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RNORST - August 15

Amyjoy, Cramping is normal. I cramped off and on for the first 6 or 7 weeks. When thay do the u/s will they be able to see if there is more than one baby that early?

Love Renee


jamielee - August 15

My due date is nov. 30th. I am hoping I will be at least 2 weeks early I am really starting to get big!! and yours??


lili246 - August 15

I asked because I notice that you are 24 weeks almost 25 and I am just behind you. My due date is December 14, we are not that far apart and it is nice that you are having twins. Are they boys or girls?
YOu said that you want to have them 2 weeks early? Have you talked to your doctor about that? I know that you can have your baby as far as you pass your 36 weeks right but it also depends on how the baby has delope and wha your doctor says.
Let me know because I am thinking if I can have my baby earlier that would be nice also.
And yeah I am getting big also and only having

Have a great day

Love Lili


Ange - August 15

Renee~ Glad to hear you are starting to feel a bit better. 1/3 of your day sick I bet is not fun but at least it is not the whole day. I am starting af sometime next week then I start b/c and burselin injections then we go to the fun stuff gonal-f 375 iu for 12 days. It is going to be fun :) expensive but worth it. Each unit cost 1.00 and I need 4500 of just one medication. Not covered by my insurance. Basicaly all I have to pay for. When do you go back for another U/S? ARe you going to bring Will?

Amyjoy~When are you having your U/S? Are you already feeling m/s?

lili~ How are you doing? Did you find out what you are having yet?

Jamielee~ Congrats! Twins :) Wow you are blessed. I am doing icsi/ivf first week of October they will put 2-3. How has your pregnancy been so far. Do you have u/s more often?

Take care all I will be here soon :)


lili246 - August 15

It is nice to talk to you girl. I have read some of your post at the other thread and I am happy that you are doing well. You sound so faithful and that is great that is what you need girl. Keep up the faith and trust in god I am so sure that he will bless yout o with a healthy pregnancy and baby very soon. You are doing the right thing on keeping yourself positive and that is great. I very happy to hear you so excited. Try to relax did you ever find that yoga dvd you were talking about? I let Jade borrow mine which did help alot. I only used it 2 times and it helped me alot on relaxing while I was on my 2ww. Tell Jade to record it for you she said she was going to copy it to another tape so maybe she can do you a favor and send you a copy it will help you alot on taking that stress away you don't need that. You need to be more relax than ever and with you faith.

I am sending you all the special baby dust your way. As I am writing to you I am feeling my baby boy kick, yes it will be another boy we are so excited I am around men, but yeah like I was saying as I am writing to you he is kicking me and and I have a big feeling that he is trying to say something and I bet it is that you will soon be bless you just have the right attitude and that is all you need.

God bless you with a healthy pregnancy very soon.
Good Luck!!

Love Lili


Ange - August 15

Lili~ Thanks so much for the support :) I have been waiting for this for so long. So I will enjoy every moment of it good and bad. I have not found the dvd yet. What is it called? Maybe I can find it online. Thanks for the special babydust :) Wow your having a boy that is great :) I am so happy for you :) I want a boy :) and I want him to look just like his daddy :) But of course I would just be happy to have a bfp and a healthy pregnancy. Give your sweet angel a tummy hug from me :)

luv Ange


lili246 - August 15

Thanks I will and hope that you can get bless soon.
My son looks just like his daddy I even joke with him and tell him so there is no doubt in your mind that he is not yours right and he starts laughing because they are almost identical.
The dvd is called fertility yoga I bought it from one of the girls in the forum for $10.00 but you can also find it in amazon but it does cost alittle more than that. But I think it is worth it and it does help.
Talk to Jade she might be able to help you out by giving you a copy.
God bless and good luck

Love Lili


RNORST - August 16

Ange, Wow you have so much to look forward to! Keep me posted on all of your steps. I had a doc appt yesterday and every thing went very well, they did a u/s, but I didnt hear the hear beat, but I could see it in the u/s and seen the baby moving. We did not take Will, but we are taking him to the next appt, which is in 3 weeks.

