Starting new IVF cycle
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lyly14 - January 7

Vicki- If I could bottle it and send it to you I would! Sorry to hear things are so hectic for you with work. I know the feeling. The lupron doesn't need to be refrigerated until after you open it, so it shouldn't need to be sent on ice. I have to get back to work my self, so talk to you later.



lyly14 - January 10

Vicki- did you get your lupron yet? I went for my u/s and blood work today and I have no cysts. Yeah!!!! Now I am just waiting for af to arrive. How are things with you?


vligertwood - January 10


I got my lupron today as well has had my phone consult. Basically it was verbally going over the paperwork and going through my schedule. Glad to hear no cysts. Woke up in the middle of the night and realized I forgot my bcp, so had to take it in a hurry. Its a zoo here right now, so I'll check in later.


lyly14 - January 15

Hi Vicki- How are you doing? Did you start your lupron yet?

Czrutt- How is the lupron going? When do you start your stims?

I have had a rough few days with the start of my cycle. I guess the fact that it was actually happening really had an effect on me. I was having so much anxiety about everything. I all of a sudden couldn't even do my own lupron injections. Every time I went to do it my hand just wouldn't go. I was more freaked out about the fact that I was having a problem doing them and it never bothered me before. I went through three nights and my mother had to do them for me! Yesterday I started my stims so I had three shots to do and I was determined to do them on my own again. I even made myself do one with nothing in the syringe just to make sure I would do them. Thankfully I got over whatever it was that was bothering me and feel less anxious about the whole thing.


vligertwood - January 15

Hi ladies,


Going crazy at work lately, and it seems like I'm having a lot of trouble getting on this site. I don't know if they're having trouble or just me. I haven't started my lupron yet, I stop my bcp tomorrow night. Go for US & BW on Sat and start Lupron Sat night. then start my stims middle of next week.

Its strange almost too busy right now to think about it, but still wake up in the middle of the night stressing out a little. Sorry to hear your stress level is through the roof right now. I'd say to calm down but we both know that does nothing. Just remember you're not alone.

As long as the site is working, I'll check on the others. Talk to you later.


lyly14 - January 15

Vicki- It's not just you it was the site. I thought maybe it was me too, but I noticed not one person had posted since the 10th. I actually sent an e-mail to the people who do the site on Sat. They actually responded and said they would work on fixing it. It took them a long time to fix, I wonder how long they didn't know about the problem.

Thaks for your words of encouragement. I am really busy at work now too. This is a bad time of year for me. That may be one of the reasons I am so stressed out. I was late on Thursday, Monday , and now again tomorrow for b/w and u/s. I am a bit worried about that. Now that I am on the stims, the b/w and u/s will be frequent. I remember when I did the gonal-f over the summer without IVF I was going in every morning. My boss is aware of the situation but I have not told other people, so it doesn't look good walking in late so often. Alot of the people I work with are clicky and love to gossip.


vligertwood - January 16

Thank goodness I don't have that problem. Working for your husband can be good at times. It seems as though my RE's office loves to play jokes however. They seem to love to schedule my bw & us for Saturdays and Wednesdays the two days we're not working. Always in the early am so I get to get up extra early on the days I can sleep late. It takes about 1 - 1.5 hours from the house to their office. If my appointments at 7 or 7:30 I can be in and out and back to work before we open at 9 on the days I do have to work. You think I would at least be able to use this as an excuse to miss work.

I would recommend that you don't tell your co-workers whats going on especially if they're gossipy. It was a pain trying to keep the people my dh told a) straight and b) up to date last time. Now I'm keeping a low profile about it all. I know they care but don't want them in my business.


How are you doing?


lyly14 - January 17

Vicki- I really had no intention of telling anyone at work except for two women that I am pretty close with. I didn't even tell anyone the last time I was pregnant and had the miscarriage at 11 weeks, but I know some of the nosey few suspected. They would look very closely and stare at my baby bump. I showed really quickly last time and really had to watch what I clothes I put on. It wasn't something I cared to talk to about and still don't like discussing it openly. My principal didn't even know about it until my supervisor spilled the beans because I had excessive absences due to complications with the miscarriage. I wasn't happy about having to tell her about the IVF but I knew that I would have to be late quite a bit to go in for scans and b/w. So I figured I had no choice , otherwise I wouldn't have told her about what I was doing either. Oh well! Well at least if you are late you only have to answer to dh so that can't be too bad!


lyly14 - January 18

Just an update- I am in full swing right now. My RE has me going for daily b/w. He is being extra cautious because last time I did just gonal-f my E2 was slow to rise then all of sudden escalated really quickly. So besides my stomach being black and blue my arms are going to be too.


vligertwood - January 18

Hi Lyly,

Its great to hear you're in full swing, sorry to hear about the black and blue. I was lucky last time, almost no bruising at all and very little sensitivity. Hoping for the same this time. I go for my US & BW tomorrow am and start my lupron tomorrow night. Can't wait to actually get started, I'm nervous though that I'll stop developing the same way I did last time. I started my AF today so at least that's on schedule. I'm completely wiped out we've been so busy its not funny. I've got one of the girls coming to to help dh at work tomorrow, so after my RE visit I get to go home. Its strange how much I'm looking forward to that.


