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Ange - July 10

Hello Girls,

Well I just got my appointment for my re Aug 2 so looks like sept is the month for ivf :)

Heather~ Thanks for your support I am always praying for you too :)


amyjoy - July 11

Ange- VERY exciting news!!! ;D Dh is feeling pretty good lately, thanks for asking. You have to tell me about egg retrieval. That's one thing that scares me about ivf.

Wantafamily- Ummm...2 years? I don't think so! The usual is one year. Glad you are seeing a RE next month. Keep us posted on what the Dr. says.

As for us, I called the RE today and asked if we can do an injectible cycle instead of clomid this month because clomid hasn't worked and my insurance covers the price of the injectibles and I was reading today that injectible cycles have a higher success rate. The Dr. was busy all day today, but the nurse said she will talk to him tomorrow and call me back. She said I do respond well to the clomid so the Dr. may want me to try a few more rounds with it before moving to injectibles. Now I'm really going to be a pin cushion. I already do the Lovenox injections. But, you do what it takes, right? Hopefully I will hear something tomorrow. They are good about calling back.

Good night all.


Ange - July 11

Amyjoy~Yes I am very excited it is finally almost here. I have waited a long time very patiently. I am scared too for the ER. I hope it doesn't hurt to much. But it seems ladies go back again and again so I don't think it could be that bad. I am not looking forward to the injections either I don't like needles. I hope my dh can give them all to me. If I look I think I will pass out lol. How may times do you do the lovenox?

Heather~ I am glad you are seeing and RE Because you are getting close to the 1 year. I knew I felt better know what my If was. I hope they can give you some answers and fast solutions. My treatments have taking almost 8 months now just so I will be ready for Ivf. But is has gone by fast.

Jade~ I hope you are enjoying Jamaica :) I wish I was there :)


amyjoy - July 11

We got the green light to do injectibles this cycle! So waiting for af now. I will be using Gonal-F. Anyone with info about this med?

I do the Lovenox injec. once a day and when I am taking the extra hormones (clomid, HCG, Gonal-F, etc) I do them 2x a day for those days. Even though I want to try the injectible cycle, 4 injections a day is going to be trying.


Ange - July 12

Amyjoy~ That is great news about the injectibles. Wow you are going to be a pin coushin for sure. I am right behind you I will be doing all the shots too very soon. Well I will keep praying that it is your month. I am glad dh is feeling better.

How is everyone else doing?

love to all


Ange - July 13

Well girls we were going to ttc this month but I think we missed our chance. My bbs are hurting already and my lower back that is a usual sign of O. We did bd last night but not ttc bd oh well we will wait till next cycle or IVF what ever comes first :) I hope you are doing well. TGIF

Luv to all


Ange - July 15

Each of us should be taking a good pre-natal vitamin.
The prenatal vitamin is called that because it
contains the necessary amount of folic acid
(a/k/a B9)
for proper cell growth for your growing child
and extra amounts of calcium and iron.
Just make sure your multivitamin
contains at least 800 mcg. of Folic Acid
or supplement it.
I took pre-natal vitamins from 1997 - 2000
when I switched to a multi-vitamin
plus B supplements.
Track your Basal Body Temperature "BBT"
or (base) lowest temperature of the day.
Your BBT is taken first thing in the morning before getting out of bed,
after a minimum of three consecutive hours of sleep.
Your temperature should be taken at the same time each morning.
By charting your BBT’s you can determine if you’ve ovulated.
Temperature ranges vary tremendously but are typically between
96.5 - 97.5 before ovulation and
97.5 - 98.6 after ovulation.
HOT TUBS - May cause DH's body temperature
to rise significantly, which can
destroy sperm and it takes 72-90 days
from start to finish to replenish his supply.
Hot tubs like douching may also
cause you to wash away sperm friendly mucus.
K-Y JELLY - This lubricant may create an environment
which traps and doesn't allow the sperm to swim to their destination.
to reduced fertility in both the male and female.
Folic Acid (B9) 800 mcg daily:
Although, the FDA recommends that Folic Acid
consumption should be limited to 1,000 mcg per day,
keep in mind that:
Alcohol, Phenobarbital and anticonvulsants
can produce a folic acid deficiency.
BE CAREFUL not to supplement with only one B vitamin
without providing your body
with the full range of B vitamins.