Love Renee


jamielee - August 16

Lili, I am just wishful thinking about being early!! My Dr said that I will most likely deliver 2 weeks early but she will let me go longer. She also said that she has delivered 8 lb twins before!! That will totally be me!! I am having 2 boys and I also have a 4 year old son naturally. 3 BOYS!!

Ange, Thanks for your well wishes! I have had u/s every 2 weeks in the beginning and this last time I had to wait a month for one. It makes me feel better because I had a really rocky start to this pregnancy (alot of bleeding) so the u/s gave me peace of mind!! Best of luck to you in october!! I'm sure you will be here as well!!



lili246 - August 16

You were bleeding while you were pregnant?
Well 3 boys now ha. Are you going to try for the girl next time? I will also have 2 boys witht his one coming. I am thinking of looking for a girl within 3 years from now and hope that I can get her. If I do that will be it for me. For now I am around :)

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


Jade - August 16

Hi Preggies!! Hope you are all doing well.

Renee~ That is great that you will take Will to your next appt. I bet he will love it.

Amyjoy~ How are ya feeling? Any new symptoms?

Lili~ How are ya? Did you finish up your room?

Ange~ I have Lili's DVD. Renee send it to me a couple weeks ago. I can mail it to you if you want. Email me your address and I will stick it in the mail.

Jamielee~ Congrats on twin boys. I know you cant wait to hold them!!


lili246 - August 16

Hey girl how are you doing? Well I am doing great. Feeling great and everything. I am very happy :)
How are you feeling?

Well I think I remember that you told me that you can make a copy right? of the dvd? Maybe you can send Ange a copy.

I did finally cleaned my room. It looks all nice and clean. I still need to do my closet because my clothes is all over the But my room is all neat that when I walk in it feels great and just want to relax. I am happy and will try to keep it nice and clean so when the baby is born. I have a hard time doing that because my son is always there making a

Have a great day and hope that all of you are doing great.

Love Lili


amyjoy - August 17

Hi girls! I felt pretty good today, feeling not as sick. But then I got nervous like something must be wrong! I am super tired and bbs are sore. I am confused about the 1st u/s being so early. I will about 5 weeks at that point from the first day of the last missed period. I asked the nurse what they are looking for and she said the yolk sak. She said they may possibly be able to tell if there are multiples. I will go for 3 more u/s (one each week after Saturday) and then I transfer to my ob/gyn. I have that appt. on the 19th of Sept.


jamielee - August 17

Hi Lili, Yes I had bleeding, mostly spotting but bright red and also a very heavy bleed with clots (I thought I lost the babies) went to the ER and they were bouncing all around thank god!! It all lasted about 14 weeks, it was a nightmare! I would love to try for a girl but I feel so blessed to have made it this far I'm scared to try again and go through all the worry again! I know what you mean about all the men around!!


lili246 - August 17

Yeah I know what you mean about going through all that worrying in a pregnancy. it is not easy as we think it is. wow you had a scary one but I am glad that nothing bad happen and thos lil ones are doing good. wow I would be scared aswell.
I had a m/c back in november it was a missed m/c and I remember at the begining of that pregnancy when I would wipe I would see some pinkish color in the bathroom tissue and I would get scared. When I saw my doctor she said it was nothing to be concern about but I just knew that something was not good. I felt good but all of the sudden all those symptoms went away and when I had an u/s there was a baby but not a heartbeat. I was 8 to 9 weeks pregnancy. It was very sad to go through but I had so much faith that god was going to bless me with a healthy pregnancy next time and look thank god everything is going well and I am so thankful for this baby. Can;t wait to meet him.
Aren't we lucky to be around all men!! :)

How is everyone else doing? Hope that you all have a great weekend and rest alot.

Love Lili


Jade - August 18

Amyjoy~ Keep us posted on the u/s results. We want to know how many babies are in there.......



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