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wantafamily - July 18

Hi girls,

Thanks for the encouragement. I know I have to go in and I will. I am waiting for AF to arrive - she should be here today or tomorrow, although I am a bit confused this time. Usually my BBs get a bit sore a few days before AF and she arrives on CD 29. This time, my BBs are sore as usual, but I am already on CD 30. But my back is sore and I definitely feel like she is almost here, so who knows. The BB soreness and how it relates to my cycle has definitely fluctuated.

Anyway, my friend has an RE that she really likes so I will probably use her.

As far as the bfp board, isn't that in another Shared Journey folder? Are you talking about combining it with this board?


Jade - July 18

Heather~ There is a bfp board in the sounding board that was made for Renee. That way when we get our BFP we can go there and we can also chat with the BFP's on there when we have questions. Maybe you should test. Sometimes early pregnancy symptoms are the same as AF symptoms so I think I would test soon if she doesnt show......Good luck


LMD - July 19

Hey ladies, I suppose it's been awhile. Anyway, we had a consult with RE today and he thinks ivf is the way to go now, so that is next. I have the talk to the nurse tomorrow to find out when I will start. The process really doesn't scare me since I was doing injections the last cycle, and it wasn't horrible at all. Of course, there is the egg retrieval, but they said I will be out for that so I wouldn't feel anything, which in my mind is better than the last iui I had, which really kind of hurt. I will keep you posted, but wish me luck.


Jade - July 19

That is great news LMD! Sounds like you are really on your way to a BFP. Let us know what the nurse says.

Well Ladies, I am obsessed! I took 2 opk today and both were pretty much positive- well kinda! lol So I called the nurse and told her my problem (not knowing if they were + or not) and so I go in today for u/s at 1. She said better safe than sorry. So I feel better now. I will let ya know how it goes.


Ange - July 19

hello Ladies!

Jade~ That is the best thing to do when you are not sure. Let me know when you get back what the dr said.

LMD~ Glad you are back. I am excited for you doing the IVF. Wow you will be out for ER? Lucky you. I know think I have that option. What do you think about the bfp board being on the sounding board?

Heather~ Did AF come? Have you tested? The BFP is in another folder on the sounding board. we are not combining them but just letting you know it is there and we want to know how everybody feels about it being there. We will all at one time get our bfp like Renee did and this way we have a place to go close to our board now.

How is everyone else doing?

I am doing better today my UTI is still there but not so bad. I have a sore throat now and blocked sinus. I am not lucky this month. Oh well I see the dr tomorrow. So I am happy about that.

Luv to all



wantafamily - July 19

Hi ladies,

I'm fine with the bfp board - no objection here.

So AF didn't come yesterday and isn't here yet, but I am 99% certain she is on her way. I definitely feel twinges in my tummy and lower back. It's a bit strange though, she has never been this late. Still if she arrives today, I guess that is only two days past her usual time. Just enough for me to get my hopes up a little and torment me.

LMD - congrats!! It is so exciting for you to be doing IVF!

Jade, you are so funny! Better safe than sorry I guess. :)

Amyjoy, where are you girl?

Ange, do you have a definite date set for your IVF or just September?

Well ladies, talk to you all soon.

Renee, I hope things are well with you. Keep checking in!



Ange - July 19

Heather~How long are you going to wait till you test? I am praying for you girl :) I find out Aug 2 when it will start. I have to get the all clear tomorrow from the dr who removed my septum and then it all begins.


wantafamily - July 19

Hi ladies,

Question for all of you that have been preg before - Renee, you out there?

This morning I had a little yellowish discharge when I went. This is usually a sign of AF for me. Has anyone who has been preg experienced a change in CM?

Ange, I don't know how long I will wait to test. I keep feeling like AF is coming so then I think it is silly. I suppose if she doesn't come by Saturday, I will test that morning. Also, my BBs are less sore today than they were yesterday, a sure sign AF is on her way for me. I think I must look pretty funny walking down the hall poking my BBs to see if it hurts! LOL

Anyway ladies, I could sure use lots of extra hard prayers right now!! It would sure be a miracle if it does turn out we are bfp.

