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lynn1970 - August 31

hello ladies i been away for sometime some of u might remember me and to others im new to you well heres my story back in march i got pregnant finally my world was happy something i been trying for 12 years i was the happiest girl i felt every bit of being pregnant and i enjoyed it to but only made it 7 weeks then my life crashed i just wanted to die all my dreams just vanished i was crushed hurt and ask why me went for a dc in april then the worst happened to me i fell in deep depression over this i guess my body crashed from everything that i just went through to have a baby i would just lay in bed stare at the wall didnt eat just wanted to die but my mind wouldnt let me function like its very hard to explain but after almost 2 weeks of being like this my husband took me back to the doctors where he said i was going through post baby blues i thought u had to del a baby to go through that so after being put on pills im ready to try again come oct im scared of it all but having a baby means everything 2 me i turn 35 in a couple weeks and me and my husband our high school sweet hearts we been together 20 years and married 12 we reside in indiana and see a doctor in chicago witch i like the place very much thanks for updating u all on my journey god bless everyone and hope 2006 brings us our babies we all pray for my thoughts and prayers are with everyone


Fortyfour - August 31

Lynn -- I am so sorry you had such a hard time. I am fighting depression right now and hope my hormones are gentle to me this time. I felt suicidal after my 2nd failed ivf and they found out my hormones had dumped and I went on the pill. Its ok to get help and take stuff to get through this. Our bodies, hearts and souls can only take so much of this crap.

Baby dust to you. I am glad you are back.


WantsBaby2 - September 1

I am so sorry about your baby. Oh the pain you ladies must feel after miscarriage! Sorry about the depression too. It's understandable after all you have been through. Just let yourself coast for awhile and don't do too much. I wish you tons and tons of babydust in the fall.

Where do you live in Indiana? I live in the Chicago area myself. Just curious. I lived part of my childhood in Hebron, IN. I have lots of relatives in that area too.



ElizabethS - September 1

Welcome back! I applaud you for sharing your story about life after a m/c. This journey is so tough and you telling your story is helping so many women that are struggling with the same emotions.

I am so sorry that you had to go through all of this crap. I wish you buckets of baby dust and a renewed spirit and strength. You are an inspiration to all of us.


lynn1970 - September 7

thanks ladies for your kind words im excited in trying it again but scared of failing again why cant i be blessed with 1 child i just dont understand life we are all wonderful ladies on here just trying to have a family the good people always seem to finish last sorry to be so down about this but im gonna keep trying till i come in the race first im from lowell ind and i go to fertility centers of illinois its a drive from where i live but its worth it i very much like everyone there and they are so nice im looking forward in mid oct 2 start my journey and fortythree u are very much in my prayers i do understand what u r going through and trust me everyday gets better and i love the idea u had about the necklace im gonna look into getting one 4 me god bless everyone and baby dust very soon 4 all of us


justme - September 7

Lynn, Welcome back. I am proud of you for getting up and trying this again. Lots of baby dust this Oct! Hoping for the best for you!



WantsBaby2 - September 7

Good luck in October Lynn! I really hope this is the one for you! Tons of baby dust your way.



sharron - April 18

hi lynn like you i also lost a baby at seven weeks and had the d and c to remove it, only i didnt know my baby was dead till i went for my three month scan, there was nothing on the screen so they gave me an internal scan all we could see was the little shape with big blue arrows circling it {no heart beat} and no yolk sack{had my baby starved?} to this day i still see that scan picture and that was five yrs ago. when i got pregnant again a yr later{after three cycles of clomid} i was terrified it would happen again,[was also told he may have spina biffida} so much worry. hes here now
[three and a half and healthy,} been trying again for two yrs lots clomids and no luck. i also take each day as it comes. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


lynn1970 - April 18

hi all its been a year and i must add nothin i wanted to go back so bad in 0ct 2005 but i was scared and not fully over everything my mind,heart,body went through its been a year today that a misscarried and i felt i needed to read the boards again i hope soon i have the courage to go through this again i see the girls downstairs made it and have miricles and that gives me hope its been one tuff hell of a year for me what ever happened to forty three? i didnt notice anything from her on the boards well i wish us all the very best and god bless



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