Veteran lounge bfp ~ The continued journey
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Ange - July 20

Now our poll is at 6 yes/ 0 no!!! Looking good ladies :)

Renee~ whoo hoo 5 more days!


RNORST - July 20

Hi girls, Yes, I have 5 more days to wait. I need to know if I have more than one!!

Have a great day, no matter what you are going though, just keep the faith, God will bless you!!!
Love Renee


Jade - July 22

3 more days Renee. What time is your appt? I can hardly wait. I have another follicle check on MOnday ~3:45. Hoping for some good news for a change.... I will keep you posted.


Ange - July 23

Renee~ Wow 2 more days till you find out. I bet your anxious. How are you feeling and how was your weekend?



RNORST - July 23

Jade, let me know asap about your re appt! Hope you get good news.

Ange, so I seen you have good news, so when will the IVF be this cycle or next cycle?

Well girls I have 2 more days, I can wait. Well I have not been feeling very well, I though I was going to dye yesterday, but I'm not complaining, I have probably 5 1/2 more weeks of being sick.

I'm praying for you girls.

Love Renee


Ange - July 23

I am hoping for beginning of August. Aug 2 is my appointment with my RE then Aug 3 is the IVF course. So I hope it will be around there. I know I will have another Lupron shot so maybe that will be the first thing but I will find out on AUg 2. My dr said the operation was a success and I am good and don't have to see him so that made me very happy. I can't wait for morning sickness too. I am so excited I not even really thinking about all the shots I need to take lol. I hope you feel better soon. How is Will? Does he know yet? Are you bringing him to the U/S? I am so excited for you I can't wait to hear about your US.

take care


RNORST - July 23

Ange, Wow aug!!!! I'm so execited for you!!! Things will go great for you!!
Will is doing great. Yes, he knows about the baby, some days he wants a brother or sister, then others days he says he dont want a baby. No, he wont go with us to the u/s, maybe when he can see more??
Love Renee


Jade - July 23

Renee~ Sorry to hear you are feeling bad. But it is always a good sign. You are right- 5 weeks or so til you feel better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel....

Well I got a bit of good news today from my scan. Looks like I might O after all (no thanks to the meds) Looks like I have a 17 follicle and tons (and he said tons) of small ones that didnt develop. And my lining is up to 9, So that looks good. He said I should be good to go for IUI by the end of the week. BAD NEWS~ I am leaving Thurs to go to FL. SO I guess it has to be a natural cycle for me. I am not going to complain bc at least I will O!! Yipee. So I go in Wed for another scan and trigger........


RNORST - July 24

Jade, thats awsome news!!!! This is going to be your cycle. You can get that BFP natural!!! Plus, you will be on vacation to relax!! Just remeber to take it easy dont stress and try to forget about it, and not think about it.
Just have fun with dh!!!
Love Renee


Jade - July 24

Thanks Renee~ I hope you are right. Vacation will help. I am a big stress-ball though when it comes to traveling. I hate flying..... ugg. But I will try my best to relax.

The big day is almost here. What time is your appt? Let us know as soon as you find out!! Good luck. You must be so nervous to find out how many!


RNORST - July 25

Well girls, I had the u/s today and I have 1 baby!! This way I wont be as stress, rather than worring about carring more than one. We even got to hear the heart beat. I have my first appt with my ob next wed.

I'm praying for you girls!!
Love Renee


Jade - July 25

How exciting. I am so glad that everything was ok. I think it is best that it is only one since you went early with your son. Dont want to risk the health of the baby, right? Did they give you a due date?


Ange - July 25

OOOOHHHH you got to hear the heartbeat. I am so happy for you. Good news about the one baby more than that can be very stressful during pregnancy and early labor. I am so happy for you



RNORST - July 25

Well right now my due date is March 17th. But since I had my son early, I'm thinking the end of Feb?? I will find out more after my ob Aug 1st.

So how are you girls doing?

Jade, remeber to relax and enjoy your dh on your vacation, that will help you.

Ange, so IVF after this cycle is done?

You both have so much to look forward too.

Love Renee


Jade - July 26

Renee~ I will definitely be taking advantage of dh during our vacation. I am sure he wont But of course, bding for baby kind of takes the fun out of it. RE said to make sure to put 2 pillows under hips BEFORE bd and lay flat for 45 minutes. UGG. Oh well, Hopefully this will be it!

Make sure you relax and rest up for that lil bean of yours.


RNORST - July 26

Jade, good luck and remeber to have fun and relax!!! I'm praying that the 2ww will fly by.



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