waiting for the phone call
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justme - April 29

Ok, today is the day and the blood has been drawn. Now I just sit and wait for the phone call. I am of course hoping it is positive, but I don't feel pregnant! Of course my breasts are huge and tender, and I am bloated, but that is always what the progesterone supplements do to me!

Think positive thoughts for me!!!!!!



BabyBound - April 29

Justme, as you've probably seen...there are +++++ popping up everywhere this week. It seems like a lucky week to take beta test. I hoping with all my might that you get a BFP today. Just so you'll know, I didn't feel anything either before my positive, but for a couple of days I have all of my AF feelings...so you never know.

Good Luck.


Lynne - April 29

We are all waiting with you justme, hoping for a good phone call. Baby wishes.


Debie - April 29


I hope you will get good news from that call, crossing my fingers for you and wishing you the happiness you are longing for.



justme - April 29

Just got the call and it was Neg. Once again this sucks! I will live though. Thank you all for your support.



LisainAK - April 29

Hang in there - sending hugs your way. Take it easy and be good to yourself!!! Lean on DH too!!!


BabyBound - April 30

Justme, I'm so sorry and yes, this infertility crap does sucks. Take it easy and keep in touch. Your time is coming.


Debie - April 30

So sorry about that. Stay positive and keep the faith.


Meg - April 30


I am very sorry for your negative result :( Life certainly can suck !!! I am praying that you will not give up your dream of having another baby, as I am not either :) Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers :) Wishing you baby dust for the next round :)



tiggerpounce418 - May 1


I'm sorry for the BFN this month. It is such a disappointment, month after month. :'( Know we're here for you and we know what you're going through. Lots of luck & babydust your way for next month.


ElizabethS - May 2

Just Me - that really stinks. words probably don't satisfy the grief you must be feeling, but I wish you peace, strength and a renewed spirit to keep your dream alive.

Please vent anytime. Take care.


Fortyfour - May 2

Justme- Darn it. I was really pulling for you. Maybe it will be our turn soon. Take care and keep in touch with us.


meridithhasfaith - May 2

So sorry for the negative. Rats! I hate infertility.

I hope by this time you have that familiar renewed sense of hope that seems to come after AF arrives and gets us moving toward the next month of trying. Take good care of yourself.



Lynne - May 2

I'm sorry justme, well with my track record I may be joining you in a few days :( all we can do is try and get back up and look forward to the next cycle. take some time for yourself and indulge in some treats you deny yourself during a cycle ( wine, late nights, change hair color :o ), best wishes Lynne


SamanthaS - May 2

Yes negatives suck! I myself got mine this month.. but the worst part is my AF hasn't peeked her wretched face out yet. I know im not pregnant and I really wish I would get my period to begin my next cycle.. Oh the crappiness of trying to conceive! better luck next cycle for all of us!


tiggerpounce418 - May 2


We're in the same boat right now.


WantsBaby2 - May 2

Just me,
I am so sorry sweetie. Try to hang in there. It has got to be our turn soon. (I hope I hope!) I am sending lots of hugs your way. Be sad as long as you need to and vent here often.




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