Transfer set for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, of Wednesday
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TTC in SoCal - April 15

good luck, lindsey... lots of positive thoughts coming your way. :-)


WantsBaby2 - April 15

Good luck with the 2ww Lindsey! Come here and chat with us often. I am glad the transfer went well for you. I truly hope this is the one! This could be it!!! Take care of yourself!


lindsey - April 16

I made it through the one week. Next week is going to be the longest week in history for me anyway! I have my pregnancy test on Friday at 7:30 am. I am having them call my DH with the results. I just can't deal with any bad news. My husband is already mad that only 2 were transfered. So, he can vent to them if it's anything but positive! Of course it will positive though.....I keep telling myself that anyway! Did any one catch the surrogate on the Today Show on Wednesday ---- she is carrying 5 babies! She looks like she has a giant beach ball in her belly! After that I was okay with the two!


cassandra - April 16

Linsey, Time flies! it's already been a week! I will be looking for your post on Fri. make sure dh asks about beta numbers!Best of luck to you! I'll be hoping for a BFP! ;D cassandra


lindsey - April 16

I am glad that you said that Cassanda about the beta numbers. What is the significance of knowing that? I have really been confused when I heard members talk about that!


cassandra - April 16

Lindsey, I think knowing your beta # is powerful information. Yours should be between 50-100. I don't want to be a downer but my last IVF they called and just said congrats. What I found out later, then joined this group was that my beta was only 7. They DIDN'T tell me THAT.Personally I would rather know if I had achance then to tell me I'm pregant only to lose it a couple days later. That was a hell of a ride, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Again, this only my personal opinion. I just feel that knowledge is power. Good luck to you sweetie! cassandra


lindsey - April 16

Great! Thanks for letting me know. I will have my DH ask them that if it is a +. Now they get this from the blood test? Yeah ---- I see what you mean about wanting to know what the number is and thanks for letting me know what it should be. I have no idea about any of this. I guess that is because both my IVF's were negative. You are right....knowledge definitely is power. I think both my DH and I have just been going through all this with blinders on...... there's definitely many things I would have done differently since I began all this infertility stuff. THANKS!!!


ElizabethS - April 16

lindsey - good luck with the wait! I did catch the Today show last week, and oh my GOSH!!! She was huge. :)

I had my transfer last Thursday (IVF - 8 cells) and I will know by next Saturday if it worked. I am concerned that everyone else has to wait two weeks?

Has anyone heard of only waiting one week? I am glad I don't have to wait two, but I am concerned about the accuracy.

anyways best of luck and baby dust!


TTC in SoCal - April 17

Good luck lindsey... home stretch for you!!!
beta numbers are hcg (and sometimes progesterone). hcg should double ever couple of days and anything over 25 is pregnant. so whatever the number is on that day, they will do a test again in a few days or a week and make sure the hcg is rising appropriately.
sending you wishes for a bfp!!!!


lindsey - April 17

Okay... this has nothing to do with infertility or my transfer.... but I thought I would share my anniversary dinner with you ladies!!!

Last night we celebrated 13 years at Roy's. I had this sexy slinky dress to wear....but wouldn't you know.... the cold front has hit us here in Florida... so that dress was OUT! If you don't have a Roy's near you...... the restaurant is fantastic! It was originally started in Hawaii --- I think. The food is unbelivable! When we got there the hostess put us in a busy aisle......YUK! So we asked to be moved and literally got the best seat in the house. It was a table where you could see everything going on in the restaurant. They have a prix fix dinner which includes an appitizer sampler, an entree, and their famous souffle... which is a chocolate volcano that has chocolate syrup that flows out like lava! It was a wonderful evening. When they brought our the volcanos they had a candle lit and on the plate it said in Hawaiian Happy 13th. Delicious! it took my mind off all this stuff! ;D


WantsBaby2 - April 17

Happy anniversary Lindsey!
I am glad you had such a good time. I don't think we have those restaurants in Chicago, at least I have never heard of them. It's nice when we can celebrate those special moments in our life......hopefully we will be celebrating something else really special for you soon!!!! ;)



meridithhasfaith - April 17

Hi Lindsey
Sounds like a great anniversary! Anything to take your mind off of this stuff is welcome, eh?

So your pg test is this Friday the 22? +++ thoughts going your way!



TTC in SoCal - April 17

congratulations, Lindsey!!! We have Roy's out here and it is a great place!!! sadly, though, we celebrated getting pregnant there, so i don't want to celebrate there again :-)
hope all goes well with your wait :-)


lindsey - April 18

I completely understand why you would not want to go there TTC. I actually have quite a few restaurants on my own here that just bring up bad memories.

I had a bit of a scare yesterday. I had a eraser size spot of blood. But no more since then. I told my DH and he of course began thinking the worse. Blaming the doctor, his bad luck....what did he do to deserve this, etc. Geeez....I shouldn't have said anything. I didn't call the RN. Does anyone think I should? Maybe it was an isolated spot? That was about 24 hours ago since the spot was noticed. Anyway.....he made me begin to have my own doubts too. I was feeling really good and positive until I noticed the tiny speckle of blood. Will Friday ever get here?????? I'm not doing a HPT ---- I just cannot deal with it!


TTC in SoCal - April 18

could be implantation bleeding. i wouldn't worry unless you are cramping, etc. your DH is just worrying for you. I guess they really worry and feel even worse because they can do nothing about it. hang in there... friday's coming!!!



meridithhasfaith - April 18

Hi Lindsey

I bet you were so shocked when you saw that blood. I have to say that I read a lot of posts on 4 different ttc sites and I have read over and over how women will get some spotting well before the pg test and be pg. It has usually indicated multiples but that's jumping the gun. I wouldn't worry if it wasn't painful and if it's gone now.
I tend to think any kind of action going on in there other than AF is an excellent sign. Take care and try to relax. Only a few more days!




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