Starting new IVF cycle
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vligertwood - February 2

I was bloated and constipated as well. I used our secret weapon. If you buy jelly beans or jelly bears made with splenda. It WILL clean you out quickly. They come in small packages, you can pick them up in the diet candy area at CVS or Walgreens. Only eat about a half a bag. Within an hour or two you'll be alright. I got my first progesterone shot last night. No problem at the time, but the site aches this morning. I'm going to try to have him keep it in the same spot all the time if I can stand it. I figure one sore spot is better than many. I can't wait for them to call and give me an update on the embies and to get scheduled for tomorrow. We'll talk to you later.


lyly14 - February 3

Thanks for the info. Today is the big day. Let me know how your 2 embies were and how the transfer goes. My thoughts are with you. Good luck!


vligertwood - February 4


Sorry its been so long, I've been laying down all day. When I got the call yesterday, they told me I had one grade one and that the other hadn't split yet, that I would know more this morning when I went in for the transfer at 7a.m. We got down there this morning and my one grade 1 was now a five cell AA and the other one was a 3 cell BB (grade 2). So they put them both in. This center is just a little weird (in a nice way). When we went for our retrieval they gave me a water bottle and dh a little sewing kit with samples of anacin and tylenol both the the surgery centers logo on it. No big deal. This morning not only did they give us the picture of the embies, but two copies of it, they also gave us a mini petri dish with my name on it that they had drawn circles on the bottom of to show how they would have laid out the embies and the solution. Not that it was actually ours or anything. Like I said, nice but a little weird. I've had a slight bit of cramping today but like I said I've done nothing but lay down all day. I came to get my purse out of the car in case dh has to take it with him tomorrow and figured I'd drop you a line while I was up.

Did the jelly beans help?

Talk to you later.



lyly14 - February 4

Vicki- I am glad you have been resting and I wish you the best with your 2 embies. That is too funny about the pictures and petri dish. If this works you'll have to make the dish part of the baby scrapebook! I have been so busy I haven't even had time to get the jelly beans , but am a bit more regular. Yesterday I had a family birthday party and today my dd's baton rating day was in the morning then I took her to the Hannah Montanna 3D concert movie. I am absolutely exhausted. I just woke up a little while ago after falling asleep on the couch watching tv with my dd. Dh went to watch the superbowl so things are pretty quiet right now. DD went to sleep and now I think I might go back myself. Get lots of rest and take it easy. Talk to you soon.


tmayac - February 5

Hello all, I'm happy to communicate with others with similar issuses. We are at the end of our 1st IVF cycle. we transfered 3 average quality embbies on 2/1/08 I will test on 2/11/08 for pregnancy.We are so excited!


lyly14 - February 5

Tmayac- welcome! Good luck with your test on the 11th. How are you feeling?



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