Taking the summer off
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Lynne - June 2

Good morning Ladies, Well I'm down to the last few days of the dreaded 2ww and I have the strong feeling that this one will be a wash too. The old man and I have decided to take the summer off and enjoy the holiday, some time to feel normal and not hormonal, time to get my body back in shape before we try again ( I've gained almost 10lbs in the last 3 months of treatment) , time to spend with my daughter ( I want to relax in the hot tub while she is swimming). I'll still check in from time to time ( I want to see all the positives while I'm on break ), and I wouldn't want to loose track of all of our promising mommies that have graduated to the boards below.

Baby wishes to us all. Lynne


Fortyfour - June 3

Are you sure you are not pg? Maybe you will be surprised. If not it is nice to take time off and get the body back to normal. I have enjoyed only being on b/c lately. I dread the shots in July. Take care and keep in touch. I hope you are pg now. Baby dust.


Lynne - June 7

Good Morning Ladies, I thought I should update you on what's up. My visit from AF was late by 2 days so you can guess the excitement we went through ( I'm usually regular as clock work) but the hpt tells the true tale :( I wish it had turned out better but that's life. I've started my workout routine again and it feels great, I even willingly went on a scale :P and I'm not as plump as I thought,( although my hips need their own time zone). My old man is taking some schooling after work and on weekends for a month, ( it means a +6$ /hour if he passes), yep the mamma is going shopping this summer. Baby wishes to us all ( who knows perhaps it will happen naturally over the summer.... sex for fun what a concept... it might even work ;D ), and baby dreams to our mommies on the boards below. Lynne


WantsBaby2 - June 8

So sorry there is no pregnancy this time around. What a disappointment. Have fun this summer.....and who knows? Stranger things have happened. I wish you a gorgeous summer with lots of relaxation. Keep us posted.



meridithhasfaith - June 8

Hi Lynne

Sorry about the cruelty of a 2 day late AF. I hate that. Glad you seem to be in good spirits. Good luck to have a natural pg without even trying and a special good luck for your sweetie on his quest for education and more money. Hope he passes and you do lots of shopping!



shaz - June 8

Im so sorry Lynne....Have a relaxing summer break



Fortyfour - June 11

Lynne - I was really hoping for a BFP. Take care of yourself this summer and hopefully you get a surprise. Baby dust to you.



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