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Jade - July 20

Heather~ It has just been a bummer couple of days for us. We can be miserable together. Could you have O'd later than you thought? Sorry about the bfn- but dont lose hope until mean ol af shows.......

Ange~ Let me know how your appt goes today?


Ange - July 20

Jade~ I am glad you are feelling better today. Infertilty is a rollercoaster sometimes. But your best thing to do is keep fighting it :) Af should be here on the 29th so I still have a week to go :).

Heather~ Sorry to hear about your bfn.

Well I am off to hear some good news I hope.


luv to all Ange


wantafamily - July 20

Hey Jade,

Yeah, I don't know what is going on with me right now. I have never had a cycle this long. Today is day 33. I can't imagine not having a bfp if I really was PG. I don't know when I O'd this time because I didn't really check. I did an OPK test on the 3rd, which is when I expected to O, and then on the 6th or something. So I might have O'd on the 4th or 5th, or later than the 6th. I have always been so regular though, especially with the O thing. AF can sometimes be a day late or a day early, but 4 days late????? I'm starting to worry........


Ange - July 20

hi ladies.....

Well I got the green light :) All is good:) On cycle day 3 of my next af I need to have an U/S. That will be before I go see my RE :) then I have my IVF course the day after I see my RE :) OMG it is going to happen this is what I have been so patiently waiting for :). Well happy friday to you all.

love and babydust to everyone of you.



amyjoy - July 20

Sorry I've been MIA lately! Not so much busy, I guess tired. I started injectibles on cd3, July 18th. I go back to the Dr. tomorrow for u/s and b/w. Hoping the follicles are growing. I feel crampy time to time, but the worst is my stomach. I feel naseaus (spelling?) and sooooo bloated. I went shopping today for freakin' elastic waist band pants! I felt brave and tried on a pair of jeans and forget it! I'm drinking lots of water. I am scared to get OHSS. Any thoughts on that...OHSS?

I also ordered 2 new books: A Few Good Eggs: Two Chicks Dish on Overcoming the Insanity of Infertility and Big, Pregnant, and Beautiful (for us plus-size girls out there). I haven't gotten the 2nd book yet and haven't started the 1st book. I did page through it and it looks good. Neither book was expenisive, about $12 each. I ordered online.

Okay, time for personals: :)

Jade- Your Dr. is a tard! If your lining is still thin and the follicles do end up growing, my Dr. gave me estrogen suppositories called Vagifem and it increased my lining in 24 hours. Also, did they do a blood test and check all the levels? Maybe that would be a clue into finding an answer. My 1st clomid cycle I did well and the 2nd not as well.

Heather- So sorry. One time I was really late and I called the Dr. and he did a beta and it was a BFN. I was so stressed at that time and soon as the beta came back neg. that night I got af. Evil tricks the mind and body play!

Ange- Exciting! :) Exciting! :)

LMD- Best wishes!! Very exciting news as well!

I'll post more tomorrow after I get back from the Dr.


Jade - July 22

Hi Ladies. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I go in tomorrow for another follicle check. Pointless, I imagine, seeing as he told me that I probably wont O this time. But I will be sure to let you know tomorrow~ 3:45. I am thinking that I will tell my RE tomorrow that if I am not going to O- then go ahead and give me the provera. I dont see the point in waiting til cd 40- what do you think?

Ange~ I am so excited that the IVF is a go. You definitely deserve a BFP and I have a feeling it will happen the first time. Now I can hardly wait until your appt.

Amyjoy~ So injectables are making you feel like crap? Good to know, because that may be me next cycle. I hope that you have lots of follies. Let us know how the appt went.

Heather~ Any sign of AF? What is going on this cycle with you? I am thinking you must have O'd later than normal. Hopefully af or bfp will show up soon. Hold out hope, girl!!


amyjoy - July 23

Jade- Today was a good day with the side effects. Headache and bloated was all today. I think the side effects are more annoying than anything. I have 5 follicles ranging from 6-11. Hoping that my one 6 and two 8's grow so all can be released when I trigger. I go back tomorrow morning. Let us know how your appt goes and what the Dr. says about Provera.


