Trying Again
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deedle1006 - January 31

Howdy All!

I had another bw and us this moring. I now have 4 follicules. 2 on each side. They are still kind of small but they are growing. 1 is 14, another is 13 and the last 2 are about 10+. I go again Friday and the doc will decide when I will take my trigger shot. DH can't wait he loves his part in the IUI process. :P


How are the shots going? Have you tried using an ice pack after you take your injection. That might stop the blood from pooling and causing bruises. That was what a friend of mine was told whe nshe went through IVF. She said it helped some.

The nurse at the dr office was so apologetic today. Last time I was in my vein blew and I have a bruise on my arm. It is not a big deal to me, but she was so worried about the bruise.

I will keep you posted. We have BFP in our near future!!!!



Alexa - January 31

Hi ladies,

Well I went for bloods and U/S today the nurse left a message on the machine looks like the retrieval will most likely be this weekend maybe Sat or Sun this was just a guess according to how things are going...

I am nervous because I know I don't have very many follicles like a younger person would for IVF so hopefully some will survive to transfer, I am soooo nervous and scared right now, I will keep you
posted...Good luck on your growing follies Deanna..

The phlebotamists use a 22G needle they are the huge ones my arms are always bruised my husband hated getting his blood drawn there because they bruised him badly all the time! They never say sorry once I left there trickeling blood all over the hallway because they never applied pressure after drawing the blood .. ???

BFP wishes for us! ;)

Liz, I hope your belly is growing nice and big!



deedle1006 - February 4

Hi all!

We had another us and bw on Friday. It appears we have 4 possible follicles, but one really good one. I took my trigger shot last night, and wer go for the IUI on Monday morning. I anm not sure if it is because of being on different meds than before or not, but last night after the trigger shot I got very nuaseated and I have been exhausted for the last three days.


How are things going? I hope the retrieval goes well. I'll race you to the BFP.



liz - February 5

Good morning ladies

Good luck with your IUI this morning! I am crossing my fingers!

How are you doing? Did you have your transfer over the weekend?


Alexa - February 5


My cycle was unfortunately cancelled because friday night I started throwing up and caught the stomach virus that had been going around for weeks I went to the hospital Friday night and they kept me in the emergency room all night till 9am hydrating me..

My husband called the RE's and they said at first they
would delay it but then on our way there they called my husbands cell phone and changed there minds and didn't think it would be safe to put my under anethesia under the circumstances...I am really upset all the injecting what were the chances I would get sick the night before my retrieval..I still don't feel back to my normal self...

They are kind enough to give us our money back there policy really is to keep 90% of a cancelled cycle right before retrieval but they are refunding us 100%..
our plan is to try again next month...

Deanna good luck with your IUI cycle I will check in from time to time and see how you are doing!
Take care


liz - February 5


Oh my gosh I am so sorry to hear you were so sick and your cycle was cancelled. You poor dear. How are you feeling now?

I am sure you are really bummed out about the cancelled cycle, I know I would be a wreck after everything you went through this month. That is very good news that they decided to refund you 100%. What will happen with the meds? I believe you had a small co pay so hopefully it is not too bad for you. Remember I have that box of Metephur if you want it I will gladly send it to you, it expires in May.

I hope you are feeling better.
Take care,


deedle1006 - February 6

Hi Ladies,

I hope you feel better. As hard as it maybe to take I think your re was right to not put you under with all the issues you were having. That is great that they refunded all your money! (You don't see that often) I hope you are feeling better!

We had the IUI this morning. 14.5 million swimmers are on there way to meet my girls. I go back tot he dr on th 13th and 20th to monitor my hormone levels. Thye don't have me taking a preg. test until the 20th. Please...I have 2 left from my cycle this summer like I won't be poping those open in about 10 days.

Alexa, Take Care and keep in touch! It is only a week or so before you start again, and who knows maybe we will be doing this together again next cycle.



