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amyjoy - July 28

Ange- I think they will let you come in on Monday. Dh is so proud of his count. He says it's going to work this time. I sure hope so. We did bd last night and going to try tonight for some extra support in there. I still feel crampy, so I'm thinking that the trigger is still doing it's job.


Jade - July 29

Hi Ladies. Back from vacation, thank goodness. I am ready to stay home with my doggies. They miss me when I am gone!!

Ange~ Sorry about af. I think that you should be able to go in Monday. I hope they fit you in. Let me know what they say.

Heather~ Go ahead and schedule that appt for the RE. Especially since it takes so long to get in. Hopefully you will be able to cancel bc you will get that bfp....

Amyjoy~ What great numbers. I am so glad that you had tons of follicles and tons of sperm this time. I have a feeling this will be it for you.

LMD~ When is your appt to talk about ivf?

As for me I am 3 dpo. I dont feel bad this time from the trigger, thank goodness. Hopefully the 2ww will fly by and I will get my bfp!!


Ange - July 30

Lyly amyjoy jade~ Thanks girls for all your comments. I called this am I have an appointment at 3:00 yuppie! This is going to be a busy week at the dr. Today. Thursday and Friday!!!

amyjoy and Jade~ Goodluck this cycle I am praying for you both.

Lyly ~ Where are you in your ttc journey?

LMD~ IVF is getting closer I am getting so excited how about you?

Renee~ I miss you... how are you doing? How is your summer going?

luv to all



Jade - July 30

Ange~ I am so glad that they will get you in today. Is it for b/w and u/s? I cant wait until your appt later this week so we can find out how soon you will start. This is so exciting. I know you are thrilled........I am praying for you, girl!!


lyly14 - July 30

Hi Ange
I have had 3 pregnancies over the past three years which all ended in miscarriage. My last one ended at 11 weeks in March of 2006. I am a high risk pregnancy to start with. In the past I was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid syndrome and during the last pregnancy I was found positive for MTHFR. We started trying again after a few months and have not been able to get pregnant since. I started seeing a RE around Nov/Dec. He did a whole bunch of tests and told me that I was prediabetic and my lining was not in sync with my cycle. We started ttc using clomid in March. We had four failed cycles on the clomid. The first two cycles my body responded well (besides the side effects -hot flashes moodiness, headaches). On the third cycle my body didn't respond to the clomid and the side effects were getting worse. They increased my dosage of clomid for the fourth cycle and I still didn't respond well. So the next cycle we moved on to injectibles (gonal-f). That is where I am at now. I just finished my last injection of the gonal-f and I am supposed to trigger tonight (if all goes well). So I will be in my 2ww very shortly :)


wantafamily - July 30

Hey gals,

How are all of you? Amyjoy, what a funny story. And you guys wonder why I am putting off going in to the RE! :) Acutally, I am going to make my appt after I get done with all this posting. Anyway Amyjoy, I'm excited for you - everything sounds promising.

Ange, I'm so glad they managed to get you in! Hopefully they will give you some good news.

Lyly, you have had a very tough ride so far, but perseve girl! I'm sure it will happen for you and hopefully the rest of us too.

Jade, good luck this time girl! I am praying for all of us, as always.

LMD, how are you?



amyjoy - July 30

Thanks again for all the good luck wishes! I'm staying really positive this time.

wantafamily- I had to find the humor because every cycle it's either my ovaries are hiding follies or my cervix won't cooperate. I just hate laying there and having the speculum in and all these people looking and poking.

Ange- What did the Dr. say???


Ange - July 30

Hello I am back from the DR. Somedays I just need to have alot of patience and today was that day. I got to my apointment on time. They called me maybe 10 mintutes later. I was happy about that. The tech. did the u/s which I thought was fast and told me to wait outside the dr was going to have to talk to me. So I sat and waited... and waited.... Finally the dr came out and called someone name that were at the far hall. I went to see the charts and noticed I was third still to be seen. My dh was outside for and hour now because of the lack of parking. I thought for sure I would be in and out in about 1/2 hour. ANyways I went to the person who takes the u/s appointments and told her I just want to leave they can give me the results when I come on thursday for my next appointment. She said I had to wait becasue the dr wants to give me medication. UMMMM hello for what? She told she can't help me but i need to wait. Fine I go back and noticed I was next. I went in he started telling me something about calendar visits blah blah blah. I just stopped him and said I just want to know if my septum is gone. He had a puzzled look on his face. He said your not here to start treatment for ivf? I said yes but not this week I need to see my re on thursday first. Apparently the person who takes the appointments for u/s assumed I was going for IVF now. She seems to mess up alot of u/s appointment and this was the second one today. So guess what they had no clue if the septum was gone so I had to go back and have another u/s phew!!!!!! IT IS GONE FOR SURE!!! i am so happy so then i had to wait again so the dr could tell me that. I didn't sit down this time I pased until he came back lol. ANyways when she did my baseline she told me I have 7 follicles. I asked the dr is that bad or good he said in a strange way "that is what you have and you will make the best of you have." SO is that bad or good? I thinking bad cause I only have 1 ovary. What do you girls think?

Lyly~ you sound like you have gone through alot. I am sorry to hear. At least the re knows what your IF is and is on the road to conquering it. I am praying for you I hope the injectables work better for you. Do you go to have a u/s or b/w again or are you having IUI again?

Jade~ I just had an u/s today thank goodness lol

luv to all



Jade - July 30

Amyjoy~ How are you feeling so far? Any side effects from the trigger? So far so good for me, I felt a little pukey last night from the trigger but otherwise good. How many dpo are you?

Ange~ How did it go at the dr?

