Trying Again
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deedle1006 - February 12

Hi Guys!

I think I am losing it. ::) Today is the 8th day since IUI and I have gone from having cramps to not having cramps to having cramps on and off again. I know the first few days it was from the stimulation and the trigger shot. But know my brain is in over drive. The problem is that I am trying to compare now with 4 years ago. Like I truly remember everything from 4 years ago. I am keeping sane by doing all of my grading and entering grades into the computer. For the first time all year I am caught up on grading, my lesson plans are 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and my desk is clean. DH husband says he'll worry when the house is spotless and I start scrubing the walls. (that's what my mom does when she is nervous...clean the walls)

I have had some minor cramping today, but Friday I though I was in labor again. I had a cramp Friday night that was worse than anything I remember from giving birth. It was in my pelvic floor and my entire lower abdomen. It was sharp and constant. It lasted for about 20 minutes. I have not had anything like that before. My cramps lately have been on my left side, and that was the overy with the best follies. See here I go again.

I know enough about the cycle and how things work to know that anything I felt last week was probabley form the drug and ovualtion. And really, even for the next couple of days it is too soon to really have symptoms so I just need to chill.

I will know more tomorrow. I go in for my first blood test. I think they are just testing my progesterone, but I am not sure. I will let you know how it comes out.

Liz, we must live in roughly the same area of the country. We are supposed to get 4-8 maybe 10 inches of snow tonight.

Take care.


liz - February 12

Hi Deanna,

I am sorry you are going crazy. It is all part of it, I know you know that as well as I do. ;)

That funny about your dh and his comment about the spotless house. I too clean when I am nervous and when I am mad. All you have to do is make me made and watch out! lol

When I got my bfp I had extreme pain, actaully felt like I was getting my period, it was pretty much confined to one side or atleast it was worse on the one side, my right. I was about 14dpo when it happened and had already confirmed my pregnancy on 11dpo with blood test. Anyway I called the re's office and the nurse decided to bring me in for u/s. What they found was that from the stimulation my ovaries were very swollen and I had cysts. I just went back and re-read my journal from the beginning and I had written that I had the very painful bouts of cramps and they usually lasted 15-20 min. Maybe your ovaries are sore as well. I remember my nurse also told me that it is very common to have af like cramps in early pregnancy. You probably know that but I thought I would share anyway.

8dpo was when I started having major symptoms my biggest was tired, I was dead tired all the time, could not get enough sleep. ??? Normal, I don't know but it sure was a dead give away for me.

I would have to say they are testing your progesterone tomorrow. I always had mine tested around that time as well.

I am in PA, snow and ice is coming tomorrow night and Wed. This will be our first big snow fall for the year, so far we have just had dustings. very strange winter for us.

Well I must go, time to get dinner out.
Have a great night and good luck tomorrow! Let us know how you make out.

Take care,


Alexa - February 14

Hi Deanna & Liz

How are you guys doing? We had our first little snow storm last night and this morning but we got lucky and only have like 2" it has now turned into a mixutre of snow and rain!

Deanna I think your about 10DPO or so, how are you feeling? any signs yet? I am hoping for your BFP
this month, I sure know how frustrating this can be expecially since my cycle had to be cancelled...we do have to pay an extra $200 becuase of the situation but its not bad since they could have kept the entire amount....Just waiting on AF to show...

Liz, Hope all is well and you didn't get to much snow!

Take care ladies


liz - February 15

Hi Alexa and Deanna,

We got about 10-12" of snow with a mixture of ice. The snow is beautiful but the ice makes it very scary! Poor dh is on his own with shoveling this year especially this snow it is just too heavy. I can actually walk on top of it.

How are you feeling? We are thinking about you.

Back to work.
Talk to you later,


deedle1006 - February 15


I think I am losing It. I mean my mind that is. I have been off work for the last two days, We have gotten about 12 inches of snow and it was blowing so we have a drift in our back yard that is about as tall as me. Granted at 5'2 that's not a big challenge, but is really pretty to look at.

I am nine days past IUI, and I feel really good. I am tired. The last few night DH and I have put DS to bed at about 8:30 and gone right to bed ourselves. I have very minor cramps occassionally, and my BBs are really only sore if I think about them. The only real symptom that I have, that I had last time is that I am awake every night at about 3 until 5 am. It wasn't a big deal because I was off for the summer, this time we are in ful swing of second semester. That is a special ed teachers busy time.

Last time I had implantation bleeding and I am trying to remember what day that was, but it has been too long. I think it was on about day 11 or 12. Here again my brain is going crazy...I keep looking for that to be the ultimate sign I have a BFP. I also know not every pregnancy has implant bleeding.

