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Happy New Year

I wanted to let you know I will be taking a break from this fertility journey. My period came again this morning. My dh and I just are soooo emotionally drained from it all. The let downs are getting harder and harder to bounce back and before I slip into a mega depression we have to have a little time off.
Has anyone taken a break & for how long? Anyone had any success stories after a break? I need something to look forward to and hold on to some type of hope. I am 37 and chances only get slimmer with age. But mentally my body is telling me take a rest.
(AS tears are running down my face right now I want to thank all of you wonderful strong women from the bottom of my heart!!!
Happy new year and I hope the New Year brings you all HAPPINESS!!



Fortyfour - January 3

Hi Tickingckock. I have taken a 6 month rest after my last m.c. Body told me to rest even though my heart wanted to keep trying. Its so hard to wait but when you start to feel better and less depressed it is all worth it. I am sorry for your neg test. Follow your body's signals and take care of yourself. You might feel better in just a couple of months and the next try might be the charm. I am going again in March so maybe we will be doing this together. Happy new year to you also. Baby dust to all. Darcie


baby4us - January 3

Gina.. you are right.. your body needs to rest... I am so sorry you have had to go through with this.. and another negative... but fertility treatments can be so draining.. so take the time to rest and stay positive and focused... Baby Dust to you when you are ready to try again....


fiso - January 3

Tickingclock, be good to yourself. All that stuff is so hard on your body and mind. You need to replenish yourself. No guilt about it, it's necessary. When you don't listen to your body, that's when you feel that you are losing control. I just took a couple months off and it was so good. I feel better now, ready to start again (shots this Saturday!). Now is the time to pamper yourself and enjoy the little things that make you happy.
Thank you for all your kind words.


teri-chan - January 6

fiso, I just wanted to give you my best wishes for this cycle! I hope your couple of months off really help you to get through this cycle in as emotionally steady a state as is possible in IVF.

TICKINGCLOCK: I understand very much your feelings about taking some time off. I'm four years older than you are, so it's really hard to decide to take time off. A part of me thinks that I just want to stop all this high tech treatment and go with natural cycles (with IUI). At my age the difference in success rate with natural cycle IUIs and IVF aren't that great. And given how much the high tech stuff stresses me out, maybe I'm better off just seeing what nature brings me. This will be a tough decision for me. In any case, I hope that your break leaves you feeling ready to continue on in whatever what seems best for you.



Hi 44, baby4us, fisco, teri-chan

Although i fell overwhelmed I decided to go to the dr on
cycle day 3 for my sonogram. I had a great cycle last time on the injectibles 6 good size follicles but no pregnancy.. My doc suggested doing a laperscopy to find out what the deal was & why I havent had any success. (I also have had a dermoid cyst on my left ovary for some time) but they werent thinking it was in a posistion to keep me from getting preg so they just have been keeping an eye on it making sure it doesnt get any bigger ect.. so now the doc feels he will remove that while doing the laperscopy. So before I take a break I will at least do this procedure on the 27th of the month. But now I am nervous of finding out something really bad when they go in for this closer look. I keep trying to find ways to try and relax but Its just impossible.
44 I know the feeling my heart wants to keep trying. I forgot to ask how long after that procedure you can try again. I am sure you would have to have some type of healing period. (maybe that will force me to take a mental break I beat myself up about taking a break and about not taking a break. (keep me posted best of luck in March (thats my Dads bday month (he was a twin so march I feel is a good month.
baby4us drained sums up this fertility journey thanks for the baby dust I will keep it on my reserve.
teri chan thats why my screen name is ticking clock thats what I feel like (and time is against me) only adds to the stress I feel your stress.
thanks to all of you again I love you guys..


