Trying Again
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deedle1006 - January 15

I am back again!

I was at this site this summer when DH and I completed a BFN clomid IUI cycle. We had to take a break after that because I had a little accident. I broke my leg in 2 places trying to teach my 13 yr old step-daughter how to use a skim-board. OOPS! :-\

Now that ther new year has started it is time to get serious again. I am on my 10 days of supplements to start my cycle so we can complete another IUI cycle, but this time we are going to use Gonal-F. It worked for us about 4 years ago to concieve our son. Is anyone out there starting a cycle soon and might want a buddy.

Liz...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D I go away for 6 months and come back to great news for you! I hope you are doing well!



Alexa - January 16

Hi Deanna,

I remember a while back we use to email each other
back and forth..I am glad to see your ready to start trying again!

I had 5 failed IUI's so I didn't see a point to continue with them and we decided to move on to IVF actually I wish I started off with IVF but I thought it would more expensive than what we have to pay out of pocket....

How is your son doing? My daughter is doing great she is growing like a weed it sure would be great to give her a sibling!

I want to wish you much luck on TTC, I sure know how frustrating and trying it can be..



liz - January 16

Hi Deanna -

Great to hear from you, I am so happy to hear you are back in the game. I thought about you often and hoped to see you back again soon. I remembered you were going ot take a break till fall if I am not mistaken.

I am doing very well! Excited for the arrival our little Samantha in April. It has been a long, long journey and I am definatly ready for t meet her. I can't remember exaclty when the last time I was we spoke, I am asuming June or July. I was on Repronex injections for the second month and low and behold I got my bfp. I was pregnant with twins but sadly I lost one at about 8 weeks. Like I said it has been one long journey.

Please keep us updated on how you are. It is so great to see you back again.

Take care and good luck


deedle1006 - January 18

It is good to be back in the game! The months of Aug and Sept were awful. I was on crutches and not doing much of anything. It has been very cute though, now every time my almost 3yr old doesn't want to do something he says he can't because he has a broken leg.. He has put in his vote he wants a baby sister and my step daughter wants a baby brother...she doesn't want to have to share a room.

As for DH we just want a healthy, uneventful cycle that ends with a BFP. We actually would love to have twins, but we won't be greedy. We will start shots probably Friday of next week. I am looking forward to this cycle...I think this is the one.

Alexa, how is the IVF going? If this cycle doesn't work that is the route we are going to take. I will send postive thoughts in your directions!

I'll keep you posted if you do the same.

Liz, I am sorry to hear about the twin! WHat a beautiful name Samantha. My son's best /girl friend at day care is named Samantha. Please keep posted on your progress.



Alexa - January 19

Hi Deanna,

Good luck on your cycle, I did injections and they aren't so bad the needle is thin and glides right into your stomach, my husband gives me the injections I am to scared to do it myself, this way he feels apart of the process also...

You should see the needle that I have to inject into the butt area its long and thick but they say it isn't so bad
I dont have to worry about that just yet that happens after they implant the embryos..

What drug are they having you inject?

Keep us posted when you start your cycle!



deedle1006 - January 21


I should be starting my injections by the end of this week. I am taking follistim 75 IU's to start with and then ovidrel to trigger. Our insurnace had the meds sent to my house and there is was a shock for me in with the meds. my re has prescribed progeterone suppositories as well. There are 21 pills so I am guessing after we do the IUI I will get to depostie my meds.

This is different form any other cycle I have completed. When we conceived our son we did gonal f ovidrel and an IUI and then waited 2weeks. I will have to ask him when I go in form my baselines.



liz - January 22

Hello Ladies,

Sounds like you had quite an Aug. and Sept. I am glad to hear you are back on fully recovered.

It sounds like you are moving right along with your cycle this month. How exciting. I always looked so forward to a new cycle, a new month, a new shot at reaching my goal. It was stressful of course but it was nice to be actively pursueing the goal!

I was on Progesterone suppsitories from 2dpo until I reached the end of my first trimester. My re always percribes them when doing treatments. I got used to it and actually it really was not so bad. I know a lot of women really complain about them but for me it was ok. I didn't have any crazy side effects and really the only drag was my husband waking me up to insert the supp at 4:30 in the morning because you have to stay laying for atleast a half an hour. Don't get me wrong I was thankful to be off of them but I would do it any day, it was really not a big deal.

