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Ange - August 7

Hello all,
So Dh and I went to the clinic today and first I signed all the consent forms then I went for a MOCK transfer. Then we left and I went to my clinic near my house because I have another UTI (urinary tract infection) I guess the last medication didn't work so I am on new medication. We went to the back they only wanted 8,500 for today to will got a draft for them. Then went back to the ivf clinic to pay and got our calendar. :) :) :) :) :) sooooooo happpppppy! Dh got a teaching for the shots. Well so did I but I am not a needle person lol. SO everything is set now I just have to wait for AF :) :) :)

Jade~ sorry to hear about your bfn. what is your next step? Is follistim a injectable drug? I am so cloud nine :) I am so so so excited so is dh. you are always in my prayers Jade.

AMyjoy~ Did you POAS? I am praying for ya girl

Lyly~The numbers look great! I would be very hopeful. Do you know why you keep getting infections? Are you going to wait for your beta or are you going to test sooner?

Renee~ How are you? I have missed you. I am so happy lately nothing will get me down. It is finally going to happen. We paid some of the ivf today so now I just have to wait for AF and we start. :)


amyjoy - August 8

I'm going to wait for the beta. BUT, I am sick to my stomach off and on, but gets better with eating or drinking something. This has been since yesterday night and I have noticed some changes in my breasts. Sooooooo....we'll see!


LMD - August 9

Ange - I also have a UTI. I went to the dr. on Sat. to confirm. I suspected it for a few days so now I am dealing with that. Of course, they ran a pg test and it was bfn, so now I am waiting for AF to come so I can move on. I have to call RE on day 1 then I can start bcp and I will get more ivf details then. I think what is going to happen is when I go on day 3 they will go through the protocol with me. I have been doing injections so we know that drill.


Ange - August 9

Amyjoy~ sounds good so far I am praying for ya!

LMD~ I am about to ovulate I can feel it so that makes me happy. SO far I am on schedule. UTI suck! I don't know why I keep getting them this is my third one this year. It may have to do with vaginal dryness and bd. They are screen my urine again to see if they can find some answers. sorry to hear about your bfn. Your next one will be a bfp for sure. We will both get one :) Faith that it will happen :)

Jade~ where are you? How are you doing today?

How is the rest of the girls doing?

luv to all


Jade - August 9

Ange~ What did they do in the mock transfer? Did it hurt? You are halfway through with your cycle. It wont be long now. I am anxiously awaiting af. I think she will come today or tomorrow. My temps were down this morning so I hope she comes today. I ordered my new meds yesterday. He tried to send me 3600 units for $3500 (my insurance doesnt cover meds). I almost died. My nurse quoted me $389. I had to call the guy back and see what was going on. Basically I only need 600 units and it will be $389. Thank God. I am leaving today to go to a wedding for the weekend. UHH. I am tired of traveling. I will check in with ya Monday.

Amyjoy~ I am so excited for you. Sounds like you might get your BFP. I cant wait to hear the news. Post as soon as you can when you find out tomorrow. Good luck.

LMD~Sorry about the UTI and BFN. But it sounds like you are ready for IVF. I am waiting on af too. HOpefully she will hurry up and get here.

lyly~ I hope that you get your bfp this cycle. How are you feeling? Is your beta on Monday? Or are you testing hpt on Monday? Good luck.


lyly14 - August 9

Jade- I hope so too, but I am not that optimistic. I am now 9 dpo. I have had some cramps off an on for last day or two. My nipples still hurt but are less sore than before. So who knows. Anyway, I go for my beta on Monday. I'm going to try not to POAS this cycle, I didn't even buy a test this time. I'll see if I can hold out, but I'm sure I will be running to buy one by Sunday


amyjoy - August 9

I will let you all know as soon as I get my beta results!


Jade - August 10

So I got af yesterday!! Yipee. I am not sure how long my cycle is so I went with 30 days.

Amyjoy~ I am in suspense here. I hope you get that BFP! Let us know!


amyjoy - August 10

Well girls, I'm going to have to join Renee because I got a BFP!!! My beta was 226 today! I'm in shock! I really thought this cycle was a bust with E2 levels being low and proj. low a week after the IUI.

*****Spreading BFP dust all over the place!******


JENNY22074 - August 10

CONGRATULATIONS to you Amyjoy. Glad to hear it. I know what being a veteran is like. Hope to talk to you in the other forums!!!


Ange - August 10

OMG AMYJOY!!!!!! YOU DID IT GIRL!!!!!! I am soooo happy for you. I knew I had a feelin g we would be getting some bfp here this cycle. WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!
Congrats to you and dh!
Sprinkle that babydust on all of us still trying as often as you can.

JAde~ Wow you got AF all on your own this cycle that must be a good sign. I hope you are enjoying your wedding this weekend. A mock transfer is when they do a dry run of the insemination. If feels just like having a IUI. what a big differnce from 3600 units to 600 units lol. someone needed some caffine lol.

lyly let us know on monday what your beta is? or if you poas stick sooner. i am praying for ya

I wish you all a great weekend



Jade - August 10

Amyjoy~ YAAY! I am so excited for you. Congrats!! Did you prog increase too? Do you have to go in for a 2nd beta?

Ange~ No wedding for me. Our flight got cancelled due to weather and we couldnt get on another one until tomorrow morning. So we had to fly back home. Now much luggage is lost. I am in serious need of my luggage. I am starting femara tomorrow. Did you bd during O?


LMD - August 10

Amyjoy - Congrats. This stuff really does work.

Well, AF came today so I have to go in Monday AM for ultrasound, etc. plus I will find out the other ivf details.


amyjoy - August 11

They didn't do a proj. test, but I'm assuming it's good with the hcg level being good. I go Monday for the 2nd beta and I think they will check my proj. then.

I think it's finally sinking in!


lyly14 - August 12

Okay girls, I didn't even need to poas or wait for beta this cycle. It's definitely a BFN for me. Just started spotting last night so AF should show any day. I am really surprised it came this early. Anyway I am really depressed now. Not sure when I am going to be able to do another cycle with the gonal-f. I am going on a cruise for a 4 nights at the end of the month and my RE didn't think it was a good idea to start a new cycle and then I go back to work. I could probably get the cycle in before I go away, but it would be cutting it close and don't want to risk getting OHSS and ruining the trip for my dh (it's for his birthday). It will be a nightmare to do all the b/w and u/s while I am working. I haven't told my boss anything about what is going on because she is so nosey and condesending. I would never make it to work on time. This cycle I was at the RE everyday for 6 days in a row. At least on the clomid it wasn't so many times so I got away with it. Not sure what to do now.


amyjoy - August 12

Lyly- Can you take half days at work when needed? You should be able to leave/come in late for medical reasons.



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