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vligertwood - January 21

The girls all say my left ovary likes to hide from the us. All they do is press on the side and scoot it over so they can see it. 10 follies so far, yea! have they told you how large they are? Last time I had one that was huge it was 16-18 while all the others were still 12-14. When my estrogen dropped it was the first to collapse. Your actual doctor does the us for you? Left the house without the tylenol this morning so we had to stop at the drugstore on the way into work. The headache was already starting to develop.


lyly14 - January 21

Vicki- Yes my actual doc does all the scans either him or his partner. They take turns with the u/s in the am. One week it is my doc and the next the partner, but mine has been on vacation so I have been seeing the partner. He tells me to push in a spot to try to get it into view but he never puts the scanner in far enough on the right side. He says it is in far but I can feel the difference. My guy comes back on Wednesday and rarely has a problem seeing that ovary, so I am not too worried. I think the largest follie was around 11 the rest are about 8, 9, and 10. That stinks that that happened to you last time. You said your estrogen dropped and the follicle collapsed, did you ovulate prematurely?


Marina - January 22

Hi girls,I see you almost there...
Lyly,and everybody else, there is a list of all the meds we can take during the pregnancy on "who is on2ww" forum Jenny post for everybody who didn't get them from their doctors.
good luck to all of you!


vligertwood - January 23

Hi lyly,

Glad to see on the other post that the bw is still good. It seems like it symptom after symptom this time. Last time I think I had it easy with just the headache. Right now I feel like a pepto bismol commercial, heartburn, nausea, upset stomach well at least no diarrhea, lol. I'm not usually moody but boy am I this time. Still not sleeping real well and I last night it felt like there was a little motor running in my uterus. I think I'm going nuts. Now I'm all stressed out about OHSS and wondering if I should call my REs office. I go in two days for bw & us anyway. Half the time I think its just the stims working better this time and then I worry somethings wrong. Had to come downstairs and double check my calendar, I was thinking I started my doxicycliene this morning but couldn't remember. I start that on Saturday.

Well enough moaning about me. When do you take your trigger? You're getting close right? Blessings and baby dust.


Oh, by the way my REs office gave me a list of drugs ok to take while actually doing the IVF. I can post it if someone needs it. It is very similar to the ok list for pregnancy.


lyly14 - January 23

vicki- Try not to stress about the OHSS. It usually happens after the trigger. I am sure they would not let you trigger if you were at risk. So hopefully that wont happen! I have most of the symptoms you decribed except heartburn, but lucky me I do have frequent loose bm's (how pleasant). I went in again this morning. My E2 numbers have been moving up quite quickly. From 343 on Sun to 640 Monday then 923 on Tues. I'll know what they are later this afternoon. I have 14 follies with the biggest 2 at 15 so he said I should trigger by tomorrow or Friday. That puts my ER at Sat or Sun. I only have a few pills of the doxy to take around the time of the retrieval. How many days do you have to be on it?


vligertwood - January 23

They want me on it for 10 days am and pm. It will cover the retrieval and the implantation. They also want dh on it for 10 days but his end at retrieval. Not looking forward to that at all. Had doxy as a child and it actually discolored my lower teeth, not only the baby teeth but my adult when they came in. Had the lumineers put on them about two years ago, and although I know it shouldn't make a difference am worried it might somehow affect my upper teeth this time. Let me know when you get your results this afternoon.


Marina - January 23

I don't want to question your doctor,but by tomorrow it's less likely that your folicules will grow 5 or 6 mm.I know they have to be 20-21 to do the trigger shot-at least this is what they told me,but they also look at your E2.With me they measure in the morning(follies were some 20,21 19),but still didn't give me ok antil blood result later in the day to do the trigger shot.I had to buy 1 more Menopur(waste of money),but they told me inject only 5000 instead 10 000 of HCG shot.
So,I just want to say, ask your doctor if your follies are the right size.I'm sure,they know what they are doing,I was just surprised that at this point they can tell you exactly.


lyly14 - January 23

Marina- My follies are not the right size yet. They trigger when the lead follicle is between 17-19 on injectibles (mine was 15mm) and even larger when on clomid. From what I have read and from what my RE has told me stimulated follies reach maturity between 15-20 mm. When they trigger at 17-19 the it makes them go through the final stages of maturation. He didn't say exactly when I was going to trigger. He just said it looks like it will be around that time but always depends on the u/s and b/w. Anything can change. That is why I have to go back tomorrow for another u/s and b/w. They never give any directions without getting the b/w results anyway. I go in for u/s and b/w in am and get results from the b/w and directions between 3 and 4 pm. I do appreciate your concern. Thanks!

