Veteran lounge bfp ~ The continued journey
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lyly14 - November 20

Hey Marina- I remembered this thread from when I started frequenting the site. I think we could post on here!


Marina - November 20

Wow -veteran lounge :o...For sure it's about ;D
Sounds very old...Ok, I'm here.

How was u/s?


lyly14 - November 21

Well we have been at this a long time, so the name fits (lol).

Okay, I had my u/s today and right before I went into the office I started to have a terrible feeling. I was terrified I was going to be told that there was no heartbeat. But I was wrong. Everything was great the baby was good and hb was nice and strong. The so called fibroid the other doctor saw last week was actually another sac. I figured as much but it doesn't make much difference because it's empty anyway. So I will be going off the estrace soon and he told me only a week more of progesterone but I reminded him that I lost my last one at 11 weeks so he said to stay on it until 12 weeks ( so 4 more weeks of shots in my hips Yay!). He told me to stay on folgard, baby asprin, lovenox, and metformin for the entire pregnancy. Metformin?!? the entire pregnancy? I have heard that it is not good to be on that while you are pg, but he said it helps prevent m/c and will keep me from turning diabetic. I think I will consult with my regular endocrinologist on that one and my high risk ob. So technically I am being released form my RE. I have an appt on the 4th with my high risk ob. So now I have to wait 2 weeks for my next check up!


lyly14 - November 23

Marina- How are you doing? I have been in bed most of the weekend. I have been feeling so sick.


melmar - November 24

Hey guys-

Hope all is well with you. Marina isn't your ultrasound soon? Lyly, I am sorry to hear that you were so sick!

I am really nervous-I just came from the bathroom and I have started to spot-not a lot of blood, but definitetly enough to make me crazy. I called my Re and they said it is very common and not to worry unless I have cramping with it-I don't have cramping, but I do have mild twinges. I have an appointment on Wed. so the Re told me to just wait until then. It makes me so mad to think that I have to wait two days until I know if everything is alright! So I should be crazy for the next two days...great! I guess I will assume that it is the third sac not making it and the other two are fine and dandy, b/c right now that is all I can guess it is.



Marina - November 24

Hi guys,
Lyl,sorry to hear you sick-you mean throwing up or cold?
I've been on a couch too-not sick,just really tired and feeling no energy at all.My dh was hanging Christmas lights before it's freezing cold(we have very interesting family-I'm jewish and he is catolic,so our lights are all blue lol .So, usually I design how to hang them,I couldn't even go and help him out-couldn't care less.

Melissa,I know it won't help much,but try not to worry,you probably right(one of them is dropping out) or not( I mean nothing happening)-it is very common.And I was bleeding last time around 6-7 weeks,but at that point everything was fine.It could be slight placenta separation too.Try not to run around.

My u/s tomorrow,of course,I'm nervous.


lyly14 - November 24

Melissa- Remember, I spotted for 2 weeks straight and even now off and on. I have one baby in there with a good heartbeat despite all the blood and I had bright red with clots too. So try not to worry too much about it. I am sure you and the babies will be just fine.

Marina- I was sick not throwing up but I just felt like I was going to all day. I couldn't eat anything and just felt terrible. I don't think your family is so interesting over there either (lol) I am also jewish and dh is catholic too( small world huh?). So we have the same family make-up! We only hang the white lights on the house outside. Inside we do have a christmas tree, but I would only agree to a white tree with blue ornaments orignally. It has alot of snowflakes and snowmen. Dh complained so I started to add more colored ornaments but it is still very winter like. I can't wait to hear about your u/s tomorrow. What time do you go?


Marina - November 25

Guys... we have 2 babies in there...We got to see the heartbeats too-very tiny,they called them flickers,but they were there.I'm 5 weeks and 6 days.
Yeah...I don't know what to say,of course,I'm happy we are PG and if I had to chose, I'd rather take two then nothing...It's just so scary to me.

Melissa how is your bleeding?
Lyl,are you feling any better?


lyly14 - November 26

marina-Wow, I don't know what to say. I know you really only wanted one. Of course 2 is not the worst thing. Funny how I would have been happy with 2 but only got one. I guess there is a reason for everything. I am already a high risk pregnancy so it is probably not a good thing for me. I am sure you are healthy and will be just fine. I know you are worried about being small but your size should not matter with being able to carry 2. Try not to worry too much. I know you will be just fine.

Melissa- How are you doing? Did you have another u/s yet?

As for me, feeling sick comes in waves but definitely more at night.


melmar - November 27

Wow Marina-Congratulations!! I know you must be overwhelmed, but God works in mysterious ways. Maybe he is making up for all the lost time!

Lyly-I am sorry to hear that you are still not feeling well. That quesy feeling is the worst! I would rather just throw up and get it over with, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

As for me, I went for my u/s yesterday. We can confirm two heartbeats, the third sac still looks empty, but the doctor couldn't be 100% sure (he said it was too far away to tell for sure), so I go back next week just to check. If all is well, I a graduate from there and go back to my regular ob/gyn. Amazing! I don't feel ready to graduate yet-but I guess there is nothing else that they do for me-it almost seems sad:)

Other than that exciting news, I am still spotting a little-it is like once a day and not that bad. What is bad is how tired and quesy I am. As soon as I do something I need to rest. Take a shower-rest. Blow dry my hair-rest. And every food I smell just turns my stomach-I have lost 5 lbs already and haven't even started with morning sickness.

