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amyjoy - August 30

Lyly- Have fun on your cruise! WOW! I'm so jealous...


Ange - August 30

hello everyone!

sorry I have been MIA for almost a week I am on holiday and we are looking for a new house. Yesterday I had a breakdown it was just too much stress so we are going to back off for a little while until we know for sure how many bedrooms we need. I kept thinking what if? I got Af on sunday so that was perfect timing to start my calendar. I am on b/c now and nothing really exciting going on with that.

How is everyone? any symptoms Jade? Lyly have a great time on your cruise.

luv to all


Ange - September 4

hey all where are you all?


lyly14 - September 5

Hi Ange- Sorry I haven't posted in a while but as you know I just got back from vacation. It seems like it has been really quiet around here. I guess you finally got AF! ;D How exciting. When do you start stimulation meds? That ER will be here before you know it.

Jade- How are you feeling? Its getting pretty close to testing time right? Let us know how things are going.


Jade - September 5

Hi ladies,
I have been MIA for a bit. Sorry. Going back to work last week after a few months off killed me. We had guests all weekend for dh birthday. As for me, I am going for a blood test today if I have enough guts. I am pretty sure it is a bfp ( I took several hpt), but I am really scared for b/w after my 2 (you know whats).......... I have a stupid cold and it really sucks. I will keep you posted with what I find out......

Ange~ How many more days of bcp do you have? You are getting close and I am so excited for you.

Lyly~ Did you have a good vacation? Did you find anything out about cost of b/w for dh?


Ange - September 5

Lyly~How was your vacation? Yes Af came on august 26th so happy about that. I am right on track with my calendar now :) I start my meds on the 17th to put me in menopause then by the next week I will hopfully start gonal-f 375 and luvaris. So when are you doing your Ivf class?

Jade~ I am praying for you girl. How many tests did you do? Are you still on progesterone? Let me know what your beta was. I am praying for high numbers. I wish you sticky babydust . keep me posted


Jade - September 5

Ange~ Thanks for your prayers. I went in today for b/w, but since I didnt get to go until after work I wont find out the numbers until tomorrow. I am taking the progesterone, baby aspirin, prenatal, and extra folic acid. HOpefully that combo will do the trick. What is the meds that put you in menopause? Then the next week you start injectables? This process will move fast for you. I cant wait for your bfp......


amyjoy - September 6

Jade- I understand you being cautious, but CONGRATS! Let us know the numbers. Stay positive. Think and visualize positive thoughts.

Ange- I'm excited that things are really progressing for you! This is it, I know it! Come on BFP!


Jade - September 6

Well I got my b/w back. My progesterone is 151 and my hcg was 959. 959 seems high to me? I go back tomorrow to see if it doubles. I wont find out until Monday though bc I cant go until after work. I am feeling a little better after hearing that my #'s were so good. Thanks.........


Ange - September 6

Jade~ Omg those numbers are outstanding. let me know as soon as you get your beta tomorrow. I am so happy for you. I have asmile from ear to ear. I am still praying for sticky babdust for you.

Amyjoy~Thanks for you support amyjoy I am so close I can taste it. I can't wait to share all my journey with all of you. You take care of those babies in there.

Well Ladies I am having a bad day but now thanks to Jade I have my first smile. My cat died today he was 18 years old he was a lovey. My house is still a zoo with 2 dogs a cat and a salamander. But still empty without him.

I wish you all a good night



lyly14 - September 7

Ange- The vacation was ok. We had a nice time but don't really think cruises are for us. I am so sorry to hear about your cat. It is difficult to lose a loved one. Hopefully the next new edition to your house will be due to the success of this IVF!

Jade-CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. I understand your hesitation. I was so worried about having a m/c the entire 11 weeks I was pregnant. So I understand how you feel, but try to stay positive. I am praying for you. Those numbers do seem quite high. How many follies did you have???

As for me I think we may be holding off on trying for a bit. Things have been so stressful lately. Between going back to work and my mother not doing well, I think it is all I can handle right now. Not to mention dh is leaving for Argentina next week. Don't know how I am going to manage with him being gone for 2 1/2 weeks


LMD - September 7

Hey ladies, I know I have been mia but we were away on vacation then a trip to my parent's for a family party. I am inching my way closer to ivf. Tomorrow is my last day of bcp and I had to do a follistim shot yesterday. I was worried because I had quite a bit of spotting Wed. night and it was too early for that but the nurse said that can happen and it hasn't happened since. We'll see what happens next week. Hang in there!


amyjoy - September 9

Jade- How many dpo?

LMD & Ange- Fingers crossed. Come on BFP!


Jade - September 9

Lyly~ I had 3 mature follies. I am scared about how many are in there.

Ange ~ Sorry to hear about your cat. It is like losing a family member. When do you stop bcp?

Amyjoy~ I think I am 18 dpo today. I had more b/w Friday (16dpo) but wont find out the numbers until tomorrow. On Wednesday I will be 5 weeks. If I make it that far.......


Ange - September 10

Hi Girls,

I only have a second.... I am so bust at work trying to get everything big done before ER. I am thinking of all of you and hope you are all doing well.

Jade ~ what was the beta? do you think twins? I stop bcp on the 17th but they didn't give me enough to get me till then eeerrrr. Anyways bcp is bad for me I am clotting and spotting everyday bbs tenderness, tired, nauseau and I am cranky. I can't wait to be off of it. I start bursurlin shots on thursday so I hope to feel better then.

lmd~what are you starting next? after the bcp keep me posted.

lyly! sorry to hear your mom is not well. Maybe a good idea to take a break even with dh being gone. that can't be easy. don't worry it will fall into place for you. keep faith

luv to all



Jade - September 10

Ange~ BEta was 2259 today so it doubled- thank God. I am still not feeling too confident. I have another check on Thursday and if all is well that will be my last. As for feeling twins? At this point I havent gotten to feeling anything. I am praying for one.......but not opposed to two. I just hope this works out. I am trying not to plan- bc I dont want to be upset.....Ya know how it goes. So another week of bcp for you. What does this other med do?



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