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Ange - July 16

Renee~ I have different dr for everything I am in a very big reproduction clinique. Every dr has there own expertize. I will find out if I able to start right away when we go on Aug 2 or if it will be sept. Thanks for your prayers.

BTW I just got back from the dr. I have urinary tract infection for sure. They gave me meds for 5 days.


Jade - July 16

Ange~ I bet you will be able to start in Aug. That would be great. So just a few weeks before you are able to find out. Friday you just have a post op appt, right? Maybe they will give you the "all clear" to start IVF process.

Renee~ Yes they will do another u/s on Friday but they arent doing b/w. I am not sure why.....what is the b/w testing? I will ask them to test it on Friday.


Ange - July 16

Jade~ Friday is post-op. I know he got the septum out because he told my dh after the surgery. So yes I am waiting for the green light from him :) I am excited for you and your IUI. happy your back I missed you :)


amyjoy - July 16

Jade- It wasn't implantation. I got full flow later today. Af has been horrible. I was up half the night, have a headache, stomach hurts, etc. Haven't had a cycle like this in a looong time. I had a feeling that it wasn't going to be a BFP with ttc this last time. That's okay, as dh says that we'll just go back to the Dr. Yes, we should start injectibles this Wed. I go to the Dr. Wed for b/w and u/s. That's a good size follicle you got there! And a lining of 6 is not bad being day 11. How thick does your Dr. want the lining to be? Mine usually says 9mm.

Dh is doing good. He's in the garage as we speak. i wish sometimes he would just relax when he gets home from work instead of continuing to work. He brought all the laundry upstairs for me when he got home and I put it away. I really feel crappy today.

Gals, if you're interested, someone sent me this song, "I would die for that" by Kellie Coffey. It's about her infertility struggle. It's emotional, so be prepared, but I thought I'd share because we are not alone in our battle and I've never heard a song like this!!



Ange - July 16

Amyjoy~ wow i never heard a song that touched me so much. I can;t see the keyboard as I am typing becasue my tears a just thanks for that I truly loved it. I wish there were more songs like than wow once again thanks. I am glad to hear your dh is better and funny that he can't sit still. Good luck with starting your injectibles on wed.


Jade - July 17

Ange~ At post op they did a pelvic exam to check to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be. Maybe that is what they will do to you. I missed being on the board when I was gone so I am totally glad to be back.

Amyjoy~ Thanks for the song. It was very emotional hearing it. We are not alone!! My Re likes a lining of 9 also. So I have a bit to go. Hopefully it will grow b/w now and then. I am a little concerned about him not automatically giving me a trigger shot. I think that will provide them with the best tiiming. BC when I O- sometimes I have a +opk for 2 days. Sometimes for 1 day and sometimes I miss it. So dont you think trigger will be the best idea? My AF was bad this time too. Hopefully this will be the last one we see for a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time!!


RNORST - July 17

Jade, The b/w checks your hormones to see how close you are to O, then they can see when you should take the trigger shot.

Amyjoy, Thats exceiting to start injectables, Are you doing IUI with them?

Ange, Girl you are getting so close to the IVF!!!!


Ange - July 17

Jade~ Thanks for the heads up. I am feeling a bit better today. I am peeing every 1/2 hour from the UTI. I hope I feel back to myself by tomorrow. How are you today? Are you going to talk to you dr about having b/w done and a trigger shot?

Renee~ Yes it is getting closer :)


Jade - July 17

UTI's are the worst- arent they? Usually the meds kick in soon after taking them so hopefully soon you will be back to normal. I am going to talk to my dr about the trigger shot when I go in Friday. We will see what he says. I just feel more comfortable having it so that way I know exactly when I will O. Dont you think?

Renee~ I am going to talk to my dr about the b/w and trigger when i go Friday. Thanks.


wantafamily - July 17

Hi ladies,

I was out of town for a wedding and just got back. How is everyone? For those that asked, I do O regularily, at least I think so. The OPKs work for me, so unless I am not releasing an egg, everything should be normal. After I hit this AF, I will probably make an appointment. I feel like I am kind of reluctant because I am afraid of what they might tell me. Then again, I kind of want to know so that I know if I should hope or not.

