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amyjoy - June 21

Ladies..what a wonderful idea to start this board! We have been ttc for a year and recently went through 2 clomid/IUI cycles and all failed. Dh's counts go from wonderful to horrible...seems like it depends on the day. After the first round of clomid I had some residual cysts and I was devestated. I didn't know that would happen. So after this IUI failed, I just decided to wait a month. We are planning on trying another IUI with my cycle in the middle of July. We'll see what happens. The biggest thing for me is that I am so bitter.Not all the time, but sometimes I can't control it. And today while shopping I had this uncontrollable urge to shop for baby clothes. I didn't soon as the cart swerved that way I felt so sad inside that I just couldn't even look at the clothes. Everything (and I mean everything) reminds me of wanting to have a baby. I have lost a lot of my patience. I used to be a very patient person and now give me a few minutes and I have to walk away before I flip out. Sometimes I want to jump out of my skin and scream and just get it all out. I'm so frustrated sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. Dh is a little different. I don't think his urge is anywhere near as strong as mine. He is supportive and has even come to a follicle ultrasound appointment. Okay, wow...I guess I needed to get that out! I just wanted to post a quick hello!


Ange - June 21

Goodmorning Ladies,

Jade~thanks for the info on that the dr just gave my a bunch of pills to take with no explaination of why I am taking them. At least I knew about Provera from reading the posts in the past. Well today I am very sore in my lower back. I was getting this before the surgery and I was hopeing it would go after it. I am not so lucky I guess. I guess really back lower back pain during my 2ww it started that summer and it is exhausting to go through this for 2 weeks. AT least I know she (AF) will show her face on her own.

Amyjoy~ Welcome you sound so much like me. I am so sorry anyone one of us has to go through this. I friend of mine that I work with is IF too and she in now in menopause and she said if she was told that jumping off a bridge would get her a bfp she would do it and I so would be in line for that. I think the worst part is the big question WHY? Your dh count keeps changing? Has he been sick with a cold or flu cause I know that is a main reason for low count and poor mobility. My dh has low count and he has been taking amberoz. He loves it. He says he feels alot better with it. stay strong we are always here for you.



Jade - June 21

Oh good Ange. You may not even need the provera. Hopefully AF will show before Tuesday for you. If not will you still take it?

Amyjoy~ Hi. Is it just low sperm count that is the problem? Or have you been checked as well? I am having my first IUI next cycle. I am waiting on AF at the moment and have no idea when she might show. I am thinking my IUI will be mid-July so we can go through this together. I know how you feel about being bitter. It is hard not to be. Like you said, there is always a constant reminder of it no matter where you go. My dh is the same way- he seems indifferent about it. He has the idea that it will happen when it happens and my idea is I want it NOW! Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm for you!


Ange - June 21

Jade~ Hi How was your day? I have been so busy at work no time to do anything else. Well I guess that is a good thing lol. I don't think it will come before tuesday but I do think it is come maybe 2 weeks from wednesday that just passed. So I guess I am in the 2 week wait. Dh and I bd on Sunday. But we hadn't been together for two weeks before cause of the surgery so I don't think my chances are good. I still have faith that is could be possible. I also used preseed that day cause I was worried about my cm from the hormones. Maybe I should have been more careful and used b/c. What do you think?


Jade - June 22

Ange~ Well my day was pretty boring. Nothing new to report here. Temps still low, opks still dark, and still some cm? I don't know what to think.

As for you, you may have a chance. Were you not supposed to be trying yet? But supposedly the "swimmers" can live up to 72 hours in a friendly condition and that preseed makes it pretty friendly. So what do you think you will do about the provera. Will you take it or wait for af on her own? Don't work too hard today!


Ange - June 22

Hello Jade~ I wasn't told anything except be could not bd for 2 weeks. So when we got the go we bd. :) I really didn't think about it at the time. I am going to call my dr today to find out if I should take it. I tell him what I have done. I hope he will say all is fine.
I hope you O and get Af soon so you start ttc again. Is school finished for you now? We are on summer hours. Today is only a half day! Yuppie.


Jade - June 22

School is finished. So I am basically bored until Aug. 21. So I have been cleaning house and watching baby stories. Pretty pitiful huh? That is good that you have summer hours. Is is half day everyday? Is your daughter in school yet? We start kindergarten at 5 what about there? Yes, I would call the dr and see what he says. I am sure everything is fine. Maybe this will be your lucky month. Let me know what the dr says.


