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Ange - June 19

Veterans Lounge Infertility ttc for more than one year
A safe place for those yet to be successful. No pregnancy updates or bfp tickers.

Jade and I (Ange) opened this board for those of you that need to vent, cry, and talk about your fears. Infertility is a very emotional time for you and DH. This is your life and you need to get support in order to get through it. So we are making two boards for that. This one and another one that will come as soon as we start getting some BFP on this board so that way we can continue our journey together but still leave this board for those still finding it hard to cope with having infertility.

About me (Ange): I am a veteran of IF I was Dx when I was 20 with a 3% chance of ever conceiving. I now know what my infertility is after 15 years. I had three surgeries so far to correct my IF. My tubes were closed from PID when I was a teen. Since then I have lost one tube and one ovary due too over stimulation from CLOMID and not having U/S to see if cysts were forming. I had cervical cancer at 21 (2nd stage). They were able to treat it with laser I was very lucky. I am recovering from having a septum removed from my uterus. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year. My DH has IF too he has low sperm count. I am going for IVF hopefully by September. If we get a bfp we will be rejoicing but if we don't our journey will be over. I will always be here to help you through your IF in both boards.

About Jade: I have been TTC for 2 years. DH has normal counts. I tried for 1 year with my OB/GYN who placed me on clomid- due to irregular cycles. They did no follow-up appt while on clomid so I switched to an RE. My RE checked lining and cm and both were bad- so I had to go off the clomid. I started Femara. Did a dye test to check tubes which were open. I also had laparoscopy to find out I had stage 1 endometriosis- that was on May 30. I have had 2 pregnancies in the 2 years. 1st one ended at 5 weeks in October 2006, the 2nd ended May 30, 2007 after 9 weeks. I had recurrent miscarriage panel to find everything normal. So now I wait………

Please tell us your journey so far and we will continue it together.



Jade - June 19

Hi Ange,

I wonder if I am getting ready to O. I don't think it is possible for me to O on my own, but I really hope I do so I dont have to take provera. I have been testing OPK for the past few days and they are definitely dark (using internet cheapies) for the tests i am using but not quite as dark. Today I had some cm, but I dont know what to think. Last cycle I didnt O - the opk staying dark all the time so I am thinking I am having the same thing now. What do you think?

Did you start your provera today? Do you have 5 days worth?


DCAM - June 19

Hi my name is Dena and my husband and I have been ttc for almost 2 years. We got Pg while doing he CLOMID challenge test last July and had mc in Oct. I was devestated but we moved on. We have since completed three IUI cycles (two with Clomid and one with Bravelle injectables) and have not had any success. We decided to take some time off to try to pay off some of the fertility bills, as our next step is IVF. We have been very disappointed by the entire process and I am a complete emotional mess. I'm almost tempted to try something like Ovulex or Fertileaid. We fall into the "unexplained infertility" which of course infuriates me even more. Has anyone tried and herbal supplements and had success?


Ange - June 19

Jade~ Hey there sounds like you might be O if your cm is stretchy. Are you going to use preseed again? Oh wait are you ttc this month? I guess you have to wait one cycle right? I am using provera next week I mixed my days up. I am still on this hormone from hell til next MOnday and tuesday I will take it. But I think I am about to O too strange but I feel all crampy like I might. I feel better Jade how about you?

Dena~ Welcome!!! Sorry to hear about all your stuggles so far. Is your cycle normal? I think most of the time that ovulex work on cycles that are irregular but not always. But I would try anything once. My dh is on amberoz with is to strengthen his sperm and count. A couple of things are worth trying naturally for a few cycles.
1. green tea ( good for cm)
2. pre-natals
3. extra folic acid
4. preseed
5. opk (to make sure you ovulate each month) and you are not missing the day.
6. fertility monitor but they are expensive
7. yoga for the tww ( just to get your mind on something else)

Do you have an RE? if so have you had your tsh tested?



Jade - June 19

Ange~ I am going to temp to see if it might be o. But my temps dont increase until 5 days after O. Who knows why!! I found that out last time I had ultrasound during O. SO far temps are low. I am not trying this time. I am waiting on Good ol' AF. For once I want to see her. I just dont want to start provera if I can get my cycle on my own. So I guess I will have to wait and see. What kind of hormone are you having to take now and what for? When you start IVF process I think you may have to take bcp for a month or so, right? I cant wait until you get that ball rolling. It will be here before you know it.
I am loving it here on our new board!!

Hi Dena, Welcome! Sounds like you have been through alot. I will have my first IUI next cycle and I am worried about it not working for me. I know the timing has to be perfect and that just stresses me out. I think that chances are great with IVF. I have a friend who had IVF and it worked the 1 st time and she had her baby in MAY. I tried ovulex bc I have irregular cycles and it made me even worse. I had bleeding for 45 days - even after stopping ovulex the bleeding still came. But there are several people who have had success with ovulex so I think it is worth a try especially while you save for IVF. Do you O on your own?.....Good luck


Ange - June 19

Jade~I am loving it too here. Hmm did the dr say why your temps are low during O? It makes it hard to confirm O then? Didn't you buy a watch to help you? I am on Estrace right now three time a day for 21 days. It is supposed to help me come off the Lupron shot. Lupron depot shot is like the BCP it stops your period so I think that is what they wil give me again. Thanks for your support Jade you are a great friend. I am always here for you too. So your having and IUI next cycle? Is he going to give you a progesterone shot this time? What were your tsh levels last time? You know that is very important to keep them under 2



Jade - June 20

Uh OH. I havent ever had my tsh levels tested. What is tsh levels anyway? Maybe I have and I just dont know what they are? I had progesterone supplements (suppositories) and some injections last time, but we will start it after o this time. Hopefully that is my problem and I think that causes the low temps after o. I am not sure. I bought the watch, but didnt use it this cycle bc I knew I wasnt trying and wasnt sure when cd 1 was after m/c?!