fiso - January 6

Tickingclock, keep us posted on your appointment at the end of the month. I pray for you that they won't find anything bad. In the meantime, take good care of yourself. Do something fun, even if it's only getting together with your girlfriends and goofing around. I realized that not having much control in this whole baby thing was bothering me. Now, I try to do things I can control and that I can see results from right away. Wether it's organizing stuff in my house, finally getting the new bookshelves I've been talking about for a while, puting new pictures on the walls, removing the clutter of my office. It may sound like stupid things, but after that, you feel good.
Hang in there and baby dust to you too


fiso - January 6

Terri-chan, it's amazing how people "outside" infertility, don't understand that each month makes a difference, especially in our 40's. "Sure, take a break this year, last year was rough for you." I was shocked to hear that from somebody I cared about. Or, "Acupunture?? Oh my, you are really trying everything." It's like Hellooooo, yes, I'm trying everything I can !! Sorry, I had to vent. Anyway, it doesn' t matter what people say, only you and your husband are in this roller coaster and us girls from this site! I wish there were natural ways to do the treatments, without having to deal with all the medication and side effects.



Hi fiso

I did get together with some girlfriends friday night it was really nice. felt like i was able to let my hair down it was almost strange i forgot what that kind of simple stuff was like. My step dad went into the hospital with some on going heart stuff and i finished my weekend trying to comfort both him and my mom. one of my new years resolutions was to get our garage organized trust me thats enough to keep me busy for the whole year its a mess from our move. getting organized does do something for ya too.
my husband thought it would be a good idea for us to rent a log cabin for the weekend of my surgery its close to where we live i told him i dont know how much fun i am going to be) he said thats ok we can rent movies & cuddle maybe even take a ride through the mountains. I thought that was soo sweet. we need something like that so I am looking forward to the end of the month.
i'll keep ya posted.



baby4us - January 9

Hi TickingClock... I undertsand the torment you are going through... but just listen to your body and your heart..and you will know what to do.. taking a break may be the best thing you can do...

Good luck with your surgery and I hope they find nothing else wromg.. i a m sure they won't but I can understand your hesitation!

I love your husband's idea of renting a log cabin... that is the absoulte best... what a sweetie he is for thinking that. YOu can either cubble up and relax .. or even if you are feeling ok.. you can maybe go for a walk ?? But nothing better than cuddling up in front of the fire with no intrusions!! That will be the best medicine for you! May I ask where you are located.. I am trying to get a mental picture of the mountains and a lovely rustic log cabin!

Keep us up to date with your surgery.. I will be thinking of you.. and yes.. please bank all your baby dust.. I have a really good feeling this is going to happen for you ..soon!!!


Fortyfour - January 11

Hi ticking clock and all. I had 2 laps and one I felt good in 2 days with a little soreness for 2 weeks and the other 2 years ago it took me a month or so not to hurt. Maybe it was the age!!! HA!. I think my clock has quit ticking and now the alarm is buzzing. I think I have 2 more years that I will feel strong enough to carry a baby but we will see. I was 40 when I started this and will be 45 in March.

Lets all be good to ourselves and have a baby dust year. We could all use one. My plan is still for March. Take care all.


Trying in NH - January 12


I just went through the whole laparoscopy and hysteroscopy last Friday! It was pretty scary but in the end it wasn't so bad. I was pretty sore for about 3 days after but it wasn't from the incisions it was from them "cleaning me out" I ended up having 7 cysts removed , scar tissue and endometriosis(?) everywhere. Now after 12 days I feel fine just my stomach muscles are still sore and slight bruising is left. I think that the procedure is worth the discomfort if it brings answers and results. Good luck!

44- looks like I will be with you in March for my first IVF. I will start the pill with next cycle. Good luck with your journey I will be praying for you!


jacki - January 12

Hi Tickingclock!
I so understand you as well. I am new to this site because I had to find some support from people who understood my daily frustrations and disappointments. This is a process that I didn't feel compelled to share with my friends so there's no support from the usual group.

I had a lap and a Hysteroscopy and it wasn't bad at all. I contribute that to my MD. She's wonderful. There was the normal soreness but it truly can shed some light on things that can be determined by other non-invasive measures. Hang in there and the support of this group is invaluable.

Jacki from Houston, Texas



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