I had a blood test for my progeterone level. My doctors' office believes in no news is good news. They told me the woul call if there was a problem with my levels, if the level was in the acceptable range they would not call; I haven't heard anything. They do that for the progesterone test becuase it is not an indcator of anything other than if my uterus is ready for implantation. This summer we got very excited because my progesterone was at 40 and then we got very disappointed.

I have decided not to take a HTP until maybe Monday morning. I can't do it this weekend becasue it will be kind of early. And we are having will's 3rd B-Day party and I don't want to be bumbed all day.

I will keep you all posted.


Liz, have you taken or signed up for your birthing classes and nursing classes (if you decided to nurse)?


Alexa - February 15

Hi ladies,

I will keep my fingures crossed for you Deanna I was thinking about you today! I agree with the implantation
spotting not all woman get it, I remember I had brown implantation spotting way after all the 48hr blood draws and even after my 2 U/S's it was dark brown and it only lasted a half a day....for most woman they get it even before they realize they are pregnant so I guess everyone is different and some woman never have it at all....

We only had like 2" of snow but it ended off mixing with freezing rain which made things harder to shovel and plow for my husband...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good Luck



liz - February 16

Hey Alexa and Deanna,

I am one of the women who never had implentation spotting. I have had 4 pregnancies in total and never once had it. Guess that is just me. lol

Are you on progesterone right now? I know the "looking for a sign" Hang in there you are not losing it, you are completly normal.

Happy 3rd birthday to Will. I hope he has a wonderful day. :)

We start on birthing class on March 1! ;D Then on the 6th of March I have a breastfeeding class. I am excited, She is going to be here before I know it.

I am off to do some house cleaning. I decided to start my spring cleaning early this year. Kinda ironic after we had 10 inches of snow. lol I don't know maybe I am starting to nest. Who knows but I feel the need to clean and get this house in order.

Have a great day.


deedle1006 - February 20

Hi Liz and Alexa,

Sorry I haven't written in a couple of days...we had a fun filled weekend. DS turned 3 on Saturday sao we rented a McDonald's for his kids party and then our family came to the house for a family gathering. At least that is how it was supposed to work. Friday night our sewer line decided to back up and we had to have a plumber come out Saturday morning and clean the pipes. We had 6 more inches of snow, so only one of the 9 kids we invited showed to the party. It was Will's best friend in the whole world ...Samantha, so he was is 7th heaven because they had the entire playland to themselves. And this morning DH had sinus surgery.

I think this was God's way of keeping me busy and not going crazy. I go in for my beta tomorrow. i have not taken a HPT yet and I am not going to. I have been taking my temp every morning. I know the progesterone supps can make that invalid, but it is keeping me positive right now. I have no symptom at all. I am tired, but not like I have heard some people describe. My bbs feel sore if I think about them, and I have mild cramps on and off. SO we will do the beta and get it over with.


How are you coming in the process again? Did I understand you correctly, once af comes you will go on bc for 21 days and then start another cycle? That is what we had to do with Will, I hyperstimualted my first round of gonal f and they put me on bc to "calm" everything down before we tried again.

I wish you well and I will have news tomorrow.



deedle1006 - February 21

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I got my numbers this afternoon.....257. I go in for my 6 week us on 3/6.

That 2 down and 1 to go ....Alexa it is your turn next!



Alexa - February 21

Hi ladies,

I am back on here I could not log on for the past couple of days I wanted to say Congrats again to you Deanna I am very happy for you as I mentioned to you in my email, thats awesome news...

I received my period last Wed. and started the BCP on day 3 Friday so I have another 2 weeks of pills :( what a long process.....

If you don't hear from me it means I am having more problems with my log on ID...grrrrrrr

Liz good luck with your birthing classes DH and I went and had a great time it was lots of fun every time you would ask a question they handed you a basket of goodies and you got to pick something out, I grabbed all the diapers I came home with almost 2 packs of diapers and they sent us home with a care package with alot of nice gifts in it.....

Take care


liz - February 21

Woo Hoo Deanna! Congratulations! ;D

You know I had a feeling you were going to get a bfp this month. I don't know why I just felt it inside.

How many dpo are you? Your numbers look great!

Oh I am so happy for you and dh, it is just so exciting. ;D

Sorry to hear you are having log in trouble. Do you remember back in Aug/Sept. we had all that trouble logging in? I wanted to scream.

Glad to hear af arrived, well not glad she arrived but glad you are able to start your process again. I am hoping this month goes alot better then last month for you.

