The waiting game
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lprimm10 - November 27

I have a week from tomarrow to find out if my third IUI try worked. I know a lot of us know how long 2 weeks is. It feels like a life time. Here are some things I learned through my journey playing the waiting game.
:) Pray everyday: I learned that if I tried to deal with this all on my own I would have gave up on our first try.
:)Don't be afraid to live your day to day life: I know after my first IUI procedure it was hard to do daily things. It was always in my mind "If I go for a walk it may reduce my chances of this working" I know it may sound silly, but I did that with everything. It really made it that much harder to face the facts after that two week waiting period. Sometimes (I know it's hard) you just have to tell yourself not to think about it.
:)Talk to someone: I am so greatful that I have a wonderful husband as a sounding board. Also I am so glad that I found this website. Talking about my feelings, my fears, and my sometimes my sadness really helps get that 10 ton elephant of my shoulders.

I hope it helps knowing that you are not alone in the waiting game. Keep praying and stay strong.


Brianandjena - November 27

Good luck! Let me know, Keep us posted. I am praying for you.


Brianandjena - November 27

Lprimm, HOw r u feeling?symptoms...


FeCC - November 28

This 2 week waiting is really hard!
Your tips are good. I am about to start my 4th round of IUI. It will be the last one before try IVF. I hope I dont have any surprises on the ultrasound and that I can start.
Iprimm - good luck for you! post the news later.


lprimm10 - November 30

I am not sure if I have a symptoms. My first go around on IUI I thought everything was a symptom. So I have really let down when it didn't happen. Now I try not to read into things. But one thing that is different is I have been feeling bloated, but that could be anything. :)


lprimm10 - November 30

I wish you the best with your journey. You are in my prayers.



Brianandjena - December 2

*HUG* thank you
I understand my first iui I didnt know what to expect so to me everything was a "sign" as well.
U r also in my prayers.
ANd ur right bloating is horrible after iui. Habg in there. I am ov right now. (ouch) and tomorrow morning I go for my iui.. so I will be right there with you with all the symptomes!*HUG*
take care and stay poositive and keep me posted.


lprimm10 - December 8

How did your IUI go? How are you feeling? My 2 weeks of waiting is over, and it appears I will have to do another round. I wish you the best.



Brianandjena - December 11

HI lprimm*HUG*
how are you doing? when do u start another round?
I am on my 2ww. My 1st on failed but all my symptoms were right But i learned that those are just the effects of the trigger shot and clomid.
this time 2nd iui , I dont have those symptoms at all. Im sure I will be doing another round(pouts) I test in a few days I think , lol. I have been so discouraged i dont even know when I am suppose to
I am on cd 23 and I "ussually get af at cd 27. so we will see, *HUG* missed ya. keep in touch. I am sorry to hear urs didnt work.I will keep praying for you. Baby Dust to you.


lprimm10 - December 11

I had the exact same symptoms my first go around. But your right it is your body getting used to the drugs. I asked my Dr. on my second go around why I didn't have those symptoms anymore. She said your body is used to the hormones now. I guess that makes sense. I started clomid on Monday, and then on Saturday I will take Menophur. After that they will start doin ultrasounds to see when to do the IUI.

Good luck with everything :)

I will keep praying.



Brianandjena - December 13

hi how are you doing? how are those side affect? getting any? I am on cd 25 today. I hope u r doing well.



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