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lyly14 - August 1

Jade- My RE didn't even see dead sperm. He just said he didn't see any dead or alive sperm! I know my DH has sperm, since our other PC tests were good, so where did they go? Dead sperm I could understand but no sperm?

I am so uncomfortable today. Have a lot of bloating and pain. :( We did bd again last night even though the results were not good, but hey you never know. Not sure if we should bd again tonight. I am in pain and afraid of injuring my ovaries if they are enlarged. It would be over 48 hours after my trigger shot if we do tonight. They say you O 36-40 hours after the trigger. Woke up in pain at 7 am this morning (exactly 36 hours after the trigger) So what do you girls think? They say one you O it is already too late. Would I be hurting our chances if we didn't bd tonight or do you think I would have already missed it ????

Anyone who has been on injectibles, were you all given progesterone supplements? My RE didn't give them to me, he is just sending me for a progesterone check on 8/7/07.


Ange - August 1

Hey all

Af is still here omg. I wish she would get the hint and leave already. I go tomorrow to see my RE. I haven't seen him since he sent me for a SIS way back in January. SO I am excited to hear what he has to say tomorrow so is dh. We are going to see the accountant after to figure out the finances for the icsi/ivf.

tmaria~Welcome I had tubal and ovary scarring and had to have my left tube and ovary removed. 7 years ago now ... wow time goes by fast. I felt better after I had it done I was always in pain before the surgery. I year before I had my tube removed I had lap to open it and it didn't help. The surgery went well and recovery was about 3 days of bed rest. goodluck

Amyjoy~ I know what you are saying. when they are incompetent like that is stresses you more and that is the last thing you need when dealing with IF. I think the girl at the clinique will be fired very soon. She pissed off alot of dr and patients.

Jade~I will find out about the follicle thing when I see my dr tomorrow. I also have my ivf course on Friday afternoon. So how are you doing today?

Lyly~If you feel the ovulation pain I would say your still good for bd even after 12 hours of no pain I would still bd. goodluck


amyjoy - August 1

Lyly- A lot of the symptoms you have are the same as mine (bloating, etc) and it's from the trigger. I was so bloated even 2 or 3 days after. I finally didn't feel bloated today. I am doing vaginal suppositories for proj. support. I didn't do them with the clomid and I went for the blood test a week after IUI, but my Dr. said with injectibles he always does the proj. supp.

Jade- I am doing Crinone 8% gel vaginal suppositories for projesterone support. I do one application at night.


lyly14 - August 2

Amyjoy- This is my third cycle using the trigger, I never felt this way on the clomid w/ trigger. Maybe it's the combination of the gonal-f w/ the trigger. I posted a question to the dr. on the medical board as to whether the progesterone was standard protocol or if it varies from dr. to dr. Mine is doing the same thing as when I was on the clomid. I go for my progesterone check on 8/7 and my beta on 8/14. The only difference is I have an u/s schedule for 8/7 to check my ovaries. One cycle on the clomid they told me my progesterone was low and put me on the suppositories. I hated them for a few reasons : messy and irritating for one and I usually spot a few days before AF so I always know I have a bfn before they even test, but on the progesterone nothing untill 4 days after I stopped using them. It was a cruel mind game!


LMD - August 2

Hey ladies, I guess I have been away for a while.

Jade - I talked to the dr. and basically next cycle I have to "rest" then the cycle after that I will start IVF, so it will be sometime in Sept. I was hoping to start sooner but it's actually okay since dh and I are going on vacation at the end of August.

Ange - Definitely let us know how your appt. goes tomorrow. I am getting excited for ivf. My guess is I will be in dr's office the end of next week for b/w and u/s to start my "rest" cycle.

Lyly - I was on progesterone for my clomid cycles. Last cycle I did injectibles but I wasn't on progesterone. Instead, I had to do smaller hcg shots at 3dpo and 7 dpo, along with the b/w, so of course, that made AF arrive days later than it was supposed to.

Amyjoy and tmaria - Hello and hope you are doing well.


amyjoy - August 2

Maybe it is the combination of trigger and Gonal-F.


Jade - August 2

Hi Ladies~

I am feeling bad from the trigger shot or maybe it is the progesterone. Yuck. Trigger should be close to being out of my system by now. I had it 8 days ago. My temps finally went up yesterday. So I guess I am 6dpo now.

Ange~ Let us know how you appt goes today. I want all the details.

LMD~ Sept will be here before you know it. And time will fly especially since you are going on vacation.

Amyjoy~ HOw are you feeling? I felt extremely bloating after trigger. I hate it. I am on prometrium suppositories 2 x a day. I hate those too. I always feel like they are leaking. YUCK!!

