The journey continues
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Fortyfour - August 30

I have found a doctor in So Cal that specializes in autoimmune problems and frequent miscarraiges. I sent off for the paperwork and will make appt soon. He also uses a lab that will test for autoimmune problems. I hope that he can help us attain our dream. Take care all and baby dust to everyone.


sblanton2 - August 30

I admire your courage and your resolve and know that soon you will have the answers you need to make your dreams come true. Keep the Faith and forget about all those negative people. Your strength is an inspiration to many on this board, myself included and I know it will happen for you.

Take Care,


silli_kitti - August 30


I wish you all the best with your new doc. You are so strong to keep going, I wish I had 1/2 your strength.

Your husband is a lucky man and you will be a great mom!


Fortyfour - August 31

Thank you ladies. I think we are all very brave and courageous for even trying this journey. My husband really helps me be strong and forward looking. He has had alot of loss in his life also and keeps on trucking. He has 3 babies and 1- 2yr old in heaven.

Silli-kitti. I hope you get your period soon so this will be over for you and you can get on to the next IUI. Take care girl.

Sylvia - How are you and what is going on with you. Forgive me if I have forgotten and you have already told us.


lynn1970 - August 31

hi fortyfour keep up the courage as well its been a hard road for u and i was sad to read your post u been through so much good luck with the new doctor and keep smiling good things happen to good people baby dust soon for u


sblanton2 - August 31

I tend to post all over the place so no apologies needed.
My husband and I have to wait until January to do our first cycle of ICSI. I have been medically cleared and so had he, but he was taking supplements to help him put on size when he lifted weights. Our RE said he could not put us in the October cycle b/c creatine and the other supplement Winn took could effect sperm production. He told us that it may not have an adverse affect but that he would rather err on the side of caution, make Winn stop taking the supplements and wait then have to cancel a cycle b/c no viable sperm. He said since we were spending so much time and money that it was only fair to give us the best possible chance instead of just taking our money.
Walter Reed only does 4 cycles a year, and yes I know they are closing, but it will take a few years. So that is why it was either October or January. Now I am in a holding pattern.
Hope all continues to go well for you and you find the answers you need.

Take Care,


Fortyfour - August 31

Sylvia - Thanks for the update for me. It looks like we are both with the military insurance. My hubby is retired though.

I am planning to do a FET in January or maybe a new donor cycle if the RE thinks fresh is better. We have 4 grade A and 8 varying grades of others. Hopefully we can be pg together.

I hope that time will fly and our dreams come true soon.


WantsBaby2 - August 31

Goodluck Fortyfour!
I know this is gonna happen for you eventually. I hope all the new doctors and info will bring you your little bundle of joy.


Fortyfour - August 31

Thanks Wantsbaby2 - I hope you are pg before me though. Baby dust to you.

Lynn - Its nice to hear from you. I was think about you on my walk today. I hope all is well with you.


Karen123 - August 31

44 - you truly are an inspiration as mentioned before. I hope your new doc can figure out what is going on and help you make your dreams come true. So many people are pulling for you! Karen


meridithhasfaith - August 31

Good news on the new doctor. How are you doing physically as well as emotionally today?
I hope, since it might be a clotting issue with you, that your embryos are ok and you can use them. That would certainly cut back on time, wouldn't it? Cost too, I'm guessing. How is the kitty after his journey in the great outdoors?



Fortyfour - August 31

Meredith - We have at least 12 embies left and 4 went in to freezing Grade A. I really like my donor so if we need more I hope she would do it again.

The cat was very quiet for a day and slept, slept, slept. He was really a pest for 2 nights, snuggling and loving us and now he is back to his old self. The stories he could tell about wild coyotes, owls and huge black crows. I wonder how many lives he used up.

