Veteran lounge bfp ~ The continued journey
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Jade - August 18

Amyjoy~ Keep us posted on the u/s results. We want to know how many babies are in there.......


amyjoy - August 19

Jade- there are TWO babies in there! :)


Jade - August 19

Oh Yeah Amyjoy! How exciting......Did you see sacks and fetal poles? I bet it was probably too early for fetal poles, right? When do you go back to see heartbeats? I know you cant wait. Congrats, girl!!


Ange - August 19

Amyjoy! OMG!!!! TWO BABIES!!!! whooo hoo! I got goose bumps I am so happy for you :)


amyjoy - August 20

OMG! I am already feeling overwhelmed. I didn't see the fetal pole. Too early. I go back Saturday for the u/s and to hear the heartbeats. The nurse said to be cautious because sometimes a twin can vanish or it can be an empty sack. But, let me tell you that I'm still sick, tired, and crabby and the nurse said that's a good sign.


jamielee - August 20

Amyjoy congrats that is such wonderful news!! Your beta numbers were so similar to mine and I also have twins!!


RNORST - August 21

Amyjoy, Twins!!!!! Yeah!!!! I'm so happy for you! Congrats. Being sick is a very good sign. Hope the m/s goes away by week 12. I have a little less than 2 weeks left of m/s... I hope.



amyjoy - August 21

Jamielee- Do you have to take bed rest? I'm scared of that because we really can't afford it.


jamielee - August 22

I had a lot of bleeding in the beginning so I did have to take some time off but it was just a few days here and there, the most was a week. I was fine after 12 weeks to work. Now I am still working (waitressing) the same shifts I always did although its getting difficult!! I think in the next month I will have to get rid of a few shifts due to slightly elevated blood pressure and edema. I am having a lot of swelling! I had the same fears of bed rest in the beginning but it has worked out so far. Are you teaching??


amyjoy - August 23

Yes, I am back to teaching, but I can stay off my feet and teach from my desk if necessary. I've had bad morning sickness and the tiredness really gets to me, so I spend a lot of time at my desk now. I am thinking if I can get through April 1st I'm good. Then I can take the last 2 months of school off. My EDD is 4/17.


jamielee - August 23

I also had terrible m/s I couldn't keep anything down, breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! I lost about 9 pounds! I think you should be ok especially if you can sit!


lili246 - August 23

Hello girls how are you all doing?

Well I wanted to ask if you girls have had any cramps. I think my baby is very high and I have been having some pain up high in my tummy.
Yesturday I had some cramps and then went to the bathroom and had some diareah, do any of you girls know what this might be. The baby is moving alot which I feel good about that. But I am concern if this can be something bad about the cramps and the dieareah? Any suggestions?



amyjoy - August 26

lilli- I have cramps and diareah sometimes. I don't worry about it though, thinking it just comes with the an added bonus...LOL!

We saw 2 little heartbeats fluttering away yesterday! It was truly amazing! Going to the ob on Sept. 12th. What can I expect at my 1st appt?


RNORST - August 27

Hi girls, Lets get some more BFP over here!!!! Lets all keep praying for our friends.

Love Renee


amyjoy - August 30

Jamielee- when did you start wearing maternity clothes? My clothes are already getting tight. I'm only 7 weeks.


jamielee - August 30

I'm not sure because I had such bad m/s that I actually lost weight in the beginning. I do remember my clothes getting tight early though. Whenever you feel you need them get them because its so uncomfortable wearing tight pants when you are pregnant!!



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