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liz - March 19

Hi Kim,

Good to hear from you! I haven't been on much lately as I am just exhuasted and often when I get home from work it is sofa time and dinner! I have also cut my hours at work so I am doing the same workload but in 6 hours a day instead of 7 plus I only work 4 days. Good for me but it is also draining.

I am doing pretty good, just ready to met our little girl at this point. 34 more days, seems like forever but I know it will be here before I know it.

Sorry to hear of the no ovulation this month. You have the right attitude, KEEP ON PRACTICING! You never can tell when it might be it. :) One day at a time is the only way you can get through the ttc roller coaster ride, atleast that is what I found for myself. It is hard sometimes but honestly focus on today and do not worry about tomorrow, you have no control over what will happen tomorrow. Stay positive and focus on getting where you dream to be. ;) My 2 cents for the day! lol

Take care of yourself.
Baby dust


Princess24 - March 20

Hey Liz,

So nice to hear from you and that everything is going well. :) From what I have heard this last stretch in the pregnancy is like forever and all you want to do is pretty much do nothing, try to stay acitve they say thats the best thing to do for a good birth. Try not work yourself to death, are you gonna work at home after Samantha is born for a lil bit?

I take every day at a time and just keep my head up and try not to let it get to me. I know that it will happen, I just kind of hope it will happen before I turn 25 which is the 13th of July, but we will just have to see. Thank you for putting your 2 cents in I really appreciate it :) I missed chating w/ you, but I understand how busy and tired you have been I am just glad that everything is going good. I really wish you all the best in your new adventure w/ your soon to be newborn ;D

Keep in touch and stay healthy. I hope to talk to you soon.

Take Care,


Alexa - April 4

Hi Liz and Deanna

Sorry I haven't written in awhile but with my IVF and trying to plan my daughters birthday around it was a sressful time for me and I just needed some time to focus and be positive and I just needed some time to myself as well....

My second to last blood draw showed my Estradiol level at 1150 so the next day on March 21st my Estradiol was at 2180 so it really jumped they made me trigger that night and I had my transfer on my daughters birthday the 23rd I was hoping it would be a lucky day for me..
On March 26th I had the transfer they transfered 3 embies....

I called the RE's office they said for me to wait to do a pregnancy test because I could get a false positive because of the trigger shot so now I have to wait till Monday to really know...Urghhhhhhhh

OMG Liz Samantha is ready to be born soon you must be so excited after all you have been through, but you made it!

Deanna I hope your little beans are doing well and growing every day!

Sorry for the silence I just needed some time as this was all very stressful for me...



liz - April 7

Hello Ladies-

Sorry I have been out of touch! These last weeks are a real drain on me. I am getting very anxious now! Soon.

Did I read correct on another thread.... You got a BFP!

How are you doing?


Alexa - April 7

Hi Liz,

You did read correctly I just got my BFP yayyyyyyyyy
I took a HPT on Tuesday which was only 8days past my transfer a light positive came up..Wednesday I to took another HPT and it was even darker than the day before..that same day I had a yearly exam at my Primary Care Dr.'s office so I asked them if they would do an early test they said level came back at 113.9..... 9 days past my transfer, with my daughter my level was 50 at 11Days past ovulation...

My blood draw is scheduled for Monday at my Re's office I will have to act surprised when they call...LOL at least I have the first level to compare Mondays too...

I have been having nausea since Sunday on and off my boobs are killing me and I am tired, this morning I woke up to a pinching sensation just below my belly button I am not sure what that is but my mom reminded me that the same thing happened with my comes and goes....I have a long road ahead but I am trying to remain cautiously optomistic...

I hope your doing well and I hope Deanna is doing well also...



liz - April 7

Oh Alexa I am so happy for you! Congratulations!

That is an awesome beta number for 9 days past transfer! Maybe there is a little surprise in there for you! :) I remember my beta was very high at 9dpo as well, not as high as yours I think it was 93.

I understand the cautiously optomistic idea! I have been there, done that. I think we all have. One day at a time, that was and still is my motto!

Please keep my posted on how you are doing.

Take care


liz - April 7

I just sent you a private message!


Princess24 - April 9

Hey Liz,

How are you doing? I hope all is well w/ you. About 13 days left? I am so happy for you please let me know when she comes :D

So my Pastors's wife gave me a card for a Naturopathic Dr. and she is also a midwife :) she is suppose to be really good. So I am gonna get an appoitnment soon so I hope this will work. My dh's landscaping season is starting up soon which means more $$$$ and we can get more aggressive w/ trying to get pregnant.