Heather~ Thanks for the prayers. What cd are you on?

lyly~ Welcome! I have had 2 pregnancies in 2 years both ending in m/c. One at 5 weeks and one at 9 weeks. Had the recurrent m/c panel and all was normal. Clomid messed up my lining and cm. I am on femara now. I am moving to injectables next cycle if this one doesnt work. I am not sure which kind yet. You will soon be in the 2ww with us. Good luck......


lyly14 - July 31

Ange- I am finally done with b/w and u/s (at least for a week). Took the trigger shot last night and had bd. Really disappointed today though. Went in for a post coital test this morning and the RE didn't see any sperm! This was our third one and the other two were good so I don't understand what the problem is now. There was a question as to whether or not I had a vaginal infection, which is why we didn't do an IUI (this would have been our first one). He said that an infection could interfere with the results of the test he did today, but so far 3 out of 4 cultures have come back negative. Not feeling too optimistic this cycle.

Wantafamily- thanks for your support!

Jade- sounds like you have had somewhat of a similar experiences with the miscarriages. Have you had difficulty conceiving since the last m/c?


Jade - July 31

Ange~ Yeah! Sorry about my post. We must have posted at the same time bc I swear your post wasnt there when I was reading. Oh well. So 7 follicles? I bet just for this cycle. Or is it 7 follicles left? I am not sure. And he didnt seem to give much advice? Maybe you can ask more when you go back. It sucks having to wait. I get so impatient. When are you next 2 appt this week?

Lyly~ This is my first month ttc since m/c. After the first m/c it took 7 months to get pregnant again (on meds). I have a hard time getting pregnant anyways. So I hope this time will not take so long. About your p.c. test yesterday. The same thing happened to me. I went in for mine and they didnt see any sperm. I thought it was a lost cycle for sure and that turned out to be the month I got pregnant. So dont loose hope yet. Are you doing IUI?


lyly14 - July 31

Jade- Did they say if there was a reason for not seeing any sperm that cycle? My RE told me he saw a lot of cells in my sample, the sperm may be there but he may not be able to see them because the cells are much bigger than the sperm. We have never had a bad p.c. test before. The last one we had was the end of may. I do feel somewhat more hopeful after reading your posting. Thanks, maybe there is hope yet! :) My RE didn't seem too hopeful though. He said to me next time you should do IUI. I guess only time will tell. I go for my beta 2 weeks from today. Good luck to you!


tmaria - July 31

TTC for about 2.5 yrs. HSG showed one tube spilled, one didn't. Doctor thinks its scar tissue or endometrioisis. I'm scheduled for a laparoscopy in a few weeks. The doc has talked about removing the scar tissue, and endometriosis, but I also had to discuss other things he may find and how to deal with them. Like a hydro tube, which should be remove and/or endometriosis in my ovary, which should be cut out. I'm nervous about the surgery, especially the latter two points. If anyone has had any of this done, please let me know what to expect and any advice or comforting words would be appreciated!!! Thanks.


amyjoy - July 31

Jade- I test Aug. 10th. So I guess I would be 4dpo. I try not count. I have been super crabby and sore bbs, but I think it's from the trigger/projesterone suppositories.

Ange- I HATE when the receptionists mess things up. I had to leave work early this week to GO to the Dr.'s office to find out why they cancelled my husband's blood test that he NEEDS to next week's appt and then the Dr. never called me back, that's why I had to GO there. It makes things much harder when incompetent people work with the public.

tmaria- I have no experiencwe with that, but good luck to you!

lyly- I posted on the gonal-f board. Hang in there!


Jade - August 1

Lyly~ They said that the sperm were dead. I guess bad cm and that next cycle I would do IUI. So it sounds pretty similar to your case. He also scheduled me for laparascopy at 10dpo. I had a beta blood test done at 9 dpo and it was 34 (they thought it was left over from trigger) So they scheduled another one for the morning of the surgery and it had gone up. I was hooked up to the IV and getting prepped for surgery when my RE called to say I could go home. It was a big shock for both me and the RE. LOL Looks like we will be going through IUI next time together if we get bfn. Hold out hope......

Tmaria~ Welcome. I dont know much about having tubes removed. I did have laparascopy on May 30th where my RE found and cleared Stage 1 endo. This is my 1st month ttc since then. I had to wait 1 cycle bc I also had a d and c for m/c. The lap wasnt bad. It went quick. The worst part for me was chest pains after surgery. They fill you full of gas to enlarge your organs (or something like that) and it gave me bad chest pains. Nothing that a few pain killers couldnt take care

Amyjoy~ I am also super grumpy. But the hormones will do that to you. What mg of progesterone are you taking. I am on 200mg twice a day. We will test the same time. Hopefully I can hold out until then.


lyly14 - August 1

Jade- My RE didn't even see dead sperm. He just said he didn't see any dead or alive sperm! I know my DH has sperm, since our other PC tests were good, so where did they go? Dead sperm I could understand but no sperm?

I am so uncomfortable today. Have a lot of bloating and pain. :( We did bd again last night even though the results were not good, but hey you never know. Not sure if we should bd again tonight. I am in pain and afraid of injuring my ovaries if they are enlarged. It would be over 48 hours after my trigger shot if we do tonight. They say you O 36-40 hours after the trigger. Woke up in pain at 7 am this morning (exactly 36 hours after the trigger) So what do you girls think? They say one you O it is already too late. Would I be hurting our chances if we didn't bd tonight or do you think I would have already missed it ????

Anyone who has been on injectibles, were you all given progesterone supplements? My RE didn't give them to me, he is just sending me for a progesterone check on 8/7/07.



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