Alexa - February 6

Hi Liz & Deanna

I am feeling better today and almost back to normal and tried very hard not to pass it to DH and DD so far it worked...

I spoke to the Head Nurse that coordinates all the cycles she was very nice..sometimes I think they hate calling me I am the one that asks to many questions and I think I make them work harder...

We are going to wait till my next period which should begin in two weeks I think she wanted to do an U/S on day 2 instead of putting my straight on the pill for a hopeful chance I would have no residuals but she is guessing with this cycle there would be since I had 9 follicles...I swear I have bad luck! LOL

Liz I hope your feeling great your almost there and Deanna I want to wish you luck on this cycle remember positive thoughts only!



liz - February 7

Hello Ladies,

I am glad you are feeling better and thankful your dh and dd seem to ecaspe the sickness.

I can relate to feeling of you thinking your doctors office hates you calling. I was and still am the same way. I called my re's office all the time and had so many questions. I am the same way with the ob office except I don't call quite as much, I am still every bit of a pain though when I get something stuck in my head I have to ask. You just ask away, the only way we know is to ask right?

I hope you are taking it easy and you are working on building a little one this cycle. I am crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for a bfp, I can't wait to hear how you are making out.

Talk to you later


deedle1006 - February 7

AUGH! I hate the tww!!! my brain has already kicked into overdrive. only ten more days until I can POS.

I am sure you were not even romtely in the mood this weekend, but did your re tell you if you would ovulate any of your follicles? I was just thinking that if you and DH had baby danced their might have been a remote chance. I will go out a limb and guess you were not in the mood to have anyone near you this weekend. But you know us women ttc always looking for that outside chance of a BFP on every cycle.

I am glade to hear that you are feeling better and that DH and DD didnot get it.

Take care! I will keep you posted of my progress! Always positive.

Deanna ;D


Alexa - February 8

Hello Ladies,

The nurse called me back today to let me know that my RE would like me to have the same protocol as this last cycle since I responded so well, so after AF shows I will have to take the pill for 21 days ALL OVER AGAIN..:(

I am so scared that I am going to get sick at the wrong time again, hopefully my luck starts to change soon...

Liz hope your belly is growing nice and big, Deanna How are you feeling? I want to hear great news within the next week or so, hang in there and keep busy....

Take care ladies


liz - February 9

Good Morning Deanna and Alexa,

How is the dreaded 2ww going for you? I hope you are staying sane. When I was reading your post I was remembering like it was yesterday how I felt on the 2ww. I think my husband was about ready to move to the guarage. lol I am an overanaylzer (by the way not so good in pregancy for me having that trait) so everytime I would feel something different I would run to the computer or grab my books and start researching. I would drive myself crazy. Then the month I did conceive I felt completly different than the other months and I was too scared to believe it could be happening. I was afraid of the let down but in the end it was no let down it was the real deal.

I am glad you are feeling better. Sorry to hear about the 21 days of bcp's again. The only think I can say is hang in there and patience is a virtue here. If you are anything like me patience is not really my strong point when it comes to this whole baby making and carrying process. lol

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. I was worried because I felt she was not moving around enough. By the way this is the 2nd week in a row I was in to the doctor for an unscheduled visit because I was nervous about her movements. Last week they did a non-stress test and she was perfect. It was funny first they listened to her heartbeat and it was great and she was moving around the whole time they listened. Yesterday the same thing I hadn't felt her all morning and then we go into the office and as soon as they put the doopler on her she is starts kicking and moving all around, they actually had to chase her down to keep listening to her heart. They were going to do another non stress test but I asked for an u/s since we haven't had one since 22 weeks and I wanted a growth check on her because of the problem we had (Alexa you remember the cyst in her head back in Novemeber?) They agreed and we got quite the little show. She was in there moving all around, she was opening and closing her mouth which was aweseome the tech said she is talking to you and telling you to relax then she took her pointer finger stuck it straight up and was moving it all around. Dh and I laughed and said now she is giving me hell for worrying about her all the time. Everything looks perfect, no cyst, her size is 3lbs and 13 oz. which is in the 82 percentile. She also has long legs, just like mommy. I still can't believe she is going to be here in 10 weeks, actaully hopefully a little sooner so I don't have a 10lb baby. lol

Thats about it here. I hope you are hanging in there Deanna and Alexa I hope the next 2 weeks till af's arrival fly by for you!