How are you feeling? Getting close to your retrival soon if I am not mistaken I think you said the beginning of Feb. How are the injections coming along?

Back to work I must go! :)

Have a great day.


Alexa - January 22

Hi Deanna,

I will be using Follistim and ovidrel for the trigger shot,
the progesterone supp are not a big deal like liz said but for me they made my boobs sore and they made me very tired all the time and they made me pee frequently it almost makes you think your pregnant but thats just what I experienced, I am going to be injecting the progesterone so I don't know if my symptoms will be the same hopefully not, good luck with the injections
and keep us posted...

Hi Liz, I haven't started injecting yet I just finished the BCP pills for 21 days so I am waiting for my period which should start within the next week, on day 2 I would have bloods and U/S if all looks well then I will start injecting and hope and pray for the best, While on clomid I produced 5-6 follicles on ea ovary so with the intense injecting I am praying for way more, not bad for an old person.......LOL :)

I will keep in touch...


liz - January 23

Good morning ladies,

I had the same side effects with the progesterone with the sore breasts. I am not sure if the tiredness was from the progesterone or just pregnancy for me but I think it might have been a combo of both. I think that unfortunatly you may have the same side effects with the injections because it is still progesterone. I really hope it is not too bad for you.

Sorry I was alittle ahead with your cycle. Pregnancy makes your mind a little wacky, just wait you will see again soon. :)

I remember you having such a good follicle count on Clomid. You should do awesome. I can't wait till you get your first count and we can see how many you are possibly looking at.

I am so excited for both of you! Please keep me updated on how you are progressing!

Have a great day


deedle1006 - January 25


I went yesterday for my baseline u/s and bw. I started with my shots last night. I am using the Foliistim pen and it is so much easier than the individual injections that I used 4 years ago. This is almost idiot proof... and some days I can really use that. I do not remember any real side effects from the gonal f last time, but this mornign i cried myself to work. They have a commerical for the 3 day breast cancer walk and it is a young woman telling how she and her father did the walk to support her mother...Mom was at the end cheering them on. I balled for 20 minutes. Aren't hormones GREAT! ;D


I sounds like we are about on the same timing again. This time I know it is going to be our turn for a BFP!!!!!! ;) I have decidedd no more I wish and I hope ... It is just going to be. We had a seminar this afternoon at school about being more positive with students and the power of positive thought. So lets put it to good use.


I have been thiniking about your m/c twin. When i was preg with Will, we went for our first u/s @ 7 weeks and saw his heart beat (WAY WAY COOL) and they saw something else in the back ground but could not tell what it was. At nine weeks I had one day of bleeding, the dr was not concerned about it, I was freaked out. I went back in and had another u/s and the area that they couldn't id was gone. I have always thought that was a twin, but we could never confirm that. Was that anything like how you knew you had m/c the twin? Just curious.

I will continue postive thoughts and prayers for all.



Alexa - January 26

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing great, I started my injections last night also...I am going through two injections at the moment, follistim with the pen and Menopur which you have to mix with Q Caps, I have to inject 350 units of Follistim very scary since I only had to inject 100units for my IUI's the Menopur shot hurt when DH was injecting but I was fine after, for a brief moment I thought I can't do this, because I am going to have to have more shots along the way as they direct me too..but I am fine now..

I go back on Monday for BW and U/S I am guessing what ever follicles are there on Monday will be it for the cycle since they are all supose to grow at exactly the same time, Deanna I am going to use that positive energy that you are talking about! I am praying for our BFP, we have to catch up to Liz..:)

Liz, I hope your doing great! have you bought any cute outfits that you just couldn't resist, I know how hard it was not to buy things to soon, but I remember caving in and buying a few...LOL

Take care ladies


deedle1006 - January 29

Hi Ladies!


How are your injections going? I can't believe the amount of Follistim you are on. I am sure that is normal I jsut know if i was on that much I would be in the hosp with hyperstim big time...I have 30+ eggs with 1/2 that amount when we ttc our son. Are the injections getting better?

