Starting new IVF cycle
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lyly14 - January 3

Hi Vicki- I really hope your dh gets his gift! New Years was nice. Dh and I spent the night at home with my dd. This was the first year we had been home in a while. I just went back to work today after a week and a half off, so it is back to routine. I wish I had more time off. I still have so much to do; take down the tree and decorations and move 2 sets of bedroom furniture to different rooms! We moved dd's bedroom and now have to move ours and my mother's, but dh is dragging his feet. I can't really blame him, our whole bed needs to be dismantled to move it and the rest of the furniture is so heavy. It is not going to be fun, but at least my mother's furniture isn't too bad. I can't wait till it is finished and we can get the house in order. Anyway, I should get to bed. I have to get up really early and go to the lab for b/w before I go to work so I can start the lupron tomorrow night.


FeCC - January 3

Hello czrutt,

I come here once in a while also. Nice to hear you have a little boy. I am 34 and dh 43. TTC for almost 2 years, went thru 3 failed IUIs, now I am waiting for the results of my 4th IUI... if did not work we go to IVF. I am nervous, never produced more then 2 follicous, even with a lot of medication (225 of gonal-f). What medication are you on?


lyly14 - January 3

Hi all- I just go the call from the nurse at my RE's office and got the okay to start the lupron. I also had her go over my calendar with me, so I wasn't going on guesswork. So here is what I know:

1/3- Lupron 10 units each night
1/10 u/s and E2 level
1/14 start stims- reduce lupron to 5 units
1/25 estimated ER date (3 day transfer)

vicki- its looks like you will be right behind me
czrutt- Are you still starting your lupron 1/5? Are you doing the long protocol?

I am so excited to start again, but nervous about getting cancelled, OHSS, and a bfn!


vligertwood - January 3

Hi Lyly,

Now we don't even think about BFNs at this stage. Or at least try not to. With any luck we'll all get through this together with BFPs. It does look like I'm right behind you.

Czrutt, haven't heard from you since your first post, is everything ok?


lyly14 - January 5

I still think about bfn's but at least I don't cry everytime I get my period anymore. After the last miscarriage I had a really hard time and cried everytime I got AF. It went on for months (and I mean months), not to mention when someone announced they were pg, but I am handling things much better now.


czrutt - January 5

Thanks for checking on me. I have been so busy lately, haven't had a chance to get on here. I have had a time getting my meds, but finally they are here and I start the lupron today.

Somedays I can't believe I am finally doing this. We looked into IVF back in 97', but we were poor and struggling. I never thought that I would actually go thru this, let alone the possibility of actually being pregnant. I have so many mixed emotions, I just don't know what to feel at this point. Is anyone else feel wishy-washy about doing IVF? I guess I am just afraid that it won't work and I'll be standing here with nothing. At least when we adopted I knew that I would definately have something in the end.


vligertwood - January 5

Meet the wishy-washy queen. We first looked at IVF in either 94-95. Thats when we discovered my dh had an issue. Prior to that we just figured it would happen eventually. He was in school at that time and there was no way we could afford it. We had a testicular biopsy done in either 97 or 98 and found he had viable sperm in the testes but they still couldn't find a blockage to clear. I was extremely nervous about the entire IVF thing, I was much more comfortable with the idea if IUI with donor sperm. I used every excuse in the book to avoid thinking about the whole thing. Our insurance covers nothing so money was a great excuse. About two years ago, I finally got scared that if I didn't go ahead with this we would never have children. I always felt that once I decided to go ahead with it it would be simple. Now I'm scared I waited too long. We looked at adoption a couple years ago, long heartbreaking story I don't want to go into now. But if we don't succeed this time, we will go the adoption route. Glad to have you back with us.




Marina - January 5

Hi everyone,
if you don't mind me jumping in...
Czrutt,I've read your post and just want to tell you -you are not alone on this feeling.When we finaly decided that we want to have a baby,it turned to be that it's not up to us anymore(after a couple months of trying,then buying ovulation tests,than going for HSG and a sperm test...) Well,it's a human nature,I guess,if you get a "no" answer, you think-what do you mean no?-even if before I thought,well,if I can't,it's ok,we have each other.But my DH insisted ("when you ready"-he said),I've spent one year reserching IVF and even after we decided to go ahead,I was like,OMG,maybe it's not too late to pool out...At least if we go for adoption,we'll come back with a baby...Even when I got PG after 1st try,it was still a little something...Untill the day ( at 7ww) when I suddenly start bleeding.Only that moment I've realized,how bad I want this baby...That was a sleepless night until the u/s in the morning with my doc- and everything was ok,we saw the baby's heartbeat and from than I just fell in love with my baby and have no more wishy-washy feelings.
girls,good luck! :-*


lyly14 - January 5

Vicki- thanks for the ***hugs***. I could really use them some times.

