Veteran lounge bfp ~ The continued journey
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RNORST - July 16

I vote yes, just because I want to keep in contact with all of you. I also want to be here if any of you have questions about, IUI or pregnacy signs, etc. I want some place to talk to you, and I'm here if you need any help or questions.

Love Renee


Ange - July 16

3 yes /0 no

Please if any ladies object please let us know. I think having a Veteran lounge bfp board on the sounding board is a great idea because most of us on here are IF for many years and we need to see that light at the end of the tunel. I know it makes me happy to be able to talk about the positive and well as the negative. Also all the girls on the veteran lounge bfp will come from the veteran lounge board so we will all be family.

Renee I am so glad you are still with us'

luv to all


amyjoy - July 16



Ange - July 16

Oh this is great we now have

4 yes / 0 no


Ange - July 18

Renee~How is my favorite pregnant person doing? Are you excited for your ultra sound? The 25th right? I am excited for you lol. I can't wait to hear the news of how many babies you have? Are you having m/s yet? What ever you have I pray you have a healthy ones.

keep me posted

luv to you


Jade - July 18

So I guess it is a GO for the BFP board- right?


So Renee~ Less one week until you find out.... How exciting. It will be such a good feeling to see the heartbeats. Are you going to start telling everyone after the ultrasound?


RNORST - July 18

Ange, Yes, the u/s is a week from today the 25th. I cant wait, I just want to know it I have more than one. Yes, I have been having m/s, I feel terriable, but I love having it. When I'm sick that makes me think every thing is going good.
So how is your UTI? I know I have asked this before but did you buy more than one IVF?

Jade, Do you have a +opk yet? If you get a + opk, the re will do the IUI the next day?? Do you know if you are going to do the trigger shot?
Yes after the u/s on the 25th, we are going to start telling people. I have been changing my clothes about 3 times each morning, trying to find some thing that doesn't show my tummy. I was this size when I was 12 weeks preg with my son.

Love Renee


Jade - July 18

Renee~ I did opk and it was "almost" positive so probably tomorrow. Then maybe IUI on Friday? If I get a surge before Friday, then I wont need trigger. If not, trigger on Friday. IUI on Saturday, I guess. I will know more when I go back. I have always heard that baby#2 you show faster. I really felt like at 8 weeks my belly was pooching. But you (and me) are really skinny so it has no where else to go. BUt I bet it does make it hard when you are trying NOT to tell people. Well after next week then you wont have to hide it. I am glad to hear the m/s is really kicking in. I am sure it will only get


RNORST - July 19

Jade, so what was the opk today? Have you called the re and told them about the almost + opk? Keep me posted.


Ange - July 19

Renee~ I haven't decided yet of what to do. We need to make that choice on Aug 2. So it is coming soon. I don't know what we can afford yet. We had to pay for alot lately so I hope we still have an option. We only get 30% back of what we pay for. I had a dream last night I saw my son to be :) . He was with my daughter and she was playing with him and helping take care of him. It was so sweet and felt real. I am glad you are feeling good and pregnant and you are so funny that you won't complain about it. Too cute! So do you have a feeling that there is more than one? take care and keep me posted.

BTW Ladies we have another yes to keep the board from Heather. So we are now 5 yes /0 no

luv to all Ange


RNORST - July 19

Ange, Dreams are a good sign!!! The thing with the IVF would be a very hard to decided. Well aug 2nd is almost here!!
I'm not for sure if theres more than one?? Some times I think that there is two, but who knows. Jade had a friend that had pretty much the same beta # as me and she is having twins?? I'm having more m/s then with my son (I think I'm right now anyways??) I have heard thats a good sign of more then one?? Who knows. I have 6 more days to wait.

Love Renee


Jade - July 19

Renee~ NOT GOOD NEWS FOR ME.......
Basically my life sucks again!! So my follicles havent grown AT ALL since Monday! WTF? And to make matters worse my lining has not improved- but it has gotten worse. SO it went from a 6 to a 4!!! How does that happen. And to top it off my RE is "stumped". GREAT!! I am so f***ing pissed right now I cant even see straight. I mean how can it get worse instead of better in a matter of 3 days? Only me! He guesses the femara is not doing the trick and I will have to move on to something stronger. He doesnt seem to understand how it worked so perfectly last time and it does nothing this time. ANd can you believe he said " Are you sure you took the right medicine" I AM NOT AN IDIOT!!
So I have to go in Monday to see if it has improved at all....... which it doesnt look like it will and then I guess I will have to wait til day 40 again to start provera. And his only comment is " looks like you have some serious ovulation issues" YOu think- you tard!! I could have told him that!!!


LMD - July 20

My vote is a yes for keeping this here.

Jade - I am sorry to hear about your RE visit. Did someone screw up the measurement? Anway, I will keep my fingers crossed for you for Monday.


Jade - July 20

LMD~ I dont think so about the measurement. I just think my body is CRAZY. No explanations from the RE........So who knows! I will keep you posted.


Jade - July 20

Renee~ We are on the countdown- 5 more days!!


Ange - July 20

Now our poll is at 6 yes/ 0 no!!! Looking good ladies :)

Renee~ whoo hoo 5 more days!



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