Oh well-it is all worth it in the end-I am delighted to be pregnant and even more excited it is twins-so I would throw up and be exhausted all nine months if I had to!




bdantonio - November 27

Marina Congrats on the twins.... I almost cried when i saw that u were having twins..... You so deserve it. Even though my fertility days are over i cant stop from checkin up on all you guys on your quest since u were all there for me when i needed you especially u marina so congrats!!!!!


lyly14 - November 27

Happy Thanksgiving girls!

Melissa- great news about the 2 heartbeats. Ok so you need to get a ticker up. You and Marina are right around the same time right? When is your due date? So they are sending you off to the ob huh? Are you still taking estrace and progesterone? My RE wants me to come in tomorrow and have blood drawn to see if he wants me off the estrace. I wish I was having another u/s tomorrow too! I go to see the regular (well high risk) ob on thur the 4th of dec. so I am pretty sure he will do a u/s to see for himself. I still have 3 weeks and one more day of pio shots. They are getting pretty hard to do now and I am extremely sore, but I will do it gladly.

Well girls I must not have been that queasy today because I managed to eat like a pig. I had ham ,sweet potatoes, stuffing, rice, corn, broccoli cheese cassarole. Oh yeah and stuffed mushrooms. Plus it is my dd's 10th birthday so of course we had cake. Well I am glad I got down one big meal, but i don't think I will be able to eat another bite!

9 weeks tomorrow! Can you believe it? I really can't wait for my next sono to check in on that little beating heart and make sure it stays that way.


Marina - November 28

Guys,I'm soooo thankfull for that miracle God gave us so far!I think I'm still in shock from the news that we having 2 babies.I also realistic and know that anything might happen from this point at any time,but right now I'm very thankfull for everything and take it as is!

Lyly,I'm glad you could eat ,because I was cooking all day today and when it was time to eat,I was eating like a bird.Not because I don't feel good,by the way smells don't bother me and I'm not nausious(yet).
My doc told me to stop estrace and baby aspirin.So,I guess it's safe if he thinks so.Try to put cabbage leaf on yor butt overnight like a compress-it helped me last time.By the way ,who does shots for you this time?

Yeah,you are 3 weeks ahead of us.
Mellissa,are you happy with twins or you'd rather have triplets?Are you going to see a high risk or regular ob?


Marina - November 28

[quote author=bdantonio link=board=12;threadid=4396;start=120#57043 date=1227810491]
Marina Congrats on the twins.... I almost cried when i saw that u were having twins..... You so deserve it. Even though my fertility days are over i cant stop from checkin up on all you guys on your quest since u were all there for me when i needed you especially u marina so congrats!!!!!

Beth,thank you for your kind words.I know,it is shocking to me,I never was dreaming of twins,but I guess we should take what God is giving us and be thankfull,right?
I hope everything is good with you and your family,I wish you a happy holidays!


lyly14 - November 29

Marina- I am doing the shots by myself. I was nervous at first but now I'm fine with it. I actually prefer to do it myself. My RE told me to stop my estrace today, but I am staying on everything else. The rest of my meds (baby asprin, lovenox, folgard, metformin) I will be on for the entire pg except the PIO. He told me I can stop in a week but I think I will stay on it until 12 weeks like we discussed at my last appt. if I can. I will talk to the high risk ob next week and see what he thinks about it.


mo - November 30

Lyl thanks for the ticker info...I got mine up!

Lyl, you remind me so much of myself. I was PARANOID when I had to stop prog. Dr said 10 weeks, and I aimed for 12...then 11...then at 10, I was just like, ahhh...what the heck! I had a feeling our SON would hand in strong! Yeah, he's a boy! what you feel is right, Lyl. Your gut will tell you. Same with the sex thing ;o)

Marina!!! OMG, TWINS??? WOW!!! Congrats!!! That is awesome! I'm kind of jealous!!! LOL. You totally deserve it!!! You guys did something right by switching clinics even though they are a little hoity toidy (sp??) and like to deal w. non-human contact ;o) but CONGRATS!!!
What did they do diff this time around that your old clinic didn't do? fresh? sperm donor? what? Your story is a TOTAL inspiration.

I could not be happier for you all!

It's amazing that as soon as you find out you're pregnant, it takes not more than 1-2 weeks for that baby to start sucking you dry ha??? they are smaller than a grain of rice but they make you sooo tired during that 1st trimester. I had no morning sickness but I could barely eat anything. Up till now chicken kind of grosses me out. I crave and eat fruits like it's no body's business, and drink LOTS of water. I hated anything greasy. It me made soo quesy! THAT's been the best part of being pregnant, my improved diet!

Enjoy the ride ladies...

HUGS to all!!!



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