Veteran lounge bfp ~ The continued journey
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Jade - September 10

Hi ladies. I got my results back. My beta was 2259 on Friday and progesterone was 159. So my number did double. Thank God. Still not too confident yet. I have another b/w on Thursday hopefully for the last time.

Lili~ Thanks for the prayers. Girl, you know I need them.

Renee~ I didnt ask about the u/s . I figure I better wait and see what my numbers are on Thursday. I will keep you posted.


RNORST - September 10

Jade, your # look great!!! I'm so happy for you. This will all work out!! Your numbers are awsome. Try to relax and take it easy.

Love and prayers


Jade - September 14

I got my results for yesterday's beta. 28,000 ( should have been at least 18,000) and 197 for progesterone. So looks like things are good so far. I have an u/s scheduled for Oct 1. Seems like a long time away.........sigh.......

How is everyone else doing. Pretty quiet around here?


RNORST - September 14

Jade, Those numbers are sooooo good, Wow they are high!! Did the nurse say anything about them being high? I hope the 1st comes very soon for you. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
Love Renee


Jade - September 23

HI Ladies,

How is everyone doing? Pretty quiet around here.

Renee, What did you find out at the dr?


lyly14 - September 24

Amyjoy-I just wanted to check on you and see how things are going for you. I hope all is good and those two little babies are doing well!


RNORST - September 24

Jade, the doc appt went well, the doc still thinks its a girl. The next appt will be a u/s for 1/2 hour, they will check the baby over from head to toe. How are you doing?


Jade - September 25

Renee~ Doing good. Having m/s, but it tolerable as long as I keep something in my belly. When is your next appt? I cant wait until they know for sure if it is a girl or boy.


RNORST - September 26

Jade, My next appt is Oct 12th. I cant wait. Monday is almost here for you. I hope this week and weekend goes by fast for you.


lili246 - October 1

How are you feeling buddy :)
How are you doing? any m/s yet? so when do you go to the doctor? well keep us posted and hope that all is well.
Good Luck

Love Lili


Ange - October 23

HI girls,

Well I have my beta on thursday the 25th but I did a hpt and guess what it is BFP! :) :) :) I have two more days to find out my numbers but for now I am trying to take it easy and not stress about it. I have taken three hpt and all of them came back BFP.

Take care


RNORST - October 23

Ange, I'm so happy for you, God is good. Stay relaxed and take it easy. I'm praying for you.

Love Renee


lili246 - October 23

I can't believe it hey girl please take it easy and don't stress on thinking about it until you are for sure girl.
like Renee said God is good and lets trust in him. I will be praying for you and hope that those numbers go up. Keep us posted :)

Love Lili


Ange - October 24

Thanks you both for all your prays and I loving every moment I have right now. I am taking day by day. luv to both of you and your babies



lyly14 - November 30

Where have all of you been? Amyjoy, Jade, Ange- How is everything going? I have been thinking of you and hope you are all doing good!


lyly14 - November 20

Hey Marina- I remembered this thread from when I started frequenting the site. I think we could post on here!



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