Red Raspberry ("RR") 1,000 mg daily
Begin at any time of cycle.
Can be taken during pregnancy
until a month prior to labor/delivery.
Strengthens the uterine lining
which in turn lengthens LP
LP = Luteal Phase
LP = dpo or days past ovulation
and eases painful menses and nausea.
Combine RR with either Vitex or B6 for
LPD = luteal phase defect

Vitex a/k/a Chasteberry Tree ("VTX")
1,000 mg daily
Vitex helps relieve PMS because of its
effects on female sex hormones.
It helps balance hormones produced
during our cycles, increasing
production of luteinizing hormone
("LH" which is detected by OPK)
and inhibiting the release of
follicle-stimulating hormone.
This leads to a shift in the
estrogen-progesterone ratio,
resulting in less estrogen to cause
or aggravate PMS.
The only caveat is that women who have
PMS with significant depression
should probably steer clear of chasteberry.
Some research suggests that PMS with depression
is caused by excess progesterone,
and vitex is said to raise progesterone levels.
Vitex proved clearly superior to B6.
Combine Vitex with Red Raspberry for LPD
LPD = Luteal Phase Defect
B-6 ("B6") 100 mg daily
a/k/a Pyridoxine B6
to be taken at the same time as your Prenatal.
Be careful not to supplement with a single B vitamin
without providing your body with
the full range of B vitamins.
B6 to be taken at the same time
as your Prenatal or multivitamin.
B6 is used to lengthen the luteal phase -
LP = Luteal Phase or DPO (days past ovulation)
and assist RNA & DNA synthesis
and production of red blood cells.
B6 and Red Raspberry will lengthen your luteal phase.
If Vitex is not for you try B6.
Lecithin (triple strength)
1 before each meal:
Take one Lecithin capsule before each meal
to improve brain function, absorption of thiamin
by the liver and Vitamin A by the intestines.
Helps promote energy and is needed to help
repair liver damage caused by alcohol.
Lecithin enables fat to be disbursed
and removed from the body.

Baby Aspirin
Take only one (1) per day.
a/k/a Children's Aspirin - 81 mg
Start at any time of cycle.
Aspirin is known to suppress natural
killer cells in the uterus, so it is used
for those with immune problems.
Because Aspirin thins your blood,
it also improves blood flow to the ovaries,
improving follicle development,
and improves blood flow to the uterus,
improving the quality of the uterine lining.
This increases the odds that implantation will
be successful. Also, during pregnancy, it will help
prevent miscarriage or fetal demise in those
prone to blood clots. Having blood clots form in the
placenta and/or umbilical cord is the cause
of many of these pg losses.

Evening Primrose Oil "EPO"
1,000 IU per day should be taken
only from Cycle Day 1 to Ovulation.
Do not take EPO after ovulation because
EPO causes uterine contractions
which may interfere with implantation.
EPO is a good source of
Essential Fatty Acids "EFA".
All living cells need fatty acids
for rebuilding and producing new cells.
EFAs are used by the body to produce
substances that send messages.
These messages trigger the important
events that need to occur each cycle!
Those important events? Hormones

Flax Seed Oil "FSO"
2,000 mg per day should be taken.
Flax Seeds are rich in omega-3
Essential Fatty Acids "EFA"
magnesium, potassium and fiber
to continue steady level of EFA
(EFO is EFA) throughout cycle.

Guaifenesin Syrup
a/k/a Robitussin and Robi
DO NOT EXCEED 6 doses in 24 hours.
The Guaifenesin Syrup merely thins the mucus
you already have making more it
sperm friendly
easier to swim to their destination!

500 mg capsules - 2 caps 3 times a day!
Used for centuries by the Chinese restore cycle.
Also known to help with vaginal dryness.
I suggest you use Dong Quai to bring AF back
then take Vitex to keep yourself regular.

Acidophilus w/ Bifidus
If you've ever had a yeast infection you want to avoid another.
This can be taken as a preventative
(1 per day)
measure (while you are taking antibiotics)
or as a cure for an infection.
(3 per day)
BEWARE: Yeast can be transferred to your partner.

