Updates everyone?
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WantsBaby2 - July 28

I was really upset that we were all cut off so abruptly with no warning!!! I missed everyone so much! I thought I might start a thread so that we could all get updated and caught up as to what is going on with everyone.

I had yet another cancelled cycle. *sob, sniffle* We meet with our RE tomorrow to go over our options. I have been dubbed a "poor responder" I will let you all know what I find out tomorrow. Hopefully I will be back in the running soon!



Fortyfour - August 5

Oneandonlymel- I am so happy your numbers are great!!!!!!! Keep on growing.


snindy - August 10


Since the miscarriage, I have been doing what the doctor told me to do, take the summer off and go on vacation. Well it's been non-stop with vacations. This weekend it's staying at the cottage with some of my girlfriends and next week we are going to Wisconsin. Then I start back at the doctors Sept 14th.

To be honest with you, I'm not that excited as I was the last time with IVF. I feel that there might be more disappointment with the 2nd IVF or any upcoming treatments. I need to get out of this rut!!!
Maybe I will feel different once it gets closer.....



WantsBaby2 - August 10

Hi Cindy,
I have been wondering if you were going to come back on here with us. The site was down for so long. I thought I would never talk to you girls again. I was so sad.

I am so sorry about your miscarriage. Do they seem to give you an indication of what went wrong? I suppose they can only speculate when it is your first m/c.

Are you going to be transferring your little frozen babies? Don't think of the same thing happening again. I know it must be so hard not to think that way. Maybe the next try will produce different results. We are all rooting for you..... so just keep that in mind.

I am glad you are enjoying your summer. It's just been unbeleivably hot and dry here this summer. I go out and water the flowers and bushes, and then I come back in the house where it's nice and cool.

Keep us posed on what is going on with you.



TTC in SoCal - August 10

Hello ladies....
well, i had the consult with the doc yesterday (i'm sure it's the consult they really dread!!). On paper, everything was perfect, but it didn't work. He thinks that our problems are egg-related and we should probably consider donor egg or donor embryo. So, first, we need to mourn the loss of my biological child, then decide where to go. i think we'll take a 6 or 7 month break while i focus on getting healthy again.
i will keep checking in to see how everyone is doing. I'm not finished with the journey yet... just taking a detour!!
many hugs to all of you....


Fortyfour - August 10

I just had a gut feeling that you would be back in the game. Take a great break and let us know what you decide. I think of you often. Darcie


Debie - August 11

Trish I am happy to read about your 'detour', and I wish you strength while you deal with this disappointment and peace in your heart and mind. I am also taking a 4 months break and will hopefully have enough courage and strength to ttc again.



WantsBaby2 - August 13

I am so sorrry about your disappointment. I feel so sad for you. It's the news that no woman ever wants to hear. You will be in my thoughts as you make your decision about family.

You will be a wonderful mother someday no matter how your children come to you. You are such a sweet person, any child would be so fortunate to have you as a mother. Keep in touch.



celia m - August 14

I went crazy not having this site up and running, I thought the whole time it was just me. So glad to be back, I need ya'lls support


Debie - August 16


I am sending you lots of P&PT (prayers and positive thoughts) for your u/s today.

All the best.



snindy - August 16

I went in for a blood test to see if there was a reason why I m/c. All my tests came back positive. So who knows what happened. I have an appointment Sept 14th to talk about our next steps, which I have 5 frozen babies left so I don't know if they will thaw out all of them or just some of them. But we are probably going to do IVF asap after talking to the dr.

I have a feeling that maybe having frozen embryos had something to do with the m/c. I may sound crazy but maybe after getting thawd out, they only live for so long.

I was also thinking about all the meds I was on during the pregnacy. Maybe I was taking to much for my body to handle. They upt my meds so I was wearing a estrogen patch and taking 4 estrace pills a day along with the progestrine shots at night. I'm going to ask the dr about this theory when I see him Sept 14th.

I read your other post about the whole roller coaster dream your having. I hope you don't give up... You've came this far, it's only suppose to get better. If I can do it so can you. I was about to say screw it after the m/c but after reading everyone's words of encourgement, I'm going to continue and do everything I can to get pg. It may take me a month or maybe a year but one way or the other, I'm going to get pregnant..... :)

How close are you to Villa Park, IL? We are driving out there this Saturday to visit some friends and then we are on our way to Wisconsin.



Karen123 - August 16

Cindy, You obviously are a strong woman and have a great attitude about all this. You certainly deserve a child and I hope and pray that your next cycle works for you. All my best! Karen


snindy - August 16

Correction: All my tests came back Negative not Positive sorry about that....

Karen: Thanks for the kind words, words like that keep me going..... :)



WantsBaby2 - August 17

Hi Cindy,
Good for you for being so positive and wanting to try again. I am so sorry you had a m/c. I can't imagine ever wanting to try again after that. I have never experienced m/c, but I'll bet it's one of the worst things a woman can go through, especially after all we girls go through just to get to the pregnant level in the first place!

Have fun in Wisconsin this weekend. We live about a half an hour from Villa Park. I have been there many times! If you are ever down this way and want to do lunch or something, let me know. I have a feeling a lot of us girls would have a blast if we all met face to face. Take care.



snindy - August 17

I would say lets do lunch when I'm on my way to Wisconsin, but I don't think I will have the time.

But I'm always going to Villa Park to visit my girlfriend and her husband so next time, we will have to meet for lunch. That would be really nice.

I like your idea about getting everyone together, it would be like a 1st annual infertility convention. We could meet in Chicago and stay the weekend. We could match the faces with the names. We all could laugh, cry and share our stories and do some sight seeing.


Karen123 - August 17

Now THAT would be cool! Karen


snindy - August 17

It would be cool.
I'm going in Sept or Oct for another IVF. So once I'm done with that stuff, I think I will definetly look into it and try to set something up.
I know some women won't be able to do it, but a small group will still work.



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