Veteran lounge bfp ~ The continued journey
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jamielee - August 30

I'm not sure because I had such bad m/s that I actually lost weight in the beginning. I do remember my clothes getting tight early though. Whenever you feel you need them get them because its so uncomfortable wearing tight pants when you are pregnant!!


lili246 - August 30

I started wearing maternity clothes right away. I know when I get pregnant I feel so uncomfortable wearing regular clothes and tight pants. So I start wearing loose clothes from the begining.


amyjoy - September 2

I broke down and bought some this weekend. I'm so uncomfortable because of the bloating.


lili246 - September 4

it is ok, it is jusy normal I did the same thing buy maternity clothes early even though it didn't I know I felt very bloated aswell so that ia the main reason.


amyjoy - September 6

Yeah, the bloated feeling is the main reason. I was bloated through the Gonal-F and continue to be. I think I've been bloated for like 9 weeks now!


jamielee - September 6

Amyjoy how are you feeling?? Are you having bad m/s??


Jade - September 6

Hi Ladies. Looks like I will be joining you here for now. I got my b/w back and seems I have bfp. Yaay. Here are my #'s.......
13 dpo beta was 959 Prog was 151

Okay I am a little stressed about the 959. That seems HIGH. What do ya'll think?

Last time ( and I dont want to compare bc obviously that wasnt a good one) my hcg was 125 and prog 11 at 13 dpo........
Give me some feedback ladies. I am freaking out here.


Jade - September 6

Oh and Amyjoy~ I am sooooo bloated it is ridiculous. My pants are so tight they are uncomfortable. I think it is bc of the overstimulated ovaries.


RNORST - September 6

Jade, Congrats, I'm so happy for you !!!!! Those numbers do seem high, but my re thought my # were high and I only have one, but your # are higher than mine were. You # look great compared to last time!!!! I think the bloating will go down in about 3-4 weeks, mine did, I think it was from the hcg shot. Would you like to have twins? I think that would be great!!!
Love Renee


lili246 - September 6

COngratulations!11 I am so happy for you and god bless you and that baby with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I am sure that you will be having better luck this time and best os all if you have twins that would be nice, would you like to have twins?
Well I don't know much about those number but they sure are high. Good luck and take it easy.

Love Lili


Ange - September 7

Hello Beautiful pregnant ladies

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your pregnancies. I will hopefull be joining you mid October. I wish you a very healthy pregnancy.

Jade~ So what are your numbers today I am dying to know. Praying stick babydust for you

luv to all


amyjoy - September 9

Jade- I think there's more than one in there!!!! 14 dpo I was at 206.


Jade - September 9

Thanks ladies. I am excited but a little nervous. I am anxious to hear what my numbers were from Friday. I was feeling a little sick on Fri and Sat but nothing today....So I hope that is not a bad thing. I will find out Friday's numbers tomorrow. The suspense is killing me. Then I have to go back for more bloodwork Thursday.

Ange~ I will let you know as soon as I find out tomorrow. Do you stop the bcp this week?

Amyjoy~ I hope for one. Prepared for two. Scared if it is more...........I have to wait until Oct 1 for ultrasound. That is so far away. I think I will see if I can bump it up a week.

Lili and Renee~ I am hoping for 1 healthy one, but I think I could maybe handle 2.......Maybe!!


RNORST - September 10

Jade, so what your numbers? Did you ask to move the u/s up?



lili246 - September 10

We are all praying for you Jade wishing you the best and and healthy pregnancy :)

have faith your turn will come very soon :)


Jade - September 10

Hi ladies. I got my results back. My beta was 2259 on Friday and progesterone was 159. So my number did double. Thank God. Still not too confident yet. I have another b/w on Thursday hopefully for the last time.

Lili~ Thanks for the prayers. Girl, you know I need them.

Renee~ I didnt ask about the u/s . I figure I better wait and see what my numbers are on Thursday. I will keep you posted.



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