Success with iui
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bdantonio - December 17

ronda have the eve told u yu cant concive?


Arabsrcool - December 17

I have a 2 year old daughter that was conceived in 2004 after 3 IUI's. I keep reminding myself that I was blessed with my daughter, but was hoping for a 2nd child. My dh has male factor, so in addition to IVF, we would have to do the ICSI.


bdantonio - December 18

not sure waht icsi is.


Marina - December 18

I couldn't help myself,Beth.ICSI -it's like aranged marriage :)-they pick the most mobile and good looking swimmer and inject it right into the egg-,so want it or not-it's there inside the egg.We did the same because of the sperm issues(like penetration,low amount,etc)


bdantonio - December 18

oh okay


Arabsrcool - December 18


yep, thats a great way to describe ICSI. I was such a dummy, I didn't realize how lucky I was when the IUI worked in 2004. I wasn't that up on counts, motility etc etc. Now I understand that was probably a once in a lifetime success and my best hope of concieving would be with IVF and ICSI. However financially its not a possiblity and I'm not getting any younger.

Congrats on being pg. did you do IVF?


I saw on another post you are on bed rest?



bdantonio - December 18

yes complete bedrest. I am now not aloud to get up except for the bathroom. It sucks.


Arabsrcool - December 19


WOW....thats alot of time in bed. I bet you are going stir crazy! However it will be worth it and your almost done! Keep me posted!


Arabsrcool - December 20

Wish me luck girls....I go tomorrow for my screening for the IVF study. AF finally came and they are squeezing me in before the Xmas holidays!. I am so nervous.


Marina - December 20

Goog luck and Happy holidays! :-*


bdantonio - December 21

I think i may go crasy before getting off bedrest. I hate having no one to talk to during the day and nothing good on tv.


Arabsrcool - December 27

I GOT INTO THE IVF STUDY!!!!!!!. I am so excited and also scared now. Wow IVF has alot more meds than IUI and the whole egg retrieval thing has me worried.


hang in there, it will worth it, but I understand you are having a hard time with bed rest. There is only so much tv one can watch.


bdantonio - December 27

congrats on getting into the study


jackieb - October 19

I can't seem to start a new thread so I figured I'd try posting a reply in order to ask everyone a question. Has anyone who has gone through fertility treatments that failed gone on to taking matters into their own hands? I've been thinking about buying meds on the internet and then just going through the same protocol I was doing at the fertility clinic. I'm sure I'll get a lot of negative feedback on that, but I'm sure I'm not the first to think of it or try it and if someone else has, did it work? I know my problem is strictly hormonal but visits to the clinics are costing me a fortune. The only thing that I can say I wouldn't get is the ultrasounds to see what my response is. Has anyone else done this too?


bdantonio - October 19

Due to the increase in hormones with fertility drugs its extremely risky.



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