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RNORST - July 24

Heather, Honey, I know what you are going though, I firgured that I had 41 bfn, before the bfp. This will happen for you!! Just keep the faith, God is good and He will bless all you ladies in His perfect timing!!
Are you seeing the re this month?

Love and prayers to ya


Jade - July 24

Heather~ I know how you feel. I have been so emotional this past few weeks. It really sucks feeling like that. Good news is that you are getting help and it is a great feeling to see the RE and let him give you advice to help. I really felt positive after my 1st appt with my RE. That is weird about you cycle being so long. Mine is going to be long this time around too.

Ange~ How is everything today. AF this week or next? I cant keep up with my weeks. And you have bloodwork on cd 3? Or u/s?

Amyjoy~ Any word on those levels? I really have no idea about that bc my dumb dr hasnt even checked those. I bet Renee would know......


Jade - July 24

LMD~ That is great that the IVF will be starting soon. Looks like you and Ange will be on that road together. And I have a feeling that you will be getting that BFP....


Ange - July 25

4 more days till AF! I am going symptom crazy this cycle everything I feel seems to be a symptom. whew there is only 4 more days. WE did BD with preseed this month but I am not sure that we did it in the time frame. I am having and U/S on cd 3 I just did my bloodwork for my tsh on friday so far so good. my dh is shocked on how much it is now going to cost since we are doing ICSI. So I think it will only be one time. It just doesn't go in our budget for 3 so I am a little down from that. The difference between 1 and 3 cycles is about 3,000 dollars. We have to give our answer on AUG 2. I just wish I could go into this worry free about how much it was going to cost.

Heather~ Sorry to hear about AF. HOw are you doing today?

LMD~ We might be cycle buddies :) I will find out for sure Aug 2 what is going on.

Amyjoy~ How do they test for estradol and what does it do if it is low?

luv to all


Jade - July 25

Ange~ It really sucks that it is so expensive. I know I have probably asked before, but does your insurance cover any of it? $3000 is the difference b/s doing 1 and 3? That doesnt seem bad but adding $3000 on top of all the rest sure does add up. Maybe with all those symptoms you wont even need the IVF.....I will be praying. But if you do get that bfn- at least you know that you have a plan for next time.......What is ICSI?

I have an appt today for another u/s follicle scan and hopefully trigger at 3:30. I will let you know how it goes.


Ange - July 25

Jade~ no we only get a 30% off a year on our income tax. They try so hard to get you to buy three. I want to but we need to come up with all the money first the 3000 is after the 30% rebate not including drugs. 12,337.50 plus drug cost. let me know how your u/s goes. You are always in my prayers



amyjoy - July 25

Estradiol (from my understanding) is basically estrogen and it thickens your lining. My lining was 10.4 today. Thickest it's ever been. My levels are still low, but I guess that is okay because I am doing the trigger tonight with IUI Friday. Sure hoping all 5 follies are released and this is it.

Ange- No insurance coverage for ivf?


Ange - July 26

amyjoy~ no insurance coverage. It so sucks! It makes it alot harder when you are on a tight budget. we will manage though. goodluck on friday i pray they all release.


Jade - July 26

Ange~ Good gosh!! $12,000?? That is ridiculous. Infertility is expensive! Do they offer some kind of payment plan? They should! Not many people can just lay down 12,000 $$ and not miss it. But we do what we must to get what we want, right?

Amyjoy~ Your lining sounds great. We are 2ww buddies. I took my trigger today too. Were all 5 of your follicles in the running still?

As for my appt today........Well I had to wait forever. I didnt get home until after 5. I was getting impatient.

Anyways. My follicle was 24 and my lining was still at 9. He said he was hoping that my lining would have gotten better, but he said 9 was okay. I got my trigger in my butt. Where did you get yours? He was asking if I perferred to have it in my stomach and I said it didnt matter. Last time it was in my butt and it worked so I figured I would go with that.


LMD - July 26

Jade~ All my hcg triggers have been in the butt. When I did follistim shots I did those in my stomach, but those were much smaller needles.

Ange ~ Definitely let me know after your appt on the 2nd. That would be great if we could be ivf cycle buddies, but I am hoping you get a BFP this month :)


Ange - July 27

HI Ladies! Happy Friday to you all....

Jade I hope you have a great vacation enjoy yourself. They do have a payment plan. I think we are going to borrow it maybe from my mother in law interest free. We gotta save where ever we can. You follicle 24 that is great. Remember to take your progesterone now since you got the trigger.

LMD~ That would be great if we can go through this together. I will let you know what my dr says. I have two more days till af is supposed to come. Crossing my fingers that she doesn't show :) but is she does I call for my u/s for cd3.

I hope everyone is doing good.....have a great weekend



wantafamily - July 27

Hi ladies,

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, but things have been busy - I know everyone can relate. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and support. Sometimes this board is the only thing that gets me through.

Anyway, AF came and went in a hurry. She arrived on Sunday and was gone by Wednesday. Too bad she showed up at all. I am waiting one more month and then I will finally be able to get in to see the RE. They are so strict about the year thing, even though it will still take me about 3 weeks before they can see me. Actually, I think I will try again to schedule in a week or two. I think the RE I want is extra busy because she is so good.

Anyway, how are all of you doing. You girls are all moving foward so fast - it's exciting!! I know we will all have bfps soon! I pray for all of you every single night!

Love to you all,


amyjoy - July 27

I did the IUI today and dh had a great count...176 million! He said his spermies are wearing capes now because they are super sperm. :) Thank you very much for the well wishes. My E2 was only 187 on the day of trigger, but I asked again today and the nurse said that my lining was good and 2 follicles at 18, one at 17, and two at 15 is good. Hoping the 2 15's matured a little more from trigger to today. Several people in the office told me that they've seen a 14mm get fertilized and it is possible. Here's to hoping.

They IUI was a bit uncomfortable today. Took 3 nurses to finally get it. I guess I have a "very deep cervix" and a tipped uterus. This time they asked for me to have a full bladder so it will push my cervix up and easier to do the IUI. So I had to pee (bad), had 3 nurses poking and prodding, and there I was with all to see with my legs in the air.


Ange - July 28

Well girls AF came last night with a vengence. Today is a very crampy day. I guess that is it for ttc naturaly. I was supposed to go for and U/S cd 3 but I needed to call on day one but that was last night and the clinique was closed they will only be only on momday and that is day 4 so I guess I wait till next cycle. I will call them on monday and see maybe they will tell me to come right away but if no that is fine. what is another month after waiting 15 years lol.

Heather~ Thanks for your prayers. You are always in mine too. I can't wait till you go see the RE. Keep calling...

Amyjoy~ Holy cow what a count!!!! so funny about the super sperm lol. I guess he is feeling much better. Remember all you need is one follie and one sperm. Your follies look good. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jade~ I hope you are enjoying your vacation

luv to all


lyly14 - July 28

Ange - I read your posting and just wanted to tell you that if you got your AF at night they usually count the following day as CD1( which would be today) so you may still be able to to get in monday for day 3! I have been through it many times. Good luck!


amyjoy - July 28

Ange- I think they will let you come in on Monday. Dh is so proud of his count. He says it's going to work this time. I sure hope so. We did bd last night and going to try tonight for some extra support in there. I still feel crampy, so I'm thinking that the trigger is still doing it's job.



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