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lyly14 - August 3

Hi jade, I never kept track of my temps before, but the time that I was on the progesterone suppositories I didn't get AF until almost 4 days after I stopped. I wouldn't just stop them until you have BFN! Good luck!


Ange - August 4

Hello Ladies
I went for my ivf course today. Wow it was hot and no air conditioning. There was16 of us in this tiny room it was so bad dh had sweat coming down his face we were using our worksheets to fan ourselves.

So here is the plan we are doing. We have decided to do 1 cycle ivf-icsi and freeze any remainder embryos as a just in case. The dr will put up to three and dh and thinks we shoud put all three for odds sake. At first I was nervous about that but now I am feeling better. The chances of all three sticking are low but it gives us better odds for a bfp. We are starting our calendar on August 22-24th. It is 7 weeks long so ER will be probably the week of October 8. Wow sounds far away. I was told I need to have 2 weeks off from work after the transfer. Just to laze around omg I will go nuts. I am going to scrapbook my france trip we took last year that should keep me busy lol.

Jade~ Implantation usually makes a dip in your temp. Don't stop taken the progesterone. When do you go back to the dr?

LMD~ We won't be far apart if you are taking the long protical. Because I will get af in 3 weeks. It was so nice at the meeting today. Dh really got to understand alot too. did you do a course on ivf? I am really getting excited I did find out that I can be knocked out for the retrieval. It will cost me 500.00 but it is worth it. I didn't do well the last time they gave me a local. They said it will take 20 minutes to asperate the eggs. I don't think I can take pain for that long. What do you think?

Take care ladies


amyjoy - August 4

Hey ladies!

Jade- I wouldn't stop temping or taking the projesterone until the Dr. says.

Ange- That's nice that they have an informational session. Was the air conditioning broke?!!? I hate heat.

My projesterone was low at 11.4. It's never been low before. Anyone know why??? I'm doing the suppositories 2x a day now. Now I'm thinking it's definately a BFN. :(


Jade - August 4

Amyjoy~ Don't stress about the low prog yet. The cycle I got pregnant my prog was only 11 at cd7. It will increase more. Dont lose faith.

Ange~ That is so exciting. You are well on your way to a bfp.....I cant wait!!

Lyly~ I will stick with the progesterone for now. My temps were back up this morning. Hopefully they will stay up for 9


Ange - August 6

Hello ALL,

So when is it time for all you gals to start testing for bfp? I am having a feeling were are going to get some good news in here soon.

As for me I go on Tueday to pay 11,000 for one cycle of ivf-icsi no meds included. Gils I have to tell you I am sooooo excited about this I keep having dreams about it. Anyways 2007 is going to be our year!

luv to all


lyly14 - August 6

Jade-let's hope you are right and those temps stay up, maybe it was an implantation dip! Good luck.

Ange- I am so happy that you are getting closer to your goal, just sorry that you have to pay so much money for it. I never realized just how expensive IVF is. I go for my beta in 8 more days. I will probably know if it will be a bfn a few days before, since I usually get spotting 2-3 days before AF. I'm going to try to resist the urge to do a HPT before my bloodtest this time. It's just so hard to wait!


Jade - August 6

Ange~ OMG that is sooo expensive. But it will be so worth it!! You will be having a summer baby!! How exciting. I am glad this is working out for you.

Lyly~ I am thinking it was not an implantation dip. My temps are above cover now, but not much. I am just having low temps this time. I don't feel too positive about it. Maybe next time!! How are you feeling? Any symptoms?

Amyjoy~ Getting close..... Friday will be here before you know it. Are you having any symptoms?


wantafamily - August 6

Hi ladies,

Sorry (again) for having been MIA for so long. With 3 close friends getting married this summer I feel like I hardly have anytime to myself. Jade, today is CD 16. I don't really know what to make of my cycle though, since the last one was so screwy. My family comes out for a visit in a couple of weeks and then I will be heading to the RE. I went to bridal shower yesterday where the host announced she was 4.5 months preg and then a BBQ after that where another girl said she and her hubby were 4.5 months along too. What the heck??? Sometimes it can get so frustrating!!

But, I was so lifted when I got caught up on the board today. Ange, I'm so excited for you! I'm sure it will work for you! Jade, keep the faith girl! What CD are you on now?

Amyjoy, keep the faith!

Anyway, I have to give a huge presentation tomorrow, but I just wanted to say HI!! and let you know you are all still in my thoughts and prayers, as always. I will check back in with you soon!

Love and baby dust to all!



