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Jade - September 10

Ange~ BEta was 2259 today so it doubled- thank God. I am still not feeling too confident. I have another check on Thursday and if all is well that will be my last. As for feeling twins? At this point I havent gotten to feeling anything. I am praying for one.......but not opposed to two. I just hope this works out. I am trying not to plan- bc I dont want to be upset.....Ya know how it goes. So another week of bcp for you. What does this other med do?


Ange - September 11

Jade~ I know what you mean but try to not stress too much okay? So you are having b/w on thursday will you find out friday the results. I wish lots of sticky babydust. The other med puts me in menopause.....i know joy! But it is only for a week they i have my 1st u/s and we start the good drugs lol. I am happy but startinfg to get nervous I have too much on my plate right now. We are selling our home and having one built in a nicer area near family. So that isn't helping and I need to have all my work done before I for for ER cause I will stress if I have too much to come back too. Anyways keep me posted I think of you always and I am always here for you.

Luv Ange


LMD - September 12

Ange - I went in today and am clear to start ivf meds. For the next few days I will be on follistim only then next week I will also have to take something else - I forgot the name of that one. Do you know what you will be on once you stop bcp?


Ange - September 13

Lmd~ Great news!!!!! I will have my u/s on the 27th to see if my cycle is good too. I will then take gonal-f 375 and luvaris. What day is your ER?


Jade - September 13

Ange~ Is the meds for menopause a shot or pill. You are getting so close now.

LMD~ SOunds like you are just a few weeks away. Keep me posted on how it goes. How many follies do they want for IVF?


LMD - September 13

Right now ER is the week of the 24th, probably that Monday, but we'll see what happens next week, how I respond, etc. It's really coming up but I still feel like it's far away and there is still quite a bit to do to get to that point. I believe the target number of follies is 10.

Ange - Sounds like you are getting close too. Hang in there. I hated taking bcp too - I had wicked headaches at first from that.

Jade - Hope your beta today went well :)


Ange - September 13

Jade~It is a shot and I start tomorrow :) I am not happy about the shot but I will be glad to get off these bcp and try something new. Did you go for you beta today? I am still praying sticky babydust for ya

Lmd~Wow the week of the 24th that is right around the corner. I forget are you getting knocked out for the ER? I am so praying for you to get double that in follies. I am right behind you when you are at the end of your 2week wait I will be going in for ER. keep me posted

luv to all


Jade - September 14

Ange~ Good luck with your shot today. Is dh giving it to ya? I am sure it wont be too bad.

LMD~ WOW ER is right around the corner. In a few weks you will be in your 2ww.....

I will get results back today. I will keep you posted. No real symptoms so I am not feeling too positive.


Jade - September 14

Well I got my results. And surprisingly enough they were good. Thank God.......28,000 (needed to be 18,000) and 197 for progesterone ( it was 159 the time before). So seems like I am off to a good start. Now I wait for u/s on Oct 1st.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.......


Ange - September 14

Jade~that is great news I am so happy for you. wow you are alot over what you are supposed to be. That is awesome!!!!!! Put a smile on your face and enjoy your weekend. It looks like now is your time try to enjoy it. Oct. 1st will seem far afar but it is just around the corner. :) :) :) Congrats Jade!


Jade - September 18

Hey Ange~ Just wanted to check in on ya and see how those shots were going? And you finally got to quit bcp right? It should only be a few weeks now...... So how long are you on the menopause shots and when do you start the gonal f? Keep me posted on your journey. I am praying extra hard for you.

LMD~ How many follicles do you have? When is your ER?

Lyly~ How are you? HOw is your mother?


Ange - September 19

Jade~ Hey there I am hanging in getting a little nervous I am getting closer and closer :) Dh is giving me the injections and I bruise easy so I have a little map on my tummy now. I was thinking I maybe he should try to write something but so far it looks like the wave. I am geting mood swings I need to breath alot today it just started. I hope it gets easier ,,,, i am thinking NOT! lol I am off the darn BCP thank GOD! Next week I will start gonal-f after my U/s on thursday keeping my fingers crossed. How are you doing? I can't wait till October 1st :) I know it will be a happy day...then I am just few weeks away from you :) Well I am wiped I had two viewings of my house today. We are selling it! We are buying a bigger home and in a better location. No Beach but.... :) keep me posted take care


lyly14 - September 19

Hi all-
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Things have been hectic with my mom and going back to work and dh is out of the country for two more weeks. Have any of you used injectibles with a failed cycle? This is my first AF after a non-medicated cycle. I am usually so regular, but have had a lot of irregular bleeding this cycle. I had 10 days of spotting then full AF started and is heavier and longer than ever. I assume my hormones are all out of wack because of the months of meds and now nothing. Was just wondering if any of you have had that experience.

Ange- I am so excited for you. It is getting closer! Other than some mild bloating before O and a lot around O, I felt good on the gonal. I didn't have the mood shifts I had on the clomid. I am praying that this is it for you!

Jade- I am hanging in there. How are you feeling? I can't wait to hear about your u/s. I am so happy your numbers are doing well. My mom is okay for now. She has her good days and bad days. As far as me, I am in the middle of fighting with my insurance company. They are giving me a hard time authorizing the IVF. Dh is not on my policy, so they do not want to pay because there is male factor infertility. This is after they assured me that I would be covered regardless, but they would obviously not cover any procedures for him. Anyway, I will find out on Thursday whether or not they are going to cover the procedures. Wish me luck!


Ange - September 19

hey Lyly~ Thanks for the info on gonal I am excited to get to that step. How is your mom doing? How are you doing with dh not around? That sucks for the insurance company to giving you are hard time. Is there anyway he can be put on your policy and you try again.



lyly14 - September 20

Hi Ange-
My mom is okay. Took her for a whole bunch of tests yesterday so we are waiting for the results. On Monday I am taking her to see a new neurologist to get a second opinion. Her regular one doesn't seem to be doing much. It's been hard with dh being gone. I have been so stressed out trying to juggle being back to work, my dd going back to school, dance, and baton and my mom and all her dr. appts and tests, not to mention I miss him terribly. We have been talking almost everynight, but I can't wait for him to come home. As far as the insurance company, I am still waiting for an answer. The woman at the insurance told me to put him on the policy and then try or get a diagnosis for myself so who knows whats going to happen. My employer will not put him on my plan, so it's not really an option at this point. I guess I just have to wait and see.


Jade - September 23

Hi Ladies. How is everyone?

Ange~ How is the process going? Done with the menopause shots yet? When is your first u/s? How is the house situation? Have you sold it yet?

lyly~ That really sucks about your insurance. What a pain? Do you think you o'd on your own this cycle?

LMD~ How are you?



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