I never felt a 100% on doing the ovulex and clomid. For some reason I never got around to ordering it and I felt that there was a reason for that and I really don't feel a 100% right. With clomid I really never didn't like it and I have heard alot of neg. things about it. I really felt that it wasn't for me and that I like doing things that are natural and good for your body. Thats why I am excited about this Dr. I really do think this will be the right way to go for us. I will let you know how things go when things get started.

I am doing pretty well I have been pretty positive and trying to keep it like that. I thought I might be preg because I was late (which isn't that uncommon) but I was spotting a lil bit (which I thought I was starting) for like 2 days then it stopped and then one day i had like a spot of blood so I thought ok I am starting so a used a tampon and then later I had nothing no blood no spotting. I went online and researched it and I found that it could be a sign of pregnancy, but I really don't know I really don't feel preg and I don't feel like I am starting my period. Like to cycles ago I had something like this but after a couple of days of spotting I started to bleed so I really don't know what to think. I am to scared to take a hpt because I don't want to be dissapointed it would just kill me. I rather wait and expect my period and have it start then to take a test and say neg. What would you do? What do you think do you think I could be pregnant? I don't know whatever.

Well I hope all is well and that you have a good and safe delivery please keep me posted and I hope to hear from you soon.

Take Care,


liz - May 23

Hi Kim,

Gosh it has been a long time since I posted! Wow, life has sure changed for me!

Samantha was born on Friday April 13 at 11:51pm after 28 hours of labor! She was 6lbs 13oz and 20 1/2 inches long! She is the light of my life. I never knew a love like this before.

All is well, she is almost 6 weeks old already. Hard to believe, time really does fly by. lol

How are you doing? How are you making out on you end with the ttc roller coaster.

Take care,


Alexa - May 24

Liz its nice to see you on here again, I haven't talked
to Deanna in awhile I hope things are ok with her...

I am doing great I just had an OB appt on Tuesday and the babies heartbeat is nice and strong at 176 can you believe I am already 11 weeks along...

Things have finally calmed down and I have no more problems I thank god for my baby everyday...:)

I am happy to hear Samantha is doing well..



liz - May 24

Hi Alexa,

I actaully just sent you an email to you last night. Did you get it? Sorry I have been out of touch it has been quite a hectic time for us!

I am so happy to hear you and baby are doing well. 11 weeks holy crap that has flown by. You are almost to the end of your 1st trimester! Yeah! :) Do you have a feelings on what you are having?


Princess24 - May 24

Hey Liz!

It is so nice to hear from you!!!! I am glad to hear that you got your beautiful bundle of joy and that all is well. I can't believe it is already been 6 wks. ENJOY EVERY MIN. OF IT!!!! it really does go by fast. How was your birthing experience? It sounds like a long one, but all in all was it that bad? You know me I am all about the whole birthing thing :) I will be starting my Doula certification soon I am soooo excited!!!!!! I can't wait to start doing that and help moms to to have a great birhting experience.

I am doing pretty well, just staying strong and taking one day at a time. I just bought a book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" it is such a good book !!!! It has alot of info and it teaches you alot about how the female body works and how to possibly achieve pregnancy. Steve and I talked about it and we are going to try the books methods for 2 or 3 cycles, I know waiting for another 2-3 months, but if it works that will be awesome!!!! If it does work I just wish I would of known about it sooner. Like I said we will try that and if we don't achieve pregnancy then we will be going to the Dr's. I found a naturapathic Dr which she is also a midwife :) and she has alot of success stories of women achieving pregnancy and doing it with natural drugs. She is out of town till May 30th and when she gets back I have to schedule an appoitment anyways it's that time of year Yipee LOL :)

Well I am glad to hear from you and that you have your precious beautiful girl. I'll keep you posted and let you know how things are going for me and the on going emotional rollercoaster.

Take Care Always,


Alexa - June 5

Hi liz and Deanna

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing I just had my 3 mth level II U/S everything went well the baby looks great and the baby is healthy THANK GOD, it was so exciting to see the baby jumping around kicking his or her legs.....

Wishing everyone on here a BFP!

Hope to here from you guys soon!




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