Ange - August 6

Hello All,

I am so busy at work these days. To get everything ready for when I go on vacation for one week at the end of August then I will be taking 2 weeks off in October :) That will be so nice. I know if is alot of money but it is so worth it.

I am praying for all you girls to get bfp this month.

luv to all


amyjoy - August 6

Jade- Not sure if I am. Sometimes I feel unsure and sometimes I feel it's a BFN.

Wantafamily- I'm trying to keep the faith, but I get so frustrated sometimes I can jump out of my skin and scream!!!


RNORST - August 7

Hi ladies, How is every one doing?

Ange, sound like good news about the IVF!!!! How exceiting!!

Jade, how are you feeling? Are you testing tommorow?

Amyjoy, When do you test?

Heather, How are you doing? Have you been to the re yet?

Girls keep the faith!! God will bless you all!!
Love and prayers to all


lyly14 - August 7

Jade- Don't give up hope yet. When do you test? I can't tell if I have any symptoms. My nipples still hurt but they have been hurting since right after I started the gonal-f shots. I have been a little queesy too but I am under a lot of stress right now. My mom is not well.

Anyway I went to the RE today and he said my ovaries look good (no OHSS) and my lining went from 12 to 20 since I ovulated. I don't know if that is good or bad. He didn't really say and I never had it checked 7dpo before to compare. My progesterone is really good 58.8. I was so worried because he didn't put me on progesterone suppositories, but it is the highest is has ever been. On the clomid it was never higher than 21. I am still unsure though I think it is too early to feel any symptoms. I guess I just have to wait until monday when I go for my beta. Ugg! I hate waiting. Patience is not my strong point. Oh and it turns out I was right about having an infection. They got the results of my cultures today and one was positive. My RE doesn't want to treat me until he gets the results of the beta though so I have to wait another week. I am hoping that the infection was the reason for the poor results on the post coital test.

Heather- I totally understand what you mean. After I had my last miscarriage I cried whenever someone announce they were pg. It seems like everyone around me was getting pg. For months I also cried every time I got my AF. It is so difficult, but we will all get through this and hopefully all have beautiful babies to talk about. (However that goal is reached!)


amyjoy - August 7

Help! I want to POAS today! Do you think if I did that the trigger would give me a false + ? I took the trigger on July 25th and I had the IUI on July 27th.


Jade - August 7

Amyjoy~ Go for it girl. You should not get a false positive. I poas Sat which would be 10 dp trigger and it was bfn and I also poas today 13 dp trigger and bfn. So it will be gone. We had trigger the same day. Keep us posted.

We ladies this is not my cycle. I got a bfn. Last time when I got my bfp I poas 9 dpo and got a +. I talked to my re and will be starting follistim next cycle. I am so excited about that. It gives me hope. So I am not upset about the bfn. I stopped the prog and have been in a much better mood. That prog makes me GRUMPY!! I cant wait for af so I can get started on my next cycle.

Lyly~ SOunds like you may get that bfp after all. Your lining sounds great and so does your prog. When are you going to test? How many dpo are you?

Ange~ How is it going? Are you still on cloud 9? Did you pay for your ivf yet? I cant wait until your af comes.


lyly14 - August 7

Jade- sorry to hear about your bfn, maybe it will change but if it doesn't it sounds like you have a positive attitude. As far as me, not so sure I will get that BFP this time. I am 7dpo today and I test mon the 13th. At the very least, I know the gonal -f did what it was supposed to do. Unfortunately I will not be able to do it again for at least 1 or 2 cycles.


Ange - August 7

Hello all,
So Dh and I went to the clinic today and first I signed all the consent forms then I went for a MOCK transfer. Then we left and I went to my clinic near my house because I have another UTI (urinary tract infection) I guess the last medication didn't work so I am on new medication. We went to the back they only wanted 8,500 for today to will got a draft for them. Then went back to the ivf clinic to pay and got our calendar. :) :) :) :) :) sooooooo happpppppy! Dh got a teaching for the shots. Well so did I but I am not a needle person lol. SO everything is set now I just have to wait for AF :) :) :)

Jade~ sorry to hear about your bfn. what is your next step? Is follistim a injectable drug? I am so cloud nine :) I am so so so excited so is dh. you are always in my prayers Jade.

AMyjoy~ Did you POAS? I am praying for ya girl

Lyly~The numbers look great! I would be very hopeful. Do you know why you keep getting infections? Are you going to wait for your beta or are you going to test sooner?

Renee~ How are you? I have missed you. I am so happy lately nothing will get me down. It is finally going to happen. We paid some of the ivf today so now I just have to wait for AF and we start. :)



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