Ange - June 22

OH wow you are so lucky. We only have half day fridays. the rest of the week we only get to leave a half an hour earlier. But at least we get that. All the teachers are finish though. I am getting everything ready for school next year. I watch babystory to whenever i get the chance. :) Nest Away it is healthy for you :)


Jade - June 22

I am lucky to have all that time off, but it gets boring......Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


wantafamily - June 22

Hello ladies,

I'm new to this board. I was on the TTC board, but then everyone there ended up with bfp and it became a board for them. Just checking in with you all. Thanks for starting this board!



Jade - June 22

Hi Heather!! Glad you joined us. Now we can focus on TTC!

Well here's an update: I think I may be getting ready to O. I did an OPK today and it was definitely darker than the control. So I just need to wait on good ol' af.......


RNORST - June 22

Hi girls, I found you!! Thanks for e-mailing me Jade and Ange. I was so busy at work yesterday, no time for the internet.

Ange, your ivf will be in July of aug?? How are things with your cycle now?

Jade, I know your waiting on af. So you got a +opk!!! Thats awsome. How long is your l/p?

Heather, Hey girl, we can talk here now. We are not alone any more :). Yes, I was on clomid cd 5-9 and did the HCG shot last night. I will have IUI done on Sat. What cd are you on? Is af done? I hope we all get lucky this month!

Well, for all the girls that dont know me, I'm Renee. I have been posting with some of these ladies for almost a year. This is the best support I have ever got. I may have given up ttc, if it weren't for these ladies. You will love the support. I have a son that is 5. Before I got preg with my son, I had a m/c at 6 weeks. Both pregnacys I got preg the first month ttc. I thought getting preg was a piece of cake..yeah right. I have been ttc for over 3 1/2 years. I went to my old re about 2 1/2 years ago and worked with them for 1 1/2 years, well they were worthless. I did a IUI with them and it did not work. I asked them if there was any other test to do, and they were very hateful and asked what else do you want us to do! So I went to a new re and I love her. Right away she did 3 other test and found that I had retained placenta in my uterus from my son. I had a surgrey to get that removed, that was back in Oct. I had a IUI with 100 mg of clomid and hcg shot last month and I made 3 eggs, well I got a BFN. So it's on to IUI #3. This month I took 100 mg of clomid and the hcg shot last night. I made 4 eggs, maybe more this time. I hope at least one works. My IUI is tommorrow morning at 7:40.

DCAM, Thanks for sharing your story. This is the best thing to talk to other women going though the same thing. We are all here for you. I was on Ovulex and ferti-blend and they didnt work for me. I also have un-explained infertility. Are you drinking green tea?

Amyjoy, Welcome girl, It's nice to meet some new people. I know how you feel about just flipping out. We are under alot of stress ttc. It's very hard to relax, but this cycle I'm laying it down at Jesus feet, He's the one in control. We just have to trust in Him. I have been though 2 failed IUI. I'm doing my 3rd IUI tommorrow.

I'm prayer for all of you. Baby dust.
Love Renee


Jade - June 22

Renee~ Thanks for posting. Good luck tomorrow with your IUI. You have our thoughts and prayers.......

Have a great weekend Ladies!!


RNORST - June 22

Thank ladies for your prayers. I will need them this weekend. I will let you know how it went on Monday. So after tommorrow, I'll be back in the 2ww! I hope it goes by fast, I will keep busy.

Love and prayers to all


Ange - June 22

Renee~ You found your way awesome! I am praying for you tomorrow remember to relax after takng it easy this weekend. I am doing IVF probably in Sept. It is ok I am going for post op on July 20. We will see from there. My hormones are out of wack~ I am emotional. Oh well good to prepare for what is to come :)

Heather~ Glad you found you way too. I had a hard time to go back to the other board to write you but I did it and now you are here :) How are you?

Jade I am going crazy this weekend we are going to an outdoor concert tomorrow night and I am scrapbooking all day tomorrow too. Sunday I am cleaning house and doing laundry. :)

Love to ALL Ange


Jade - June 23

Ange~ Wow you have a busy weekend. I really want to start scrapbooking but I havent really got the patience for it yet. Hopefully soon. No big plans for the weekend for me. We will probably enjoy the beach since the weather will be nice.

Renee~ Let us know all the details on Monday. I need to prepare myself for my coming IUI. Good luck!



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