I found this information from


Jade - July 16

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is doing well. I have missed alot while I was away. We had a fun trip. AF is being cruel to me this cycle. It is cd 11 and she is still here. Up until yesterday she was as heavy as ever. Yesterday she lightened up a little. Hopefully she will be gone soon. But this worries me- today I have my u/s to check follie before IUI. I dont think there will be anything there since af has been here so long. ANyone know what I should expect? I dont want to be disappointed when I go in today, but I have a feeling I will be.......I just dont know what is going on. Can the follicles still grow in there when af is there? HELP!!

Ange~ So you think you o'd already? Have you been temping? You must have o'd earlier than usual, right?

Heather~ If you dont O regularly, the RE will see you before a year. But your appt is next month, right? That is good because they want to help you there. I was so relieved after seeing my RE for the 1st time. I love him!!

Amyjoy~ That is great that you are moving to injectables. I want to do that to increase my "Targets" but RE wasnt ready to move that fast. I am getting impatient, I know, but I cant help it! I am ready to get preggy and stay that way! When do you expect af?

Renee~ Hope you are feeling well. I cant wait to hear about your first u/s. I think we are all just as anxious as you to hear how many are in there.........

I think the BFP board is a great idea and should be opened back up!! If anyone on here disagrees- let us know and we wont do it! But otherwise I think we need to support our BFP bc hopefully we will all be on there soon!! What do ya think?


amyjoy - July 16

Jade- Not sure about your ?, keep us posted on the results. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Not sure what's going on with af. I started spotting yesterday and had such bad cramps last night that I was up most the night and I wasn't spotting, bleeding, etc! This is crazy!! Come on already!

I have no problem with the BFP board being opened up again.


RNORST - July 16

Ange, so your appt is aug 2nd?? I cant wait for you to go. Are you getting execited?

Jade, I dont know about your question?? Let us know as soon as you get back from the re.

Amyjoy, so after af you will start a cycle with injectables?
Is your dh still doing ok?

Heather, How are you doing? So you will see a re next month? They will give you even more hope. Keep me posted on what your doing.

Well girls, Please keep me posted, on where your at in your cycles. I'm still praying for you all. This will happen in the most perfect timing!!

Love Renee


lisa77033 - July 16

Hello All!!!!! 8)


Ange - July 16

hi girls~

Well I have o'd for sure now. I am going to the dr tonight cause I have a UTI. I am not having very much luck this month. DH and I wanted to ttc but we missed O. I just feel like crap today!

I am glad everybody wants the bfp board to go back up. Please if there is anyone you has issues with it please say so.

Jade~ Sorry to hear about af still showing her face. I had a very heavy af this cycle too i was surprised to get an early O. I hope she stops soon for you. Did you call your RE?

want2bamommy ~ Welcome! How long have you been ttc?

amyjoy~ hope af gets here soon for you so you can try again. :)


Jade - July 16

Just got back from my ultrasound. Went better than I expected seeing as today is the first day I havent seen af. I have 1 follicle at 12. My lining is 6. He thought it was good for day 11. He said to start using Opk in about 2 days and to come back Friday if I havent had a surge for a trigger. He said he usually does IUI day after surge or trigger so we will find out more on Friday. So maybe IUI this weekend. YAAY!

Ange~ That sucks that you missed o. But I have a feeling the IVF is going to be worth holding out for......

Welcome Want2bemommy.....

Amyjoy~ I hope that af shows so you can get on with your injectables. Hey but maybe that is implantation you were experiencing last night.....Have you tested?

Renee~ Keep us updated. I am praying for a healthy heartbeat and baby for you!


Ange - July 16

Jade~ That is great news! I am praying for you girl. Yes Ivf is around the corner. I am excited.

Renee~ I am so excited for IVF I am looking at it so positively. Keep me in your prayers as I will do for you. I go on Friday to see about post op so keeping my fingers crossed all is well.

luv to all


RNORST - July 16

Jade, That sound great, so when you go back on Friday will they do another u/s if you dont have a +opk by then?

Ange, so will you find out anything on Friday about the IVF or just because of your surgrey? Yes, I will pray for you, I have prayed for all you ladies every since I meet you all. Prayer works.

Love Renee


Ange - July 16

Renee~ I have different dr for everything I am in a very big reproduction clinique. Every dr has there own expertize. I will find out if I able to start right away when we go on Aug 2 or if it will be sept. Thanks for your prayers.

BTW I just got back from the dr. I have urinary tract infection for sure. They gave me meds for 5 days.



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