So I guess that is why you have to take the provera bc you probably wont o this time, right? Well hopefully your cycle will resume normally after provera and you can get in 1 natural cycle before IVF. Hopefully it will work and you wont need IVF......


Ange - June 20

Jade~ all about TSH if you had it ask what your number are?

I am sure I will get one cycle normal and yes we will ttc on that cycle.


DCAM - June 20


Thank you for the information. Have had all of the tests and the only thing that came back as elevated was prolactin but it was so minor that I take a half of Dostinex twice a week. All else is great when we go through a cycle. I have tried all but Yoga and Acupunture but it's so expensive. I think I will stay away from the Ovulex as I've heard some other stories of cycles being messed up. I ovulate a little early according to my Dr. but it's between day 10-12. I wish their was a magic pill. I also heard something about Simplex F, Allithiamine and Adrenal supplements. a friend of mine saw a holistic doctor and that's what he reccommended but she hasn't taken them yet. I think he scared her b/c he said that she would be prego in two months. Anyone heard of these supplements? I think I will try anything at this point, expecially with the fertility bills that we have encured with no results.

Yes, it's difficult to go through but it's most important to keep positive and stay positive. the tww is the hardest but keep busy and try not to think about it. For my last cycle I got a message the day before my IUI and it helped me relax. another mistake was I never sought out the support of others. This is the first time I am on message boards and I just joined Resolve and they have a support group that meets once a month in my area. I should have done these things all along. Good Luck and think positive!! Please keep me posted on how your IUI goes.


Jade - June 20

Ange~ I have had my thyroid tested twice. Both times they said it was normal but I never asked what the number was. I was ask next time i go in. Is yours finally in the right range? Do you have to have yours tested often to make sure?

Dena, I think you will like this message board. It has been so helpful for me. It is what keeps me going. I think a massage would be a good idea. I will try that this time. What kind of group is RESOLVE? Where are you in your cycle now? I have heard alot of people getting pregnant after stopping all fertility drugs and doing it naturally. So hopefully you will get that BFP while you wait........


Ange - June 20

Dena~ Sounds like you have a good DR. I went to a holistic dr and I ended up with bad leg cramps. I was on it for three months. Something in the herbs they gave me didn't agree with my thyroid too. I have not heard of the herbs your talking about. Ovulex does have the rep of messing up your cycles . I don't blame you for not trying I didn't either.

Jade~ Always ask the number becausee some dr think 5 is normal and you need a 2 to get preganant. The baby depends on your thyroid so if it is low the baby can not develope. if i get a bfp i need to have my tsh tested asap. I normally have it tested every 6 months. I am in normal range 1.2 Just remember to ask cause it makes a huge differance.



Jade - June 20

Ange~ Did you ever do any IUI? We sure are at a standstill with this ttc thing. I just wish af would show up for us both so we can get on with it already! LOL I find it hard not to obsess about it! Sometimes I wish I could just forget it, but that wont happen!!


Ange - June 20

Jade~ I had 4 IUI with clomid and wasn't checked properly and lost my left ovary from it. Jade I know what you mean about AF getting here already. I hope we start around the same time :)


Jade - June 20

I think we will probably get af around the same time. I am starting provera hopefully next thursday or friday. I am taking it for 5 days- I think. You start next week, right? How many days will you take it?


Ange - June 20

So we will be close i am starting On Tuesday for 5 days. Can I stop it if I get it before that? In a way I really think I am getting it soon I am so crampy. But i am still taking the hormones


Jade - June 20

If you get af before starting the provera- then you just wouldnt start it. But if you get af while on provera then i think you can just continue taking it. At least that is what my old dr told me- but she wasnt so bright.......I have always started 3 days after my last pill. You probably wont start until after finishing the meds. I hope you get af before provera. That would be fabulous!!


amyjoy - June 21

Ladies..what a wonderful idea to start this board! We have been ttc for a year and recently went through 2 clomid/IUI cycles and all failed. Dh's counts go from wonderful to horrible...seems like it depends on the day. After the first round of clomid I had some residual cysts and I was devestated. I didn't know that would happen. So after this IUI failed, I just decided to wait a month. We are planning on trying another IUI with my cycle in the middle of July. We'll see what happens. The biggest thing for me is that I am so bitter.Not all the time, but sometimes I can't control it. And today while shopping I had this uncontrollable urge to shop for baby clothes. I didn't soon as the cart swerved that way I felt so sad inside that I just couldn't even look at the clothes. Everything (and I mean everything) reminds me of wanting to have a baby. I have lost a lot of my patience. I used to be a very patient person and now give me a few minutes and I have to walk away before I flip out. Sometimes I want to jump out of my skin and scream and just get it all out. I'm so frustrated sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. Dh is a little different. I don't think his urge is anywhere near as strong as mine. He is supportive and has even come to a follicle ultrasound appointment. Okay, wow...I guess I needed to get that out! I just wanted to post a quick hello!



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