibuprofen. Argh!!!

Take care all.


justme - October 14

44, I hope your stiffness goes away soon and you get past the post tramatic stuff. If it is not one thing, it is another.

Pj, I am so sorry to hear about your cat. It is very hard to lose a pet. It is crazy how they become such an important part of our families. You are a great pet parent. Don't let that get to you. Like 44 said, everything has to die, and unfortunately the pets we love so much don't live long lives.

I pray for all of you girls daily! Babydust to each one of you.


SMS1129 - October 15

I too have been lurking around. It is great to hear how everyone is doing. I have so much gratitide toward all of the ladies on this site and hope everyone gets a BFP very soon!!

44, I am glad you were not hurt and you sound very upbeat. That is great!!

Babydust to everyone!




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