starting ivf #3
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karystos - August 3

Anyone starting ivf #3? I started the injections today. Not very positive since I've been through this 2 other times with no explanations as to why it's not working.
If anyone is also starting, would love the company!


lyly14 - August 3

Hi Although I have never done IVF I just wanted to let you know about a friend of mine. He and his wife were ttc for 11 years and had been through every kind of infertility treatment. They tried IVF several times, but nothing happened. She is now in her early 40's and still desperately wanted a baby. They finally opted to go with donor eggs. After the 3rd IVF with the donor eggs they finally got pregnant. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy less than a week ago! Keep your spirits up. Good luck to you.


Red - August 3

Hi Karystos! For some reason I honestly thought you were on the recent BFP forum so I was surprised to read your post. We are in the 2ww for our 3rd IVF currently. I pray things go well for you.


JLK - August 8

Hi all. Also started ivf #3. Just had my retrieval yesterday with transfer planned for Friday. Found out this morning that of my 12 eggs, 7 were mature and all 7 fertilized. I have no idea yet as to quality or how many they will put back in. I switched to a new clinic for this cycle so I am hoping my luck will change. Good luck to everyone!


karystos - August 9

Red, good luck and let me know what happens!
JLK, sending you baby dust....
I am so afraid of getting ohss again.....also didn't change clinics....yet.


Red - August 9

Karystos - I go tomorrow for my beta test so I will try to post when I hear something! Hope all is going well with your cycle! Keep us up-to-date!


karystos - August 17

retrieved 17 eggs.
11 fertilized
day 3 transfer which I'm concerned about because I was hoping for a day 5 transfer when they would be blasts.
I can't help but think this may not work again.

ivf#1 bfn hyperstim
fet#1 clinical
ivf#2 ???????????


Red - August 17

Karystos~Good morning! Wow, you had a lot of eggs! That's great! Were any able to be frozen? I, too, had a 3 day. I was disappointed too because we've had a 5 day previously that resulted in a bfp, but became a chemical pregnancy. Jamielee reassured me though because she had a 3 day and is pregnant with twins! We received a bfp and are concerned because our last numbers were 32 short of doubling so it's a little nerve wracking! Forgive me if you've told me, but when did you go for your transfer? How are you feeling? I will pray you get positive results on this journey!


karystos - August 17

Hi Red!
My transfer is on sat 8/18.
I'm so discouraged about day 3.
Keep me in your prayers.


Red - August 17

Karystos~Sorry, I thought you had your transfer already! I know the feeling as I was SOOO discouraged when I found out we were scheduled for a 3 day, but my RE reassured me that it was the best time. Two of my embryos were grade A, 8 cell which is excellent and the other two ended up being frozen. Like I said, jamielee is pregnant (& further along) and I received a bfp so if that is when your RE said they need to be done, there's a positive reason. Definitely don't give up yet! They know what's best and I can understand because I was there myself. It will go great and you'll be sending us a bfp announcement before you know it! I will DEFINITELY pray for you! Be positive going into it and you'll be surprised! Good luck tomorrow if I don't get a chance to tell you that before the end of the day!


Red - August 17

Karystos~Just wanted to let you know that I have continued to receive positive numbers so you will also have the same blessing. Like I said previously, your RE is doing what's best for you and your eggs. I am proof positive that 3 days can produce a bfp (& jamielee is double the proof as she is having twin ;D). I know you are anxious but there are reasons why you're doing a 3 day and be positive! Thinking and praying for you!! Have a great weekend Sweetie!


JLK - August 17

Karystos - I am in the exact same boat as you. I had 12 eggs retrieved, 7 mature and 7 fertilized and 5 still growing on day 3 - the dr. gave us the option of going to day 5 but really recommended we go with a day 3. I did a ton of research and the main advantage of going to day 5 is that you reduce the chance of multiples. We opted for a day 3 transfer. Definitely stay positive.

Red - congrats on the positive numbers!! Absolutely fabulous news. I know how scary that whole process can be. My last IVF cycle my numbers did not double and I was so sad. You have made it much farther than me and seems like you are in the clear. Thanks for your positive info on day 3 transfers. I find out Tuesday - it will be our 3rd try with fresh embryos.


JLK - August 17

Red - I also wanted ask you about your symptoms. Did you have any implanation bleeding? headaches? cramps?


karystos - August 17

Can you all tell me when you transferred on day 3, how many embies did you transfer?? RE recommended 3.


JLK - August 17

I transferred 3. 2 were left over to see if they made it to blast and neither did.

This is my 3rd IVF and I am 37. The first two times I transferred only 2. The first time I had no embryos left on day 5; the second time I had two embies left over which were frozen (but the FET was unsuccessful).

Of the 3 I transferred, all were 8 celled and were grades 1 and 2. The ones I didn't transfer were 9 celled and 7 celled. Hope this helps.


karystos - August 18

JLK and Red,
crying all day today....feeling symptoms of ohss coming again. I can't believe it feels so horrible. I'm mad they overstimulated me again....I guess I'm not putting my uterus in the right disposition but I'm so upset about it all. Will let you know what happens tomorrow.


JLK - August 18

Karystos - I am so sorry that you are feeling sad - this time can be so emotional and we have loads of hormones surging through our bodies. The one thing I've learned is that things can change so quickly so try to stay positive and just let yourself wait and see what happens. Look at what happened to Red! Sounds to me like you got a lot of good eggs so even if you don't go this time, you can always freeze them. Still, I know that this whole thing is frustrating.

I just noticed that I had a tiny trace of brownish blood. I'm keeping my fingers cross that this is just implantation bleeding and nothing else. Everyone tells me to think positive so that's what I'm trying to do but this whole thing is just nerve wracking.

Please keep us posted on how things go for you tomorrow which I think is your transfer. You are in my thoughts.



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