I will talk to you guys later


Alexa - February 9

Hi Liz,

I am happy to hear that everything is great, don't worry so much about the movement I know you have been through alot I remember towards the end of my pregnancy I didn't feel my DD as much they say as the
baby grows and gets bigger there is less room to move around in the belly!

Try not to worry so much anymore you really are past that point! Believe me once their born that worry never goes away, it just grows...LOL Take it from me I always worry about my DD I am going to hate the day I will have to put her in Pre-school in the care of a stranger
she will be 3 in March and that time for Pre-school is right around the corner :(

Deanna I hope your feeling a BFP around the corner!

Take care


deedle1006 - February 9

Hi Ladies,

I am trying my hardest to stay sane, but when it is a short trip to loose your sanity it is much more difficult. One of my students today noticed that I was a little edgey, another one said..."a little?" I had to laugh at myself and no one knew why.


You mentioned the day your DD goes to school, my advice lots of tissue!!!! When I first took DS to daycare at 8 weeks I felt like the worst mother in the world and cried for hours. It is so hard to let go. DH has a 13 yera old DD form previous only gets worse!?


I think your little one is messing with you even before she hits her teens. I had the same concerns with DS. It turned out that my sac was too big for him and I just couldnot feel him moving all the time. In my 38th week, I really freaked out and call the Dr because I swore it had been days since I felt him move. There advice seemed very weird, but it was amzingly true. I was cafine free the entire preg, so they told me to drink a small glass of cafinated pop, tea, coffee and if I didn't feel anything in 20 minutes to call them back. In about 5 minute Will was running a triathalon. I felt much better.

Keeping positive and smiling daily.



liz - February 12

Hi Dianna and Alexa,

You are right I need to stop worrying so much but I just can't help it, it is apparently my nature. lol
How are you feeling?

How are you staying sane? I know how hard it is to keep yourself from going banannas. How many dpo are you now?

I am off to get some work done. We are sopossed to get snow tomorrow, snow and ice Wed., I have to get a jump start on my work in case I am stuck at home!

Take care,


deedle1006 - February 12

Hi Guys!

I think I am losing it. ::) Today is the 8th day since IUI and I have gone from having cramps to not having cramps to having cramps on and off again. I know the first few days it was from the stimulation and the trigger shot. But know my brain is in over drive. The problem is that I am trying to compare now with 4 years ago. Like I truly remember everything from 4 years ago. I am keeping sane by doing all of my grading and entering grades into the computer. For the first time all year I am caught up on grading, my lesson plans are 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and my desk is clean. DH husband says he'll worry when the house is spotless and I start scrubing the walls. (that's what my mom does when she is nervous...clean the walls)

I have had some minor cramping today, but Friday I though I was in labor again. I had a cramp Friday night that was worse than anything I remember from giving birth. It was in my pelvic floor and my entire lower abdomen. It was sharp and constant. It lasted for about 20 minutes. I have not had anything like that before. My cramps lately have been on my left side, and that was the overy with the best follies. See here I go again.

I know enough about the cycle and how things work to know that anything I felt last week was probabley form the drug and ovualtion. And really, even for the next couple of days it is too soon to really have symptoms so I just need to chill.

I will know more tomorrow. I go in for my first blood test. I think they are just testing my progesterone, but I am not sure. I will let you know how it comes out.

Liz, we must live in roughly the same area of the country. We are supposed to get 4-8 maybe 10 inches of snow tonight.

Take care.



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