Transfer set for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, of Wednesday
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lindsey - April 4

Well..... I feel really good. I talked to my RN and she said depending on the eggs..... the transfer will be either Sunday (if it is a 2 day transfer) or Monday, Tuesday,or Wednesday.

The best news is ..... I get to be at school on Thursday which is our Playday (a day of play for the kids.... they go to different stations and do various games with an outside bbq) and Friday is our BIG 5th grade field trip that I thought I would have to miss. We go to Bush Gardens for the day ..... 5am leave and return 11pm. I have spent two years with my students and it made me sad to think I wouldn't get to have fun with them on the field trip after we have worked so hard this year. I just felt like I was beginning my IVF on a bad note having to miss something I really wanted to attend. YIPEEE!!!! I get to go on the field trip...... Of course the DH doesn't understand why I even want to go! Men!


Fortyfour - April 6

Thanks Lindsey, I hope she is perculating lots of embies for you. It sounds really good for you. Baby dust is coming your way. Take care.


lindsey - April 6

The appointment went well today. The transfer will be on Sunday or Tuesday and they will let us know on Friday. The doctor didn't say much. I talked to the nurse about the lining and she said everything looks good. Moving along....... I find out if it worked out on a positive note on April 22. It is funny to have that date.... when the transfer hasn't even happened yet.


Fortyfour - April 7

Good luck my friend and keep in touch with us. I am praying for you.


lindsey - April 9

Well..... the transfer is set for Tuesday. So it will be a 4 day transfer. The egg quality of the 7 eggs is 4 grade 2, 2 grade 3 and 1 grade 4. The doctor wants to implant 2 eggs. Any input? I was hoping the transfer would be tomorrow. My husband wants him to be more aggressive since we have had no pregnancies from the 2 IVF. The RN said that we can discuss this with the doctor. Any advice? I wish the transfer was tomorrow....the waiting.... it is a killer. :(


meridithhasfaith - April 9


Congratulations on getting to the fertilization stage! Yeah! As Tom Petty said, "The waiting, is the hardest part" Isn't that the truth!

As far as transfering only 2 embryos, did he say why only 2? I would think even at my age (36) if I get to that point, I would want at least 3 transfered, if I have them. You are 42 and he wants to do only 2? Is that because they are from a donor and the chances of implantation are very good?

Also, are they going to do assisted hatching or is that not a factor at a 4 day transfer?

My advice is to speak up and tell the RE and the embryologist your feelings on the matter. Call if you have to. If you want a 2 or 3 day or if you want more than 2 embies transfered, the only way they will know is if you speak up. It might not change anything, they have the degrees and should know what they are doing but, if they know you want to be aggressive, then it might change somethings. Worth a try, you know?

Good luck and let us know!



Fortyfour - April 9

They transfer the amt of eggs according to the age of the donor and not the reciepient. If the donor is in her 20s they do 2. I would talk to the doc about putting 3 in there. I would prefer a later date transfer because you have a better idea which embies have made it so far and they can put the strongest and best in there.

Dont let your age worry you. We have healthy uteruses, they give us the hormones we need and all we need is a strong embie to implant and grow. Good luck my friend. Keep in touch with often if you need to. Baby dust, baby dust, baby dust.


lindsey - April 10

I guess the office is being cautious according to the RN. They have had alot of multiples recently. Even one mom is pregnant with quads. The doctor feels it is too hard on the mommies. Which of course is true. Obviously.... I just want to get pregnant.

We will see.....2 days to go before the transfer.......


Fortyfour - April 10

Im with you in my prayers and my thoughts. Good luck girl.


WantsBaby2 - April 10

Good luck Lindsey,
We will all be thinking and praying for you during this time. So much pressure! I say your next in line for a positive! We are on a roll here on this site and we don't want it to slow it down. Pregnancies for everyone before the year is out I say! Here here!



lindsey - April 10



lindsey - April 13

Hello Ladies ..... I had the transfer this morning at 9:30. The doctor transferred two eggs, froze two, and three teetered out. I have been laying in bed all day since the transfer. Boy..... does daytime tv stink! I go in for the prenancy test on April 22 @ 7:30. SCARY! Are there any symptoms that you feel this early? I really have no different feelings. I never mentioned to the doctor about transferring 3 instead of 2 ----- he pretty much stated that he was doing 2.


Fortyfour - April 13

Good luck my friend and congrats on a successful transfer. I lay mostly on the couch during my 2 day bedrest episode and stare at my belly and wonder what is going on in there. I started feeling more emotional about day 10-11 and thats when I thought I could be pg. I mean really more emotional. The rest of me felt the same and then one day: humungous boobs.

Stay busy and stay in touch. happy implanting.


cassandra - April 13

Congrats on the smooth transfer lindsey. Just take it easy. No orgasms for a couple days, heavy lifting, ect. Do you have to take a progesterone supplement?
I hope the 2ww flies by for you!I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.......cassandra


lindsey - April 13

I am doing the progesterone shots ---- lucky me! Thanks for having me in your thoughts! I am taking it easy.


meridithhasfaith - April 13

Glad everything went well, Lindsey. Can't wait for your pg test. Rest and take it easy!



TTC in SoCal - April 15

good luck, lindsey... lots of positive thoughts coming your way. :-)



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