Symptoms during pregancy
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Fortyfour - September 23

Hi all, I have been doing testing for immune problems and have alot of symptoms that they say are positive for them. I was wondering how many of you had these symptoms and if then you had a good pg or a m/c. Thanks for your time.

I had terrible joint pain and itchy skin. During the day I would have terrible sweating episodes and faintness when I stood up for long. ( not blood sugar or blood pressure) I would feel ok in the am but by the end of the day I felt so achy like I was getting the flu. I would have pains in the left side by my pelvic bone and they would go down my leg. I dont have pcos or endo.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who visits the boards. Let me know also if you had these symptoms if you have clotting problems or immune problems. Thanks Darcie


silli_kitti - September 23

Hi 44,

Good to see things are moving right along with your testing.

I can't help re pregnancy symptoms, but maybe you should post on the pregnancy forum - might get more responses there. A lot of us here are still trying to get to that stage!


Meg - September 23


I don't think I can be of any help to you since I think my m/c were due to chromosomal issues. (We know the 2nd one definitely was aneuploidy) With the first three I had cramping right from the begining like I was going to get my period constantly. Sometimes the pain was awful. I would get cramping down my legs, like menstrual cramps. No one ever made a big deal about it except me. Perhaps it was stretching, but who will ever know. I also did get night sweats, almost like hot flashes w/ the first three.

Even though the I didn't lose the twins, I still had pretty bad cramping w/ the loss of the triplet. I can almost pinpoint the exact moments when I think all of the pregnancies went downhill. I know that sounds crazy, but each time I would be in a lot of pain and get really weird symptoms. Perhaps it was just woman's intuition. W/ the triplet loss I was in church got huge feeling of sickness, started sweating like mad, dizziness, and then I started spotting. I pretty much knew. W/ my first I had a really bad dream about m/c and w/in a week of the dream I lost the baby, and I had tons of cramping w/ that one also. And the 2nd I was being monitored closely so we pretty much knew it wasn't going to work out, but I knew that it was going to end when I was cramping bad and lots of back pain. Went for u/s for that one - no h/b. W/ this p/g I didn't have as bad as cramping, but I did still get some night sweats.

I hope you get the answers and are able to carry the next p/g to term. I am wishing you loads of babydust and lots of prayers.



Fortyfour - September 23

Silli kitti- I am talking to the womem who have been pg and lost their babies - not the ones who are continuing to be pregnant. Take care.


hope as cassandra - September 24

44, I just had a lot of cramping and light bleeding, very similar to menstrual cramps in my abdomen. My blood tests kept showing rising hcg levels though. cassandra


Debie - September 26

Hi 44

I had on and off cramping, abdominal pain on the right side, achy breasts and dizziness when I got hungry or thirsty. I too couldn't stand for long without feeling lightheaded. By the end of the day I was totally exhausted. I have'nt done any tests for the cause though.

So glad things are moving along for you. I went to the GYN last Tuesday for a follow-up visit and late AF, he said he could give me Provera to help start AF or I could wait another three to four weeks coz after an evac it can take anything up to three months to get AF :o. I opted to wait it out, I'm still afraid to give it all the energy and attention. I'm coping better if I don't dwell too much on it for now. I understand how dangerous this is coz it's just plain avoidance.

All the best to you.


oneandonlymel - September 26

fourtyfour I have the MTHFR and Factor II clotting and I would say with all three miscarriages when I got pregnant the first time, I had alot of abdominal pain on the right side, I just didnt' feel right, dizzy and did get sweaty throughout the day, I lost the baby at 9 weeks, the next two I just didnt' feel good or look good as people told me. As you know I am pregnant now and this one is going totally different, I look better, yet I have nausea really bad in the evenings, I had to take phenergan because last week I couldnt' keep anything down. The difference with this pregnancy is they doubled my lovenox from 40mg to 80mg twice a day and it seem to be doing the trick so far, they are concerned about the placenta clotting off because of the factor II and I go for my 12th week ultrasound this Wed, I hope things are ok!! I am nervous. What immune problems do they suspect you have? I hope they figure it out and get you pregnant soon!!!

Before I ever tried to get pregnant I didn't have any symptoms per say to say something was wrong, I did have a dvt after a knee surgery, but wasn't tested until I miscarried the first time for any problems.


Fortyfour - September 26

Thank you so much oneandonlmel for your answer. They think it is a clotting problem but my MTHFR test has not come back yet - hopefully today. I am neg for the other clotting problems so far. Yeah! When i told people I did not feel right during both my pregnancies they acted like I was being a wimp. It was alot more than just nausea for me. It seems like women with immune issues have alot of the same symptoms. Once again thank you for your answer. I am so happy your baby is continuing to grow and grow. It gives me so much hope. Take care.


belinda - November 30

hello, i have two kids right now 2 and 3 yrs old and i think that i might be praganat again i know that i should know all the pragancy symptoms by now but they all are different i think that i have got pragenat a week after my last period could this be possible?please respond.thanks


karina - March 3

I have had really bad cramp in my legs, wake up early hours of the morning with such cramps I cant bear it, what could this be? I also have really bad pain in my lower uterus, a kind of cramp also, not contractions, just an ongoing throbbing, I feel so tender in the morning in my front, hurts if some one touches it, is this normal


fiso - March 3

I'm 7 weeks p/g. I also had super bad lower abdominal pain, last week actually and I went to the ER. because of all the meds my ovaries were enormous and soooooo sensitive. I couldn't even put my hand on my lower belly. But after quite a few hours of agony, it went away. They said that drinking a lot of water helps. I really try to do my best with that, but it may have no been enough. I alsao had pain shooting down my leg. That's normal accordign to my regular doc and the Er docs. It's all related to the abdominal pain.
So, hte bottom line is to drink as much water as you can. I told my Dh that I will have to spend my days in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, with my bottle of water in my hand!
If you have any doubt, you should talk to the nurses at your doc's office. Hang in there!


kirsty - March 31

hey, ive been having really bad pains in my back my belly and all down my legs da right side more then the left im quite worried its bit early for a test but what do u think? would love ur addvice thanks xx :)


candy - April 27

well i seem not to know if im pregant or not i get so much pain when i wake up in the morinig i seem not to get up off the bed and i took over 6 pregancy tests but it says positive i went to the doctor and they say the cant tell so im wondering if i am or not and also my clothes seem not to fit me any more and i just dont know ::)



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