Jade, I can't believe AF is still around for you! What a bummer you feel so awful! But at least you got good news at the drs.

Ange, UTIs are no fun, I'm sure, but at least they are easy to treat

Renee, thanks for checking in on us once in a while. I hope everything is going well for you and pray every night you will have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Ange, congrats on getting set for you IVF date! Good luck girl, I know it will work for you.

Amyjoy, congrats on moving to injectibles.

Welcome to our newbie!!

Love, Heather


amyjoy - July 17

Jade- the trigger is there so the Dr. can control when you O. Don't worry, they know what they are doing and they will tell you when the best time is. I was worried, too the 1st time, but after I saw how it all happens, I wasn't worried at all from then on. The follicles need to be big enough and mature enough before the trigger. I know it's a waiting game and you feel like all you've been doing is waiting, but you're good at it now, right?!?! :)

Anyone get tested for this? Anti-Mullerian Hormone? I'm getting a blood test for this tomorrow. Anyone have this test?

Hopefully starting injectibles tomorrow.


Ange - July 17

Veteran Board members so far! And where they are in their cycles.

Ange~ missed O but seeing RE on Friday :) IVF in the next cycles.
Jade~ IUI this cycle
Rnorst (Renee)~BFP :) Our 1st bfp on the board-ttc 3 1/2 years
Dcam (Dena)
Amyjoy~doing injectables with IUI this cycle
wantafamily (Heather)~about to go through all the testing


see how all the ladies are doing? Dena, want2bamommy25,LMD, Eddie,bAByDrEAmiN027. How are you ladies doing you haven't been on in a awhile?
Lets make sure we all conquer this together.

Heather~ Glad you are back. Have you seen the veteran bfp board. What do you think about it? We are all voting on the board to see if it should stay or go.

Luv to all


Jade - July 18

Amyjoy~ I am totally a pro at the waiting game......I know that the Re knows best and I should just let him do his job. But ( you know there always is a BUT) I feel like if we just go by OPK we will miss my O. I think I should have trigger when my follicles are mature. But that is just me. We will see what happens this time.

Heather~ Af is pretty much gone as of today. I noticed a small bit of spotting, but not amounting to much. Thank goodness. I know it is scary to go find out if something is wrong, but it is also a relief when they know what to fix. It will be SO worth it in the long run.

Ange~ Just a few more days until your appt. How are you feeling today?


Ange - July 18

Jade~ I am feeling better today. I just have to pee alot the pain is 95% gone whew! 2 more days till post-op :) Glad to hear af is stopping for you. Did you call your dr or are you waiting to talk to him on Friday about the questions you have?

Heather~ I agree with Jade. I rather know then not know. At least you can have treatment if you have something wrong. It maybe the smallest of things but needs a dr. Just make sure you have a good RE. I had one years back that wasn't so good that is why now that I am doing IVF it is taking me more than 8 months of treatment before to make sure my body is ready. We are all here for you too.

luv to all


Jade - July 18

Ange~ I am waiting until I go in next to talk to him. I took an opk today and it is almost positive. So I may be going in before Friday. But I dont know bc remember last cycle when I didnt O- it was almost postive and then even positive for a while. So who knows what I should do. I am supposted to call when it is positive. I am thinking maybe tomorrow. I am glad you are feeling better. I know you said this dr you go to friday is not you RE, what kind of specialist is he? You have so many- dont you?


wantafamily - July 18

Hi girls,

Thanks for the encouragement. I know I have to go in and I will. I am waiting for AF to arrive - she should be here today or tomorrow, although I am a bit confused this time. Usually my BBs get a bit sore a few days before AF and she arrives on CD 29. This time, my BBs are sore as usual, but I am already on CD 30. But my back is sore and I definitely feel like she is almost here, so who knows. The BB soreness and how it relates to my cycle has definitely fluctuated.

Anyway, my friend has an RE that she really likes so I will probably use her.

As far as the bfp board, isn't that in another Shared Journey folder? Are you talking about combining it with this board?



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