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Risa - May 23

I am currently in the preparation for IVF and am concerned about the slight weight gain from the birth control pills. I didn't expect to be gaining any weight until I became pregnant. Well, its only about 3 pounds and maybe I just feel really bloated. But I can't help thinking about what the Lupron shots will do and the Menapur and Bravelle shots, not to mention the moodiness that I already feel while on the BCP. Does anyone know if the Lupron shots, Menapur, and Bravelle also cause weight gain/bloating? How about moodiness?


hbrotlvr - May 24

Hi Risa!
Just finished the above meds for my first ivf cycle. I will hopefully do my transfer tomarrow morning. I was getting Lupron 10, then decreased to 5 when I started the Bravelle and Menopur, each 75. Now i'm not sure if these meds have caused my weight gain or not, but here is what I can tell ya. I did have surgery in January, decided i'd start eating, usually I skip breakfast, lunch alot of the time. Following surgery I gained 10 pounds. Ok, I can handle that. Well, pre retreival I did notice bloating, and weighed myself, gained another 10 pounds. I am not overstimed, no ohss. Post retreival my GUT!!!, is just completely out of control. I went to my friends to get my progesterone injection last night, and she couldn't believe it. Oh my breasts have also seemed to have grown, about a cup size.
Is this all med related? I doubt it, but I do think it is playing a part. I was really tired and just BLAH while doing my meds, didn't really feel like doing much. I wasn't as active the past 2 weeks. I really wasn't crabby, just more tearful. Kinda like a mild PMS. I did notice a few times at work I really spoke my mind, rather than just keeping things to myself. Fortunately my coworkers are well aware of what's going on, so they know I may not be my usual self.
I hope that helped!!!



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