The journey continues
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meridithhasfaith - September 2


Thanks for the update on yourself. I'm sorry about that cramping during the walk. So much has gone on down there, it must be a guessing game as to what exactly is causing the pain and why. (ligaments, etc) Then again, maybe not for you as you are a nurse.

I don't think talking to your babies warrants admission to the funny farm. I think that's more normal than the "forget about it and move on" mentality some people try to push on women who miscarry. I can't even imagine what it's like and I just had to say, what your father-in-law said...well, it was simply cruel. It's a shame that you have to get that treatment from anyone let alone family members.

I hope you're taking good care of yourself. Glad the kitty is back to normal, what an ordeal he had.

Take care,


Fortyfour - September 2

Thanks ladies, Its funny but when you are a nurse and become a patient you still need a nurse/doctor to help you fiquire things out. I started cramping and bleeding some this afternoon so I know hormones are really wacky. If it continues til Monday I will call doc to see if I should just start the pill again. No s/s of infection though. No heavy bleeding just a light period. Headache finally gone though. This is the toughest part I think that first few weeks. Body is upside and inside out.

Have a great weekend ladies and prays to the hurricane victims. I hope noone lost any family there.

Baby dust to all. M/c for noone.


Heidi31 - September 3

I have had a horrible couple of days. The stress of this is really getting to my Dexter now! We have fought non stop and he told me that he didnt want this anymore :'( :( . He was so cruel and I have decided to stop putting myself and him through such pain. I can't stand to cry one more time or puke my guts up from the pain that is trapped in my soul and I can't bare to think that I am causing all this heartache. I hope you all find your way in this incredible journey.

Baby dust to all, thanks for your support. You will all be with and in my prayers eternally!




Fortyfour - September 3

Heidi31, sorry for the bad day. What part of the cycle are you in? Do they know why you have had so many miscarrages? Are you on meds that are making you more emotional? I hope tomorrow is better for you. Take care and vent anytime.


Heidi31 - September 4


Thanks for your tremendous support ;)

My medication actually makes me a MUCH more emotionally stable person as I have an estrogen dominance problem and the progesterone is helping me to feel like a million bucks!

As for why I am miscarrying the docs around here are totally screwed in the head they have NO CLUE allow me to be in pain everyday just because it's tolerable pain and in my opinion shouldn't even be practicing, so I have made an appointment with an RE in Portsmouth New Hampshire which is four and a half hours away but worth the drive.

I stumbled across a 41 year old woman who went to see these docs and she is now successfully 4 months preg. The doctor she saw properly diagnosed her problem before he even had run any tests she said I would just fall in love with the whole team there. I met her when I wandered into the maternity store in our local mall (hoping to get infected by the pregnant bug or find some baby dust laying around LOL ) She was a clerk in the store, so naturally I had to be nosey because she looked a little bit older than the typical 25 year old trying to conceive so I interrogated her and she was happy to help me Thank God things could've gone bad and I might have gotten smacked on principle for prying LOL !

Anyway the point is I am feeling a little bit better now that it's not the wee hours of the morning and I am not alone.

Thanks again 44 so much for being there.

All my prayers to you and 500 tons of baby dust is coming your way for being so wonderful.

++++++++++++GOD BLESS++++++++++++++++



Fortyfour - September 5

Heidi - I am glad you found that doc. You never know where our angels will pop up. I see my new doc in 2 weeks. I have a long list of questions for him.

Let us know how your journey is going. Take care



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