Too soon to tell?
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SamanthaS - April 19

Hey.. I'm just wondering how soon after conception can someone feel exhausted and have achy boobs? I got my period on the 2nd of April and began the intercourse every-other day plan on the 7th. Seemings how I had a m/c and d&c and this is my first cycle after that I have no idea when I would have ovulated. I'm just wondering if it was possible to be feeling things early, or if my mind was playing tricks on my because I want it so bad.. Im just confused and looking for other's input.. Thanks a lot.


ElizabethS - April 19

I have never been pregnant, but my nurse told me that you could start having systems five days after fertilization.

Good Luck - I wish you more achy boobs and upset tummies! I'm jealous :D


Fortyfour - April 20

I noticed changes 7 days after my transfer. heavy boobs, more emotional. Just different. Good luck - I hope it is true.


Jenni - April 21

My boobs KILLED about 5 days after...That is how I knew I was pregnant because they hurt a lot worse than any period boob pain. keep us posted!


SamanthaS - April 21

Well I guess I will find out around the 30th if I'm imagining or I'm pregnant!... Thanks for the response!


nclimousine - April 23

I know just how you feel. I will say a prayer for you. I had a pregnancy that at 9 weeks, when I went to the Dr. it had stopped growing (they called it withered on the vine). I had a D&C, one cycle and my husband and I went to Hawaii. It had taken about a year to get PG with the one we lost, but I found out a month after Hawaii, that I was pg my little girl is now 9 months. My Dr. said that sometimes it is easier to get pg after you have had a d&C. I also though that I just was still grieving or hopeful thinking. I felt excessively tired and boobs sore after about 10 days. Good luck to you!!


oneandonlymel - April 24

samantha- I am right there with you I had my miscarriage in March and my first cycle on April 2nd, the doctor said do exactly what you did before so we started on day 8 skipped two days and then every day from day 10 all the way to day 14. we tried this month and I am cd 23, I have been pregnant twice and both times felt different, first one my nipples were sore and I was tired, this last one the side of my breast was sore by the arm pit and I was well gassy. I tested around this time on the last pregnancy and got a very faint positive which got stronger each day, (yes I was addicted to hpt!) I took a hpt yesterday and had a faint, very faint positive. the only thing I am feeling is gassy again, my breasts don't seem to be sore. I am going to test again to see if the line is darker! I hope it is and I hope you also have a positive hpt this month!!


SamanthaS - April 25

Thats great! I hope your line gets darker... I'm too scared to take an hpt early because if I do.. and its negative im going to get sad... and I dont want to do Im just forcing myself to hold back until may 1... This will be very hard!! Right now Im just extremely tired and have slightly tender breasts... lets hope i get even more tired.. and very tender breasts!! Good luck!


oneandonlymel - April 25

Samantha- I know the bad thing about testing this early is having an early miscarriage that I wouldn't even know about if I wouldn't of tested. I did test again this morning and there is still a second line and I am going to call my doctors to have blood work done on Friday to confirm it so I can start my lovenox injections, If my af shows up before then, I will just cancel the appt. I hope it doesnt'. The genetic specialist said as soon as I think I am pregnant and test positive to start the injections. I hope you test positive, it sounds like you will with your symptoms. It would be nice to share the next 9 months! let me know and my prayers are with you!


cassandra - April 25

Oneandonlyme, I also started hpting early this last cycle. At 10 days I had a very faint positive, same thing for the following days. It wasn't bright until the night before. Good luck! cassandra



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