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Hi ladies:

Fell out of the loop again for a little bit. I scan the forums
but haven't had it in me to write. (depressed, frustrated, disappointed, heartbroken & down right mad at the world!!! I went for my 5th IUI last month, it was a good cycle on injectible meds had enough follicles to start my own army but sadly none of them took. The only problem the doc was able to find after all the tests, laperscopy ect was that something in my cervical fluid is killing off the sperm. So I thought that for sure doing the IUI's would do the trick! The doc says now to move on to IVF (insurance doesnt cover it like I mentioned in the past and it seems to be out of reach. I could cash in my retirement and juggle some other funds (drain what little I have only to find out that didnt work either) I am scard to do that. If it didnt work the first time a second time would be out of the question. Its such a gamble. Age is a factor with me approching 38 in august so the pressures on with that too (now or never kind of thing.
What should I do ladies???????


baby4us - April 6

Oh Gina... I don't know what to say. I do have a friend whose cervical mucous/antibodies were killing her DH's sperm... they did IVF and the first one worked... and they have a beauitful little girl.

I know IVF is so expensive... but I assume because they are fertilizing the egg outside of yoru body (so your body doesn't have a chance to kill the sperm).. and if that is your only factor.. then you should have a successful IVF.

If there is anything specific you'd like me to ask my friend... as it sounds like she has the same fertility issue as you.. let me know and I'll send her an e-mail and gte back to you.



It's amazing how this site just makes your heart smile even when your at your lowest. Your email gave me hope to keep going when you just want to toss in the towel. Its great to hear success stories (not saying that i will be that lucky but it gives me something to hold onto. If we decided to pull funds and take a gamble I would like to do it "before my 38th bday in aug." which is coming up soon something inside is just making me want to do it before i actually turn 38 (I am sure it wouldnt make that much differance but Its my goal.
I hope all is going well with you.
Thanks for lifting my sprits (your email almost made me cry) but I held back the tears because I am at work) guess I am still a hormonal mess.
ps if I think of any questions you can ask your friend I will let ya know/going to talk to the doc and do somemore research before I take my big step.


baby4us - April 6

So glad I could help... and sounds almost ideintical to my friend... so if there are any other questions.. please let me know and I'll get the answers to you.

I know it is so hard to think of all these things.. and I know how you feel about wanting to try this before you reach 38... but also.. please don't put a limit on when you try. I just recently turned 38... and had hoped that I would have already had a little one by now (but I guess soon the little one will be here!).. and I too was anxious last year doing our treatments.... there seems to be something about the number 38... but just don't let that be your deciding factor.

I have a friend right now at 42 trying for her first.. and as she said.. because of work, etc she couldn't have possibly thought of havign kids any earlier.

I am glad i could lift your spirits.. that is what is so great about this site... there is always hope.. and alwasy answers.

Good luck.. let me know what your doc says!


fiso - April 10

Tickingclock, good to have you back on the site. I'm sorry about the failed IUI and I feel for you.
Don't lose hope. I hope that you will find a way to finance an IVF and get a BFP! People don't realize that on top of all the medical obstacles, you also have to deal with the money factor. And that's not easy.
Hang in there and don't be a stranger. Let us know what you have decided to do.
Thinking of you.



Thanks Fisco:
How are you feeling? Its good to hear from you. thanks for the kind words. Nobody understands this ordeal we go through. People that have never gone through this say "Just give up, its not in your cards", and they say they would never spend this type of money, "god has another plan for you" stop trying so hard it will just happen" I have heard it all...... You cant really say what lengths you would go to untill you walked in our shoes!
ps did you go for a sonogram yet? keep me posted with your details too.
Have a great day!



fiso - April 11

We could write a book about all the "stupid" things people have told us, while we are going through this process. It could be called 101 things you shouldn't say!

I'm seeing the doc tomorrow, I will schedule the sonogram then. Other than this, I'm feelign good. Jsut came back from my daily walk. It's such a beautiful day here. I'm not walking as fast as I used to, pre-pg time, but I feel fine. We are going to start taking pictures of my belly before it starts popping out! Right now, you can tell there is somethign but, it could be fat too!

Check your e-mails... Fiso



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