I was physically feeling fine until midmorning - I was on my usual morning walk and got cramps like a period and they hurt down my legs and my back hurt. I took 2 tylenol and have felt really tired and achy the rest of the day. No bleeding though. I suppose this is where that 44 year old uterus lets me know that I was pushing it too soon. I walked twice a day until the day of the d/c so my body was used to it I thought.

I really missed the babies this afternoon and I had a nice talk with them about the dreams we had for them and how great it would have been to have them around. If anyone had been window peeping I would be at the funny farm right now.

Take care all and baby dust to all and no m/c for anyone.


baby4us - September 1

44 - I am so sorry to hear your news.. but your story and strength gives me such hope.

I feel badly whining about my first failed IUI.. it hurts so much.. I am not sure if I have the strength to go through what you have gone through.. but luckily like you I have my two dogs (and cat.. who also disappears occasionally!). And I love going on my daily walks with my two dogs to help clear my head.. if it weren't for them!

Anyway.. here is baby dust for everyone!!


ElizabethS - September 1

44 - I've been off the boards for about a week, and am in such saddness, shock, and anger over your news. This just doesn't make any sense, and you have been through so much. I know that you will be reunited with your babies, and I know that they can hear and understand you when you talk to them.

You are an inspiration to so many women on these boards. We love you and our hearts are heavy. Please let us know what we can do for you. I am so thankful you have a great husband to cling to during this mess.

Peace, strength and hope be with you.


Fortyfour - September 1

Thank you ladies. Today was my first day back to work. I only saw one patient, worked 3 hours but you would have thought it was 12 hours. I am going to try and get the energy to get an manicure and pedicure today. My nails look terrible!!!!!!

I feel really physically strong today, only a dull headache that has been creeping with me for 2 days. Im sure it the hormones adjusting. I work the weekend so that will be good because hubby flies all weekend and I would be wacko by Tuesday without his company.

I am calling my old doc to get a copy of my records to take to the new guy.

I was reading that they take 21 tubes of blood out of you to do the immune tests? Has anyone done that? Wow. I will have to eat my spinach beforehand.

Take care all and baby dust to everyone. No m/c's for anyone.


oneandonlymel - September 2

fourtyfour- during my first pregnancy I had that test done and yes they take around 21 tubes of blood! I am so glad you are seeing another doctor. When I got pregnant the first time I had metnioned about having a DVT and that my father was factor IV, but nobody seemed to listen, and a nurse practioner finally ordered the testing, yet I miscarried the night I had all the blood drawn! I still wonder if it would of made a difference if they would of done it sooner, I got on the lovenox with the last two pregnancies and still miscarried so I questioned the dose of lovenox and my doctors office had no answers or was experienced with what I have so finally they sent me to the fertility doctor who upped my dose from 40 to 80mg twice and instead of starting it as soon as I am pregnant he started it 6 days after ovulation which I did and he kept my on the baby aspirin when before they took me off when I started lovenox,this is my 4th pregnancy. I have had an ultrasound done every week since 6 weeks, so far so good, my 9 week ultrasound is labor day, I hope things are still ok. I haven't made it this far with my other pregnancies so I am so nervous every week! I have learned you pretty much have to push the doctors or they just kind of pass it off. My thoughts are with you and I wish you a healthy pregnancy to come and it will!!! So glad your kitty is back, I am sure he had an adventure!!!


meridithhasfaith - September 2


Thanks for the update on yourself. I'm sorry about that cramping during the walk. So much has gone on down there, it must be a guessing game as to what exactly is causing the pain and why. (ligaments, etc) Then again, maybe not for you as you are a nurse.

I don't think talking to your babies warrants admission to the funny farm. I think that's more normal than the "forget about it and move on" mentality some people try to push on women who miscarry. I can't even imagine what it's like and I just had to say, what your father-in-law said...well, it was simply cruel. It's a shame that you have to get that treatment from anyone let alone family members.

I hope you're taking good care of yourself. Glad the kitty is back to normal, what an ordeal he had.

Take care,



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