I go to the re tomorrow for bw and us to see if all is going weel. I have not had any other side effects since the commercial incident. Although about 2 hours after I take my shot, 75 units, I am wiped out and could sleep for days.


If you want to avoid the impluse spending don't go shopping with your husband for clothes for the baby too often. I could go with anyone and control the impluse to buy the "way too cute" outfit or toy, but when DH and I would go shopping it was BAD! We started calling Target..."about $100" because everytime we went in to the story we would spend about $100 on clothes toys.....whether we needed it or not. But I would not change a momment of any of it.

Take care!
Deanna ;D


liz - January 29

Hi Ladies,

How are we making out? It sounds like you both went for bw and u/s today. I am anxious to hear how many little follicles you got going on in there. :)

They saw I was pregnant with twins at my 5 week u/s. There were 2 gestation sacs and 2 fetal poles. I went in at 6 weeks for another u/s and they heard both hearbeats. There was a fluid filled sac that they called a "black and blue" above baby b's sac. They wanted to see me back in 2 weeks to review becasue my re could not tell what was going on but he did tell us it could possibly be a miscarriage starting. At 8 weeks I went back and baby b did not develope. The sac was there up till 22 weeks. From my understanding it is so common with twin pregnancies and for some women they never know. I would never have know if I would not have had those 2 early u/s because I was on injections. I would say that you could have had the vanishing twin as they call it or it could have just been a bruise. I have heard of both from my re and ob.

Let me know how you guys made out.

Hope to hear from you soon
Take care


deedle1006 - January 30

Hey guys,

Well I had bw and us this moring and everything is going well. I was hoping for a few more eggs but I still have a couple of days. I have 2 on my left side and 1 on my right. The problem with PCOS is that you walk a very thin line. I am only getting 3 eggs with 75 units, but I might hyperstim with 100 units. And it only takes one egg and one sperm.

your explaination makes good sense. That might be why the re at the time was not but so concerned about the bleeding.

Keeping positive!


Alexa - January 30

Hi ladies,

I also went for my U/S and BW yesterday morning I have 4 on the left and 5 follies on the right so a total of 9 is going to be it, I have a few smaller ones but I doubt they will be able to catch up, I was really hoping for more, I guess I shouldn't be greedy at 40...

The U/S tech was cranky, I asked her if I had enough follies and she said they like to see more than 3 .

I think for my age group she said they rarely see more than 10 follies, I guess I will be lucky if they are able to transfer at least 2 embryos since most do not make it to transfer.

My stomach is all black and blue from the injections and I had to inject Ganerelix this morning at 7am that hurt!

Praying hard for a BFP!

I will keep you guys posted!


liz - January 30

Good morning Ladies,

Keep positive and like you said remember it only takes 1! Please try not to be disappointed you are doing great!
I wanted to say that I am not sure what day you are on but I had more follicles develope after my first u/s and they actually caught up to the others. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

You are quite a little cooker in there. :) You respond very well to the medications.
What is the Gamerelix? I have never heard of that one. I was fortunate not to get black and blue except one time and it was actually the first injection we did. They told me that we hit a blood vessel and that is what cuased the bruising. After that I never had a nother black and blue and I really was not to sore. I guess I was very fortunate.

When do you ladies go for your next round of u/s and bw?

I am praying BFP for both of you this month. :)

Take care,


deedle1006 - January 31

Howdy All!

I had another bw and us this moring. I now have 4 follicules. 2 on each side. They are still kind of small but they are growing. 1 is 14, another is 13 and the last 2 are about 10+. I go again Friday and the doc will decide when I will take my trigger shot. DH can't wait he loves his part in the IUI process. :P


How are the shots going? Have you tried using an ice pack after you take your injection. That might stop the blood from pooling and causing bruises. That was what a friend of mine was told whe nshe went through IVF. She said it helped some.

The nurse at the dr office was so apologetic today. Last time I was in my vein blew and I have a bruise on my arm. It is not a big deal to me, but she was so worried about the bruise.

I will keep you posted. We have BFP in our near future!!!!




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