Deanna is right, it is your turn!

Please keep us posted on how you are doing and Deanna take it easy and be sure to post on your progress. I am excited to hear all about it. :)

As for me I went in for a doc appointment today. Not scheduled but I had some more problems last night. Yes, imagine that me and problems. I was having really bad cramping down low and bad back pain. When I stood up I felt like she was going to come right out the pressure was so strong. Anyway when I called this morning the nurse said she wanted me in for an internal. They did the internal and my cervix is still closed but Samantha is pressing hard and down low. I think she is getting tired of her cramped space. They did the test to see if I have a chance of going into labor in the next couple of weeks, the results should be back in a couple of days. I have also started swelling up, this is the first time so far in the pregnancy so we shall see what happens from here. I am going to the doctor every week now and I have also cut my hours back at work. I am going to desperatly try to avoid bed rest so I decided to make some changes to enable me more rest. Wish me luck! I really think everyting will be just fine and she will stay for awhile longer but I also think she is pushing herself to get out. lol

I will talk to you both later.
Take care,

Take care,


Ladybug - February 21

Deanna, I just wanted to say congradtulatons!!!! I thought you had a BFN and had disappeared. I was worried about you and now am relieved to hear that you also have a BFP!! My u/s is on the 2nd just a few days before you.


Alexa - February 21

Hi Ladies,

Liz hang in there you will be fine maybe baby Samantha is just moving around and she doesn't have that much space I remember when I had almost 1 month left my Feet, Ankles and legs swelled up thats normal!

As far as the pressure maybe you are just carrying low
Maybe its a good idea to keep off your feet and rest its a good sign that your Cervix is still closed the last month my Cervix was dialated 1-2cm and I ended up having my DD full term and even 4 days late!

Hang in there Liz you and the baby are a fighter and I know everything will be fine!

Please keep us posted on how you are doing!



deedle1006 - February 21

Hi Ladies,


I am glad you get to start the process again. I know you are concerned about this IVF not taking because it usually takes 2 tries. One of the Drs on the other boards, on this site mentioned something about the fact that since I have a full term preg before, my uterus is primed and this process should be easier and greater possiblitiy of multiples. So, maybe you will have to buy a bigger house.


You made a good choice to reduce your work hours. I had some issues with water retention after about 30 weeks. My Dr recommeded surgical sock to help keep the swelling down. I also drank lots of water. I don't truly understand the science, but the more you dirnk, the less you keep.

When you go for your classes be ware of the getting to know you games... if they hand you a roll of toliet paper and say "take as many squares as you use"...BE Careful! The next step is to have everyone introduce themselves and say one thing about themselves for every square they have. I knew becasue that is an old teacher trick, but some people wrote a novel.

How long had you planned on working? I had thought I wanted to go up unitl I went into labor, but it didn't work that way. My Blood pressure went up my last 2 weeks and they put me off work. And it was great. I had the chance to get some rest, and do those little things that you never seem to be able to get done. I know we have all gone down this road and can't wait for our baby, but remember this will be the last time you truly have "me" time for years. Take some time for yourself and for DH. I would not change anything, but those first few months can be hard, even with support...take some time for you!!!!!!!!!

And keep us posted. You are almost at the finish line, just a few maore weeks and Samantha will be full term, isn't 34 or 36 weeks.

I am 17 dpo we had our IUI on 2/5. So I don't think that the number is to out of control to warrant the idea of twins. Although DH and step daughter are praying for twin boys. (step daughter wants to make sure she always has her own room...she is 13 ;))


if you can't get through to log in please keep in ouch through email. I will pass on the info so we can keep the postive chain going!



liz - February 24

Hey there Deanna and Alexa,

I had a min and wanted to log on and check on you both. Everything is going well here, just very tired, all normal though as you are both very well aware. ;)

How are you feeling? I have been thinking about, hoping all is well with you and your little bean! :)

I am trying to remember did you have bw done this week before you started your bcp's or am I just losing my mind? Quite a good possibility. lol How are you doing?

Take care,


Alexa - February 26

Hi Liz & Deanna,

Liz, I am happy to hear that your doing well and that baby Samantha is still very comfy in your tummy what a long ride it has been for you but hang in there your almost there!

I am doing well I have 2 more weeks left of pills and then they will do bloods and U/S on day 2 of my period if my ovaries are clear then they start my stimming that night last month it took me 7 days of stims, its going to run into my daughters birthday party so I am trying to figure out when I can have it hopfully it won't run into the retrieval or transfer time...

Deanna, Hope your feeling prego it won't be to long before your U/S.....

Talk to you guys soon



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