starting over once again
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Lynne - May 6

Good morning Ladies, well it looks like mother's day will be the start of my next clomid cycle. I've got enough spotting this am to be fairly certain that AF will hit with a vengence on Saturday. Atleast I have that bottle of wine still cooling in the fridge but maybe I'll upgrade to tequilla ;D . The old man was dissapointed when he left for work, I think he was feeling more for me than that this cycle is a wash ( he wants a baby but has always let me know that if we only ever get to share my daughter that he would be satisfied with life). But atleast I get to look forward to another round of timed intercourse YIPPPEEEE :D . The feeble things that give us joy at this point, the weather right now is echoing my mood rain, hopefully the clouds will break in a couple hours and I can go for a long walk ( probably off a short pier). I hate this.... I am depressed and such but house cleaning, dishes, laundry, all still need to be done. I want to curl up and die. ( Check out the mood swings in this posting... yep I'm going nuts). I'll check back in later I've got to get the brat off to school. Baby wishes to us all and welcome to May ttc buddies, I'm along for the ride. Lynne


tinkerbell - May 6

Lynne, I'll drink with you tonite. Bring out the bourbon and tequila!

Take it easy, at least you already have a darling daughter. :D

Good luck to us on our next cycle! Cheers!


WantsBaby2 - May 6

So sorry about AF. Dammit. Have a shot of tequila for me. Baby dust to you on your next cycle.



paige - May 6

Hey if you drink Vokda have one for me too. Or maybe if I have a negative onMonday I'll drink with ya ;) I hope you next cycle works out for you good luck.


ElizabethS - May 6

Lynne - that is really really crappy. I hope that May will bring you better luck.

Enjoy the tequila....that always makes sex a little bit more adventerous and fun. Nothing like the planned and unspontaneous TTC....should be refreshing. (unless you consume too much and find yourself making love to the toilet)

Hang in there.


paige - May 6

Elizabeth you made me laugh. Where are you at in your cycle? We have never really spoke before.


Lynne - May 6

Thanks Ladies, and paige this is one of the few times that I dearly hope you DO NOT join me when you test on Monday, I wish some joy in your life and a chance to get off this roller coaster. I've noticed that hope is a powerful tool but it can't solve all our problems, ( but I do know alot of women get pregnant when they are out drinking... maybe that will work). And I will try and not kiss the porcalin god Sunday night, maybe I'll upgrade to a bedside bucket ;D Baby wishes to everyone.


paige - May 6

Yeah I don't think a toilet with help you in the future with the pregnancy. I hope this is the one time I don't drink after. i am trying to be strong but when you always hear that word negative you just keep expecting to keep hearing it. You have fun you seem like you have a good attitude I wish you the best keep me posted on how things are going. And what youended up with after drinking :) :) :) :)


shaz - May 6

Oh Lynne, Im so sorry.......You drink your little heart out girl. Dont give up, hold onto that hope!!!!!


BabyBound - May 6

Lynne, drink, drink and drink some more. Your time is coming soon. Good luck and hang in there.


ElizabethS - May 7

paige - I did IVF in April, and got a BFP three weeks ago. We have our first u/s on Thursday. So far my b/w beta numbers are very high.....RE suspects mulitples.

Good Luck on Monday. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Will you hpt early? Baby dust.


paige - May 7

Oh that is so neat. What are your numbers since I don't know much about that and when I test I will ask what mine are. I really would like twins. How many did you implant? What are considered high nummbers and what are low. I can't believe this is something they have told me nothing about but maybe it's because I come back negative everytime. I decided this time I am going to try and get a positive for once so I can jump back into a somewhat normal life :)


Trying in NH - May 7


I am sooooo sorry AF came. I was really keeping my fingers crossed for you. Keep your chin up!!! Here is loads of baby dust your way for next month!!!!


Fortyfour - May 8

Lynne - are you definetly not pg? Have a strong one for me since I had to quit the sauce 4 years ago. I hope you are pg though. let us know.



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