Trying Again
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Alexa - February 26

Hi Liz & Deanna,

Liz, I am happy to hear that your doing well and that baby Samantha is still very comfy in your tummy what a long ride it has been for you but hang in there your almost there!

I am doing well I have 2 more weeks left of pills and then they will do bloods and U/S on day 2 of my period if my ovaries are clear then they start my stimming that night last month it took me 7 days of stims, its going to run into my daughters birthday party so I am trying to figure out when I can have it hopfully it won't run into the retrieval or transfer time...

Deanna, Hope your feeling prego it won't be to long before your U/S.....

Talk to you guys soon


deedle1006 - March 5

Hello Agian Ladies!

It has been a very stressful 2 weeks!!!!!!!! I think I told you that DH had sinus surgery, well he had some very seroius complications! :o He started having MASSIVE noise bleeds 2 days after surgery. Everyone kept telling us this was normal, so we didn't think much of the ER trip and 3 trips to the Dr.'s office unitl when I went back to work he had to have the ambulance pick him up and take him back to the ER. His hemaglobin levels were very low...(normal 14 -19) DH were 9 on Monday and went down to 8.5. He had to have additional surgery on Tuseday to repair the artery that was bleeding since surgery on the 19th. He was in the hosptial until late Thursday afternoon. Good news he is finally on the mend. (I have felt awful because I talked him into the surgery.)

On the good news front... I go in for my 6 week us on Tuesday morning. We are looking forward to that. My mom is coming with us. We lived in NC when we had DS and now we are back in Northwest IN, and she really want to be apart of t his pregnancy. It is the least I can do for my mom.


How are you feeling? I think at this point in my last preg. I was ready to be done. I couldn't wait to see DS little face, hands, feet... By the way, I remember DS little feet were purple and raisin like...prefectly normal. Don't freak out. Lets see what other things do I remember that caused me some stress that would have been good to know. When you go to your first appointment with your pediatritian...Samantha will have lost a little weight. Again NORMAL. That would have been good to know. I thought I was failing at breast feeding. As I remember things I will pass them on.


HOw much longer on the BCP's? WE need to get you going for your BFP!

Take care and I will keep in touch!



liz - March 5

Hello Alexa and Deanna,

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Life seems to be so hectic for everyone right now. I am praying for a calmer week this week but I kinda doubt it. :(

How are you doing? I think this is your last week on bcp's if I am not mistaken. Are you feeling ok? No problems like last time?

Thanks for the heads up. I love all the info I can get. I am very ready for this pregnancy to be over and move on to the next stage, raising our little girl. I am having a tough time adjusting to the constant tired feeling as well as all the aches and pains. I honestly feel like I am 72 instead of 32! Not to far away now, I am just praying for a healthy little girl and a safe delivery at this point.

How are you feeling? Thats great that you Mom will be there for your u/s tomorrow. How awesome for you.

Good luck and please let us know how you made out. I will be thinking about you.

Well, back to work. :(
Have a great day!


deedle1006 - March 6

Good News Bad News

Well I had my 6 week us this morning. Good news there are 2 sacks. Bad news...they appear to be empty, and in a very bad spot. Dr. and DH are pretty sure they may have seen a heart beat, but they are not positive. They are located just under the openning for my tubes on either side. We go back Friday afternoon for another us. If they are empty we force a m/c and try again. Good news ... they meds worked just fine. I am really trying to stay positive. It may be the best thing if they are empty becasue the location it self could cause issues down the road. It may be God's way of preventing an unhealth pregnancy.

I really only thing we have one good sack anyway. One is about 14 mm and the other is only 4.5mm. Well will wait, pray and see on Friday.



Alexa - March 7

Hi Deanna,

TTC is a very long scary process you just hope to get pregnant and then when you do you would never imagine having to deal with so many different things that could go wrong, you made it this far and your positive out look through all this is admirable, I am hoping everything will turn out great on Friday...

I had to go through and change my old password I am not having much luck logging on lately so if you don't hear from me its a password problem hopefully I won't.

Good Luck on Friday Deanna



liz - March 8


I am sorry to hear you are going over some more bumpy roads. Alexa is right (and I am sure you know) ttc can be such a scary process. I have found when all seems to be going well something comes along and thows us off balance again.

I am glad to hear you had no problems with the meds, I believe you had said before you had some trouble with over stim.

You have a remarkable attitude about everything. I admire your strength, courage and positive attitude.

I will be thinking about you and wishing you well on Friday. Please let us know how you make out.

Take care,


deedle1006 - March 12

Well...We still have good news/bad news.

They found the heart beat of one fetus! ;D They are still concerned about the placement. ???

We get to go back for high resoulution u/s tomorrow. Doc thinks everything is ok, but he wants to double check. If they are in the wrong spot we will have to force a m/c. If they grow into the tube were they are located...I could risk losing my uterus.

