Unsupportive DH
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justme - April 1

I am so sad tonight, I just need to get this off my chest. Let me start by saying I am desperate to have at least one more child. My DD is 3 now and is a real blessing, but I want more children. We have been trying a little over 2 years now and nothing. It took me 2 years with my DD. I don't ovulate regularly and even on clomid for 6 months I never ovulated. DH has a moderate morpholoy problem. I have done 2 round of injections, one was canceled and one failed IUI.

With that said, we took this last month off for vacation and are waiting for my period to start. I asked DH if he was up for another round and he said "NO". He pretty much said that he believes we have no better chances with these treatments than we do on our own. Whatever!! If he was the only one making decisions, I wouldn't do anything else but try naturally forever more. He said he wants another child but could just be happy with our daughter and no more children. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter to death, but I so want more babies at whatever cost. He just doesn't get it.

I don't know if I should throw in the towel and somehow learn to get over it, or go on with this. He said that he would do what he has already agreed to (up to 3 IUIs an 1 IVF) but it would be only for me and not what he wants. We are paying for this totally out of our own pockets and I feel guilty about this. I don't know what to do. I just want another child.

I can't stop crying tonight and I can't go to sleep. I am miserable. Why can't I just get pregnant? This is all so unfair.

Thanks for reading this. It helps to just get this off my chest.



justme - April 5

He constantly worries about money anyway. It gets annoying sometimes. It is his job, he is a personal financial advisor and is continuously in that frame of mind. How can we save money, college funds, retirement, etc etc etc. I am glad he is like tht most of the time. He has us in good shape, it is just when it comes to stuff like this, he can't look past the cost. Ughhhh!!!!



Fortyfour - April 6

He does sound stressed but if you did not ovulate without meds you have to have treatment. Wishful thinking wont help that. I am the one to worry about the cost of this whole thing. Hubby is always telling me to settle down, it will be ok. I tell him that he wont be the only working to pay of debt when I get pg. Morning sickness and work are not a pretty picture.

take care all.



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