Ange - July 23

Jade~ Goodluck today. Let me know right away what the dr said. I am praying for you to get good news.


Jade - July 23

Well I got a bit of good news today from my scan. Looks like I might O after all (no thanks to the meds) Looks like I have a 17 follicle and tons (and he said tons) of small ones that didnt develop. And my lining is up to 9, So that looks good. He said I should be good to go for IUI by the end of the week. BAD NEWS~ I am leaving Thurs to go to FL. SO I guess it has to be a natural cycle for me. I am not going to complain bc at least I will O!! Yipee. So I go in Wed for another scan and trigger........

Ange~ Thanks for the prayers. I am actually excited that I got some good news today. I will not get my hopes up yet bc the same thing happened last week and things can change in an instant. Hopefully follie will continue to grow. Did you dr say that he thought that surgery will help the IVF to be successful? IVF has great success rates. I know you will be able to add to the success!! I cant wait.

Amyjoy~ The things we do for a baby. right? I will be glad when I get pregnant and can stop taking meds that cause me to be an emotional hormonal wreck....... I prefer to be a pregnant hormonal


amyjoy - July 23

Jade- that is good news!! I have 4 follies...17,14,14,and 10. Hoping the 10 keeps going. I thought I would have more with the gonal-f. I go back tomorrow for another u/s. My lining is 8.3. I should have the IUI Thur, Fri, or Sat.


Ange - July 23

Jade~ Well that is great news. 9mm lining is perfect all you needed is one folicle and it is good and big. So I would worry if you are going out of town remember to bring preseed and your progestrone with you for after you ovulate. The septum I had would cause a m/c if the embryo would stick on it. Apartently they are drawn to the septum but it does not have enough blood to feed to it results in a m/c almost all the time even before you know your pregnant. But know it is gone so I am very happy.

amyjoy! glad to hear you have 4 follies. good luck in your U/S tomorrow I am praying for you.

Heather any sign of af? How are you doing?

Hope the rest of the ladies are doing ok?

luv to all


Jade - July 23

Amyjoy~ WEll it looks like we will be in the 2ww together. Hopefully we will get our bfps too. Looks like I will have trigger on Wed. Sure hope that all 4 follicles continue to grow to better your chances. Keep us posted on your u/s tomorrow.

Ange~ I am glad that the fixed the problem. It will be such a relief when you do get pregnant so you wont have to worry about it. Good. We are on the right path. Oh I got red rasberry leaf in pill form. Hope it helps. And you said I can continue taking it even after O?


LMD - July 24

Jade and Amyjoy ~ I was so glad to hear the good news. I will keep my fingers crossed!

Well, I talked to the RE's office again and found out a little more. Looks like I will be doing ivf in Sept. Next cycle is what they call a rest cycle, then I do ivf the cycle after that. At first I was a little disappointed that I have to wait, especially after the iui cycles seemed to go so quickly, but we are going to be away for a week in August so this timing actually works out better for us. As for this cycle, we are on our own this month for the first time in a while and I am supposed to O this week, so it's back to opks. I really hate those things but hopefully it will be the last time I need to use them.


amyjoy - July 24

Dr. said my estradol was low. Would they cancel a cycle because of that? Hoping it goes up tomorrow.


wantafamily - July 24

Hi ladies,

Well, AF finally showed up on Sunday. That made a 34 day cycle for me which is the longest I have ever had. I am still confused by it, but now I have no idea when to expect to O this month. I actually think that DH and I are going to just enjoy this month and then we will start our testing and such. I am definitely struggling a little right now. I feel like I just cry all the time. I'm hoping I will snap out of this soon. Right now I'm just trying to keep the faith - literally.

But enough about me - it sounds like everything is going well for all of you! Amyjoy, what did you find out about your estradol level?


RNORST - July 24

Heather, Honey, I know what you are going though, I firgured that I had 41 bfn, before the bfp. This will happen for you!! Just keep the faith, God is good and He will bless all you ladies in His perfect timing!!
Are you seeing the re this month?

Love and prayers to ya



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