Love, Heather


RNORST - July 19

Heather, You know that I'm praying for you!!! What cd are you on? Yes, I notice that my cm was different it was almost like lotion. Dont worry about the boob thing, some days mine are really sore then the next day they are not that sore. Hey thats funny, I have done the same thing with poking my
Good luck, your in my prayers.
Love Renee


wantafamily - July 19

Hey Renee,

Thanks for getting back to me. That is kind of a relief about the BB thing and the CM thing. Was it yellowish, or just white? Gross, I know.

I am on CD 32 of a 29 day cycle unless today turns out to be CD 1. Thd day is young. <sigh> I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, especially since my back hurts and I am getting some tummy twinges. I don't know! I will praise the Lord no matter what, but of course I am praying for bfp!


Jade - July 19

Watch Out Ladies~ This is a GRUMPY POST.........

Basically my life sucks again!! So my follicles havent grown AT ALL since Monday! WTF? And to make matters worse my lining has not improved- but it has gotten worse. SO it went from a 6 to a 4!!! How does that happen. And to top it off my RE is "stumped". GREAT!! I am so f***ing pissed right now I cant even see straight. I mean how can it get worse instead of better in a matter of 3 days? Only me! He guesses the femara is not doing the trick and I will have to move on to something stronger. He doesnt seem to understand how it worked so perfectly last time and it does nothing this time. ANd can you believe he said " Are you sure you took the right medicine" I AM NOT AN IDIOT!!
So I have to go in Monday to see if it has improved at all....... which it doesnt look like it will and then I guess I will have to wait til day 40 again to start provera. And his only comment is " looks like you have some serious ovulation issues" YOu think- you tard!! I could have told him that!!!


wantafamily - July 19

Hey Jade,

I can't believe the guy said those things to you!!!! C'mon, seriously? What an idiot! I don't blame you one bit for being really upset. I guess I don't have enough of an understanding yet about the intracies of the female reproductive system, but it seems compeletely weird that your lining would be thinning and your follicles would decrease. Have you done anything unusual or been under extra stress? anything you can think of? I'm sorry my sister. I will say an extra prayer for you tonight!


Ange - July 20

Jade~ What a moron he is!!! That is not nice him asking you if your taking the right pills. He needs to get off his ass and find out your infertilty. I have been doing some research. I have read a lot of forums and I am going to send them to via email about woman if the same situation as you and they had healthy babies in the end but for some it was hard. I think the main thing is you need a RE that nows your specific IF. Your in NC right I will try to find you someone. GIve me a few days this is crazy that your RE is stumped. I love you girl. We will figure this out all of us!

I am always just a few keys away :)

Luv Ange


Jade - July 20

Thanks Ange~ You're the best. I feel better today. I shouldnt have been so grumpy about it, but I just couldnt help it. I just feel like maybe I know just about as much as him- except I am not getting paid for it. How are you? I guess AF will be back for you soon right? Next week maybe?

Heather~ No stress except for this infertility thing. He asked the same thing. Basically I am off all summer (teacher), just went on vacation, had a massage yesterday so I feel pretty stress-free at this point. Who knows what is going on with me.........Thanks for the prayers! Have you tested. When I got a bfp (before m/c) I had yellow cm and crampy like af would show any minute. TEST GIRL!!!!


wantafamily - July 20

Hey ladies,

Well, AF is still not here so I finally did a test this morning. BFN. I have never been this late before so I don't really know what to make of it. I'm pretty down about it though, I have to say. I actually started to believe that this was finally it. I thought I would ball my eyes out, but I feel strangely devoid of emotion, like I have nothing left.

Anyway, that is what's going on. Sorry to be a bummer today. I hope you girls are all having a great day! It's Friday - yay!!!

Love, Heather


Jade - July 20

Heather~ It has just been a bummer couple of days for us. We can be miserable together. Could you have O'd later than you thought? Sorry about the bfn- but dont lose hope until mean ol af shows.......

Ange~ Let me know how your appt goes today?



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