It is funny, I have met or talked to so many women who feel the same way you all do. They go through the IVF process but are just going through the motions. For me I am the one who is so determined to do this. Dh can take it or leave it. He felt like it would happen when the time is right. However after 3 pgs and then two years of nothing he now understands there are many factors involved and we need help. He has brought up adoption many times, but I just feel like we need to exhaust the possibility of having our own child before we explore that option. Even my RE recommended we go the IUI route, but I asked about IVF with ICSI and he said it was a good idea. Maybe it would be different if I didn't have such great insurance coverage, actually I know it would make a big difference. But I feel I am fortunate to have the coverage and need to take advantage while I am still semi young. I already am high risk for miscarriages and those risks only increase by the age of 35, so I feel for me it is now or never.

Czrutt- I am also afraid and have many mixed emotions. I am excited, apprehensive and scared all at once. But I feel like this is something I need to try, so I am not left with regret. At least if I do the IVF and it doesn't work , I did all I could. If I don't try and end of with nothing I don't want to be resentfull and think back with I should have, could have or what if. So here I am on the IVF journey, wherever it takes me. Either way we are all in it together! I will be taking my 3rd lupron shot tonight and go in for u/s and E2 level on 1/10 then start stims on 1/14. What about you?


czrutt - January 5

I start my first Lupron shot tonight, 10 units. I do this for 2 weeks with my suppression check around the 17th. I start my stim meds on the 19th and our target retrieval day is scheduled for the 30th. We are doing a 3 day transfer, unless egg quality determines that we need longer.

I am so glad to hear that so many of you feel as I do. I too am so excited about this and I pray everyday that the end result will be a baby. I'm just afraid of failure. It is so nice to have others to talk to about the experience that we are all going thru. Thanks for being here.


lyly14 - January 6

Cicily- how did the first lupron shot go? Do you do them yourself or does dh give them to you? I really don't find them too bad, but today I have a really bad headache. I can't decide if it is from the shots or just my sinuses. My head throbs everytime I lift it up, so I am thinking it is my sinuses, but from what I have hear it could be the shots.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Talk to you soon.



czrutt - January 7


First shot was fine. My DH gave it to me. I had a gastric bypass 2 years ago and I have to take bi-weekly B-12 injections. So we are old pros at the shot giving. He gave it to me right before bed and when I woke up this morning I was sick to my stomach. Don't know if it was from the shot or something else. I'll see how tomorrow morning goes.



lyly14 - January 7

Cicily- Sorry to hear you were not feeling good. Hopefully you will be feeling better tomorrow. I think the lupron is giving me insomnia. I was driving dh nuts last night cleaning and doing laundry until 4:30 am because I couldn't sleep. Not really tired now either, but I have to try and go to sleep so I can get up for work!



czrutt - January 7


I was the same way last night. I burned the midnight oil doing housework also. Once I finally got to sleep, I woke up around 3 am with a massive headache. As soon as I lifted my head off the pillow, it was a major throbbing on the left side of my head. I was finally able to get back to sleep and when I got up at 7, same thing all over again. I took a tylenol, it has helped a little, but if I move my head real fast I feel like its going to exploid.



vligertwood - January 7

Hi ladies,

lyly, can I have some of you energy? We've been doing 7 days a week at work and i'm exhausted. At least the paperwork is getting done.

Still have to order my lupron, will probably get that done today. Does it get shipped on ice? I've been running taking care of pts since I started this post, so I'm gonna sign off for now and come back when things slow down a bit.



lyly14 - January 7

Vicki- If I could bottle it and send it to you I would! Sorry to hear things are so hectic for you with work. I know the feeling. The lupron doesn't need to be refrigerated until after you open it, so it shouldn't need to be sent on ice. I have to get back to work my self, so talk to you later.




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