Lyly~ Maybe the sperm had all reached where they were supposed to go. They were all waiting on the egg? That would be nice. Did your dr have any idea what could be going on?

Heather~ How are you. What cd are you on?


lyly14 - August 2

I feel so much better today. Yesterday was rough, but I really think it was pain from ovulation. I guess maybe because I had so many follies releasing. So how is everyone else doing today?

Jade - wouldn't that be a great explanation for the disappearing sperm! I googled the post coital test and found one theory about no sperm and they said the same thing. Let's hope that is it right. The only thing the dr. said is that I had a lot of cells in the sample and they may be blocking him from seeing the sperm because they are larger. He told me that the cells could be from an infection, which I told them a week and a half ago that I think I have. They are still putting me off about the infection because they don't see any signs of it, but I keep trying to tell them that this is what always happens. Whenever I go to my regular ob-gyn they say I don't see anything, but my culture comes back positive! I know my body and for some reason it never follows the text book, but he does not want to treat me unless its absolutely necessary.


Ange - August 2

Hey Ladies~

I just got back and.... we start our calendar on my next cycle too late for this one. But that is fine I am happy with that. So around August 24 we will start with the b/c and then I will have a normal af then I go on the injectables. I am so excited. I am still very busy at work so it will be better to wait till september anyways. I am so happy I have waited so long for this. I will write more when I get home.



Jade - August 2

Ange~ That is great news. So you will get started on bcp at the end of this month. That will be here soon. How long will you be on bcp? What did they say about your eggs? Do you have another appt tomorrow?

Lyly~ Maybe you should insist on a test for infection. That way you will know for sure and get started on some meds to fix it. When do you go back to the dr?


lyly14 - August 2

Jade- They did cultures to check for infection a week ago. So far 3 out of the 4 tests came back negative, but I don't think they tested me for the one I usually get. They were going to call in a script for me on tues when I called complaining, but the dr. changed his mind and told me to sit tight and wait a bit. I go back tues for a progesterone check and sono, so I will wait til then. Maybe by then it will be bad enough for them to see it.


Ange - August 2

Hello again,

So I am home now and boy my head is filled with information. I actually have a headache. So My RE said all is good we are going to do the ivf-isci. He wrote down all the meds I will be taking I noticed gonal-f right away I was so happy because I had such a bad experiance with clomid. He said I had to go on b/c for one cycle and during this cycle I would be put in menopause state I didn't not see what drug I will get for that. I asked him about the follicles and that during the u/s I saw 7. He said that was perfect . I am so happy about that. We go on Tuesday to sign the consents forms. My next cycle start around the 24 of August so that is what we are aiming for to start b/c then so it looks like end of september beginning of October they wil do the ER. So we still a have a bit of wait left but I am happy we are almost there. We saw a nurse and she showed us the shots and meds that we will be using she gave me a gift bag with my new prenatals inside. They are too be taken twice a day there is 5 mg of folic acid wow I am taking almost 2 now I thought that was good but apparently I should take 5 mg.

LMD~ you are already on b/c now? You will be a head of me. I am just so happy right now it is finally here. Let me know what your RE says next week

Jade~ I have ivf teaching tomorrow :) I am sooo happy right now I could cry. So how are you feeling now? Are you still feeling sick? I glad to hear you temps went up.

BTW the RE is going to transfer 2-3 embryos

I am off to be on cloud nine so happy today

luv to all


Jade - August 2

Ange~ That is fantastic. I am so glad you got good news. It is exciting to start the ivf- i'm sure. Well it is a bit away, but as soon as you get af youwill start bcp and time will fly from there. GREAT!! And transferring 2-3 is good. Next year this time you could have twins or triplets. YAAY.

Lyly~ Well at least you go in on Tuesday. Maybe they can test again or give you the presript then. Hope they figure this out. It wont interfere with pregnancy will it?


LMD - August 3

Ange - I am not on b/c yet. I figure that will happen end of next week or beginning of the week after since I have about 1 week left in this cycle. It will be nice to move forward again. I know what you mean about clomid - I am so glad not to be on that anymore. My RE seemed to think it was so great but I knew it wasn't right for me. I will let you know what happens next week.


Jade - August 3

Where is everyone today?

I am having temping issues. My temps dropped below cover today at 7dpo. Do you think af is coming early? If so, should I stop progesterone? I dont think she will show as long as I am on prog. Maybe they will be back up tomorrow. I will keep ya posted......


lyly14 - August 3

Hi jade, I never kept track of my temps before, but the time that I was on the progesterone suppositories I didn't get AF until almost 4 days after I stopped. I wouldn't just stop them until you have BFN! Good luck!



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