The hits keep coming
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belle - August 9

Hi, everyone. I just got some depressing news and I don't know where to turn. We just found out that we can't get out the extra money for donor eggs. We already took out a loan for ivf but didn't know we'd need donor eggs. at first we needed $6,500. We got the loan for that. Now it's jumped to $16,000!! The upside is we have to be on a donor list for 10 months and don't have to put down the money until then. The down side is we have to wait 6 months just to see if we can take more money out. (home loan) and we don't know if they'll let us take more out even then! We're sooo frustrated! All the waiting and the heartbreak is taking a toll on us. Please keep up in your prayers, we really need it right now. Thanks for listening.


Karen123 - August 9

Belle, I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. We had to pay $16,000 WITHOUT donor eggs. I guess that's because we live in CT. I had to sell my beloved convertible and my husband is trying to sell his Harley. My convertible brought in $7,000 so we had a balance of $9,000. We took out a zero interest credit card and put $8,000 (the full amount of the credit line) on that. We figure we could pay as much as possible in the next year and then transfer it to another zero interest card. Just a thought that may be able to help you. I know we were lucky to have been able to get so much credit. I wish you the best in finding a way to achieve your dream. Karen


WantsBaby2 - August 9

I am so sorry there is so much standing in the way of your dream. Money money. If only it grew on trees.

I keep wondering what we will do if we have to go the donor egg route or adoption. One of my husbands co-workers adopted a little boy from Russia to the tune on $30,000! It just makes my head spin! I just keep thinking that if it comes to that..... somehow we will find a way.

I hope you find an answer to all the money stuff. It sure isn't easy. You are not alone.


belle - August 9

Thanks for the encouragement you guys! I was so depressed all day and when my husband got home he gave me some hopeful news. We're going to try and increase the money on our credit card. We find out in a few days if that's possible. if that doesn't work we'll go the bank the hospital told us about. We're not giving up beacuse of money again! We went to an ivf doc. 12 yrs. ago but didn't have $10,000 to put down. We were devasted. This time we know about all the options we have and we'll use every last one to fulfill our dream of having a baby. Thanks for the support. Just knowing there are people who care makes everything so much better!


Fortyfour - August 9

Hi, belle - our little bundle will have cost us close to 40,000 before it is born. No insurance help at all. People wonder why I am working now that Im pg. If they only saw the bills. Take care.


belle - August 15

Hi girls, just found out that we got our second loan!! Now we can really get excited about ivf and being on the ED list. Thanks for your support and encouragement! I'm going to get a job and my husband is going to get another job ( just for the next 9 or 10 months to pay on the loan). We're going to sell our bowflex and whatever else we can sell to help w/ the costs of paying the loan. objects can be replaced but our dream of a baby cannot! That's what is most important in out lives. Thanks again for listening.
Have a good day.


justme - August 15

Belle, that is great news. You are that much closer to a dream come true. Best of luck to you and your hubby.



WantsBaby2 - August 15

Thats wonderful Belle! I hope all your baby dreams come true!


meridithhasfaith - August 15


That's great news. I am so happy for you and dh. Things can finally happen!



Fortyfour - August 16

That is so exciting. Baby dust to you. Why do you have to go on a list? Just curious.


Karen123 - August 16

Belle, that's such terrific news! VERY best of luck to you!! Karen



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