lyly14 - January 20

I am so aggrevated today and not feeling well either. I went to the lab for b/w this morning for an E2. It was suppossed to be done as a stat so they would have the results by 3pm and give me my dosage for meds tonight. I told the woman 2 times that it was a stat and she needed to call for a pickup plus the paperwork had a bright pink sticker that said "Time sensitve Stat" on it and she put it in the pile with everyone elses. When I questioned her she said "oh I didn't know that, I will do my best , but it is really busy so if I can I will" I told her that they absolutely needed the results today and that is why I told her when I walked in to call it in, but she was just like "if I get to it". Well needless to say my doctor didn't get my results so he had me waiting till now to get my instructions. He has no choice but to tell me to take the same dosage as yesterday. I am so angry that I drove 25 minutes to get bloodwork for nothing. What a waste of gas miles and a copay. Not too mention the woman talked about what was going on with me in front of all the patients. I am calling the main office for the lab on Monday and complaining and I refuse to pay my copay for the bloodwork. Today was a complete waste. I could have slept in and not wasted my money since I have to go tomorrow and they will have tomorrow's results before todays. Anyway enough venting. I am so bloated and feeling sick to my stomach. My jeans didn't even fit today. They felt tight when I put them on but had to open them by the end of the day. I had the bloating on the clomid and gonal before, but I don't remember feeling sick. How is it going with the lupron, did you start tonight?


vligertwood - January 20

Hi Lyly,

Sorry about the lab. I'd be so angry I'd demand my copay back and tell the insurance not to pay. I started the lupron last night and start my stims tomorrow am. Everything still looks good, bw was fine and us showed no cysts. I didn't get much sleep last night, don't know if it was the lupron or just the underlying stress from finally getting started. I can tell the meds are giving me headaches. DH has gone to buy some tylenol as we never use that particular medication and thats the only one on the approved list. Last time the headache subsided after three days and I'm hoping the same this time. My next bw/us will be on Friday as well as my pre-op appt. I think this will make the sixth time we've gone through the paperwork but thats the way it is.
Now, I'm tired, achy and have a splitting headache and definitely not looking forward to work tomorrow. God I hope the tylenol helps. If I can't sleep tonight I'll have to check the list for something to help me sleep. How close is your retrieval date?

I'll check back tomorrow. Tons of baby dust to you.



lyly14 - January 21

Hi Vicki- I am going to call the labs main office tomorrow and complain. My retrieval was originally estimated to be this Friday the 25th, but last time I went in he was figuring I would trigger Thurs and ER would be Sat morning. I will know more tomorrow when I go in for another scan. I had trouble sleeping when I first started the lupron too. Sorry about the headache I took some extra stregth tylenol and it helped me. The list of approved meds you got, is that for during pregnancy or just while doing IVF meds? My RE never said anything to me, but some of the other girls were told to take nothing but tylenol. It didn't really matter for me because that is all I take if anything since I have been trying. I do miss my ibuprofen though it works so well. That is so exciting that you are starting your stims tomorrow. You are going a long time without a check. I had to come back in for b/w and u/s after 2 days of initial stims and have had bloodwork everyday and u/s about every other day since. I don't know which is better. I am glad they are monitoring me closely, but at the same time it is draining and costly. They use the b/w to adjust my meds as needed. They increased my dosage of gonal and repronex on the third night then increased the gonal again on the 4th night. So now I have been on the same amount for 3 nights. I guess that is why they don't give a calendar. They want you to go by what they tell you because it can change. They figure if you have it written down and it changes you may get confused. Good luck with all your stims and I am praying we both see this cycle through to end! No interruptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


vligertwood - January 21

Exactly, No Interruptions. On my calendar they actually have a place to change your doseages as neccessary, and towards the end they have a lot of question marks as far as the actual retrieval date etc. I figure after next friday I'll be there every other day or daily depending on the size of my follicles. The tylenol does seem to help with the worst of the headaches anyhow. Last time, they didn't have to adjust the amount of my meds so I'm hoping for the same this time.
Good luck at the drs today. I'll check in later.



lyly14 - January 21

With me they are always adjusting my meds. First they increased it slowly now they are decreasing it! My E2 went from 343 to 640 from yesterday to today. So now I am going back down on the gonal-f to where I started and of course more b/w tomorrow. I don't go in for another scan till Wednesday. So far I have about 8 or so nice size follies on the left and 2 that he could see on the right. He was having trouble seeing my right ovary. For some reason the partner seems to have trouble viewing my right ovary. My regular guy should be back on Wednesday so hopefully he will get a better look at my right side. I am glad the tylenol helped. It does't take it away completely but makes it more manageable. Good luck with all the shots tonight!


vligertwood - January 21

The girls all say my left ovary likes to hide from the us. All they do is press on the side and scoot it over so they can see it. 10 follies so far, yea! have they told you how large they are? Last time I had one that was huge it was 16-18 while all the others were still 12-14. When my estrogen dropped it was the first to collapse. Your actual doctor does the us for you? Left the house without the tylenol this morning so we had to stop at the drugstore on the way into work. The headache was already starting to develop.



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