Still no period...
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Jenni - April 13

Hi Everyone!

I had a m/c and d&c on Feb 14th - I was 12 weeks along. I still have not had a period...My doctor put me on Provera to start it, but 10 days later...still no period. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? My doctor now wants me to go on bc, but I do not want to do that. Should I wait it out? How long did it take anyone else for their period to begin again. Thanks for your help!



SamanthaS - April 13

I had a d&c on February 25th.. I started my period on April 2nd.. THAT seemed like a long wait for me.. I can only imagine how you feel... I'm not sure about the Provera, but I do know how it feels to WANT your period! Good luck!


Fortyfour - April 14

Because of my age I have irregular cycles without b/c.

After my m/c I went on b/c right away and got a period when the monthly cycle was over. It will help to regulate you and from what I have read helps with egg stimulation when you are ready for iui again.


TTC in SoCal - April 14

1st... i'm so sorry about your miscarriage.

i had a d&c feb. 9 and got my period March 19. Usually it is about 4 weeks from the day your HCG drops to 0. You would notice that if you bled a little, but it was after the d&c bleeding. At least that was the case for me.
As for bc pills... i think docs put you on bc pills before doing egg retrievals because the eggs are better quality after a round of bc pills. if that is true, then the bc pills won't hurt and could possibly help you get your period and produce better quality eggs next round.
good luck!!!


Fortyfour - April 16

Jenni - did you get your period yet or start the b/c?


Jenni - April 16

YIPPEE! I FINALLY got my period! The day I was going to start b/c...I got it - It was exactly 2 months to the day. I am so relieved to be back to normal. I never thought a period would make my day like it has...ha! Now, I am interested to see how long my cycles are now. Thanks for your help - this is a great board!



cassandra - April 16

Jenni, great news on the period! Now you begin the journey! Good luck to you....cassandra


TTC in SoCal - April 17

after m/c, a period is the first step back to normalcy.... until then, you're sort of between being pregnant and not being pregnant and unable to try to get pregnant.... now you begin a new cycle and you feel more hopeful. i know it is painful, so keep your chin up and get ready for the next round. :-)


Fortyfour - April 20

Jeni, yeah!!! good luck with this next cycle.


Lynne - April 29

good morning kk, the only advice I can think of is find a doctor that will listen to your concerns, this situation is not normal so keep at the doctors until you get answers.


Jenni - May 2

KK -

I agree with Lynn...You should definately try to find a doctor that will listen to you, respect you, and work to find answers. You deserve that! Good luck and let us know what happens. Keep not give up!


ElizabethS - May 2

KK - I agree with the two statements above. It is time to change doctors. When I had an ovarian cyst...I saw three until I was satisified with my level of care. I suggest visiting your local hospital, and ask the nurses on the "women's health" floor who they think are the best OBGYNs. I would also consider going to a Reproductive Endocrynologist. They deal with these type of situations often.

Keep us posted and best of luck finding a doctor.


mishey - May 5

I had an D&C on March 11. No period yet. It will be 8 weeks tomorrow. Negative pregnancy test. Any suggestions?


SamanthaS - May 5

First of all, sorrry about your loss. It's very hard. Second,If you call your doc he/she can probably give you something to get it started, I think it all depends on wether the pg hormones have dropped to zero or not. I myself had a d&c march 17th and began my first cycle april 2nd. I was due for a period on the 30th, its now May 5 and I tested negative. WAITING SUCKS! Good luck with everything though.. it will get better.


kim - May 8

I had a d&c on 2/16 -- didn't start my period for 9 weeks, so dr. put me on Prometrium. Supposed to take 400 mg for 10 days. Period is suppose to start after 10 days. I am n day 9 now -- very anxious...have never had period issues/problems in the past. Please send me good vibes and any info on similar situations. Thanks!!


Jenni - May 9

Sending you goooood viiiibbbessss~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Divya - May 13

Hi all,

I am in the same situation as Mishey, I had a miscarraige sometime before March 17th. I got to know it when I went for my 6th week of scan. But by then there was no heart beat. The next week on March 24th I had D&C done. I had some bleeding soon after D&C but none after that and it is May 13th. I am very depressed. I really want to concieve asap. I think I ovulated yesterday or today but I have a doc's appointment regarding this situation. I don't know whats going to happen. Any suggestions or anyone went thru the same situation.



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