I hope once we we get past this hurdle it will be smooth sailing.

I have to run..students are coming into class.

I hope everyone is doing well! :D I will keep you posted.



destinybaby - March 12

Hi Deanna,

Congrats! I have been following your journey.

I really pray everthing is ok with your baby.

I believe if a pregnancy is etopic (in the tube) you may loose that tube and not your uterus.

But, i don't believe you have anything to worry about if the doc thinks it may be fine. But I know you want to be sure. All in all this is wonderful news for you. Keep being positive and all should go well.

Embrace this new as only positve. :D



liz - March 12


Keep positive! Other that that I am not sure what to say except hang in there.

It is good news that they found the heartbeat. I think things are looking up hopefully tomorrow can confirm something for you. Is this considered a level II that they are doing? I know the resolution on them is amazing.

How are you feeling otherwise? Any of the pregnancy symptoms?

Please keep me updated. You are in my thoughts and prayers.



Alexa - March 12

Hi, Deanna

I hope everything works out for you tomorrow I know its hard but try to stay positive and take one day at a time, hopefully everything will be fine!

Sending positive thoughts your way keep us posted on how you are!



deedle1006 - March 14

What a Roller Coaster Ride!!!!!

So yesterday we went for a level II u/s. They completed both abdonimal and transvaginal u/s. The abdominal just showed location of the two sacks...nothing really to look at. We got very nervous during the trans. u/s because all they could find were the sacks. But I really had to pee. So after I came back they found the heart beat on the right side. It was way cool, but for not having color it looked just like the picture on the ticker. The placement looks ok. It appears that the endometreum is curling around the sacks. That means that the sacks can not grow back into the tubes. That part looks good.

Now let's talk about Leftie. They found the heart beat! However, there is a lot of vasuclar tissue surrounding it. They don't know what that means. It could grow out of it, it could cause a m/s, at this point they just aren't sure. So for now, we have twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since they are on the left side and right side of my uterus, we are calling them Rightie and Leftie. They want to monitor the progress and see what happens. It is kind of day by day for now.



Princess24 - March 15


I have been following your story and I just wanted to tell you congrats!!!!! :D I hope all goes well with the pregnancy and that you have a very healthy one. I will keep you in my prayers.

Best Wishes


Alexa - March 15

Hi Deanna,

I am glad to check in and here that everything is going well, just take a day at a time and always remain positive, I will check in from time to time and see how things are going....

My DD keeps me busy and its so hard to find time to myself...

Hi Liz, well you made it your almost there you have alittle over a month left, in a short time your TTC journey
will finally be over!



liz - March 15


Congrats! One day at a time sounds like a plan to me. Twins, that is so exciting.

Keep on growing rightie and leftie! :)

Please keep updated.

How you doing this cycle? I lost track again where you are at, injections right now?

Sounds like your little one is keeping Mommy quite busy!

I am ready now! For me it is getting old and I am just ready to meet Samantha. She has been giving me lots of discomfort today. I am sitting here at my desk counting down the min. till I can leave, 45 and counting. lol I need to lye down now! She is kicking the heck out my right rib right now. She has her little foot stuck up in there tight and has no intention of moving apparently. lol Poor thing is probably so cramped for space and she just wants to stretch out. To bad she is stretching Mommy to bits.

Take care and I will talk to you all later


Princess24 - March 16

Hey Liz,

I hope all is well, it sounds like Samantha is a lil active and she might be a gymnist, soccer player or something like that. I am so happy for you and I wish you all the happiness w/ her it is so exciting :)

I didn't O this month at least I didn't see any signs of it, but we still tried and will keep on practicing :) We haven't orderd ovulex yet, but hopefully soon like in 2wks when we get paid and Steve will start back up landscaping (his own business) soon so we will have more $$$ coming in. I hope soon we will have our bundle of joy, I just have to take it one day at a time.

I miss talking to you I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care of yourself and Samantha :)

Best Wishes,


liz - March 19

Hi Kim,

Good to hear from you! I haven't been on much lately as I am just exhuasted and often when I get home from work it is sofa time and dinner! I have also cut my hours at work so I am doing the same workload but in 6 hours a day instead of 7 plus I only work 4 days. Good for me but it is also draining.

I am doing pretty good, just ready to met our little girl at this point. 34 more days, seems like forever but I know it will be here before I know it.

Sorry to hear of the no ovulation this month. You have the right attitude, KEEP ON PRACTICING! You never can tell when it might be it. :) One day at a time is the only way you can get through the ttc roller coaster ride, atleast that is what I found for myself. It is hard sometimes but honestly focus on today and do not worry about tomorrow, you have no control over what will happen tomorrow. Stay positive and focus on getting where you dream to be. ;) My 2 cents for the day! lol

Take care of yourself.
Baby dust



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