Vicki- That stinks about the doxy. Dh and I have been on it at least 2 times b/c of some infection that is associated with m/c. This time they didn't give any to dh and only a few pills for me around the ER. Dh gets really sick from those so he was happy to not have to take them. I will also be taking medrol, but I have to ask when I start those. I think it will be for about 4-5 days around the time of the transfer. I will let you know what the dr says when I get the call this afternoon.


lyly14 - January 24

Yesterday my E2 level was 1493. I went in this morning and have lots of follies the biggest one is now 17.5mm up from 15mm yesterday. He said it looks like I will trigger tomorrow, but of course I go back tomorrow for another u/s and b/w and it depends on those results. I spoke to him about the progesterone shots and he told me if I could not get anyone to give them to me we could do gel caps. He said they are effective, but the PIO gives better results. My RE was pretty funny when I told him there is no way dh would give them to me. He said just get him really mad at you and then he will have no problem. I will see how it goes with my mom giving them to me. Today the RE gave me all the paperwork and instructions for the retrieval and transfer. I can't believe it is so close. How are you doing?


vligertwood - January 24

Hi lyly,

Great to hear about the follies. Is your mom going to give you the trigger when the time is right? I'm doing ok, I actually got some sleep last night so I don't think I'm as moody. Can't get rid of the slightly nagging headache today though, that's ok, I'll take the trade off. Sent one of the girls home sick this morning. She better be well tomorrow though, cause I have my pre-op appt and I'm gonna be late. If she's out sick dh and my other girl are going to be running their butts off here. Its actually been slow this morning so I've been able to get a few files off my desk. Still tired though.


lyly14 - January 24

Hi Vicki- The trigger shot, well actually shots i(its two of them) I can do myself. My RE uses ovidrel. It is a sub cutaneous shot in the belly like the rest. I think the hcg shots are done IM in the butt so I am glad he doesn't use those! I am so moody and uncomfortable, my ovaries are huge and I am so bloated and my clothes are killing me. I pulled out my maternity pants I had bought when I had the last m/c so that has helped. What do you have to do at your pre-op appointment? I don't have to go for one. I think because I am under a certain age. I remember seeing on the paper that you need a EKG but the RE told me to ignore that b/c it is for older patients. Is that something they do at your pre-op?


vligertwood - January 24

No, not at all. Basically during the pre-op all they do is the normal blood draw, take a urine sample and go through all the paperwork again, oh and they also weigh me for the anesthesiologist to figure doseage. I've already done this once already with them for the last cycle that got cancelled. I was adding it up, this will be the fifth time we've gone through the same paperwork. But their procedure is that everyone gets to initial off on it again.


lyly14 - January 25

They don't do any of that with me. Although I am suppossed to show up an 1 1/2 prior to the procedure, so maybe they do some of that then. I went over all my paperwork at the doctors office yesterday and I was given copies to bring to the hospital. He said my follies look good and many are the right size. He measured something like 19 follies this morning and my ovaries are huge! It seems like my stims are done. When he gets the b/w back today he will confirm if it is time to trigger. So it looks like Sunday is the big day. I will know the exact time later this afternoon. Talk to you later.


vligertwood - January 25

Great news. I went in the am for bw/us, They saw 3 follies on the right 12, 14 & 15 none have reached measuring length on the left yet. Did the paperwork. Now waiting for the nurse to call with next appt and confirm doseage on stims. Got to the office and its a zoo, I walked in an Bekah saw me in the lobby and dropped to her knees and hugged me.


lyly14 - January 25

Vicki- did they seem happy with your progress so far? I was slow in the first 4 days, but they upped my stims and it turned out well. As for me I trigger tonight at 930 and my retrieval is scheduled for Sunday at 11am. Keep me posted on your progress.


vligertwood - January 26

Congrats on the trigger. I spoke with the nurse this afternoon, she said my estrogen was 134, they want it higher. They left my doseages the same and I go back on Sunday for another us/bw. I'm so excited for you. Its hard to tell what this particular nurse that called today really feels about your progress. Lynn, the head nurse is working Sunday, so I'll get a good feel for how things really stand when she calls after the bw results are in Sunday afternoon. I bet you're looking forward to a whole 36 hours without shots. Let me know how things go.

Lots of Babydust to you.



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